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SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS AND PARTS LISTS WICO MAGNETO MODELS XH, XHD & XHE Code for Type of Mounting LB Low Base SF SALE. Flange HB High Base WE Smal! Flange HF Horizontal Flange VM Vertical Mount DF Double Slotted Flange * Indicates part not available from factory. For Caterpillar Installations, See $509 300 FM 204 Friona, TX 79035 wico SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS MODEL XH AND XHD WICO MAGNETOS DISTRIBUTOR CAP OR COVER “To remove the cap or cover, looren the screws 5622 which hold it in ploce, It is not necessary to completely remove these screws, When replocing the cop of cover moke sure the gasket is in ploce. Check to make certain the distributor arm does not hit the inserts in the cop. DISTRIBUTOR ARM Alter the distributor cap hoe, been removed the distributor arm may be pulled off the shoft or bridge. Witen replacing the geered type orm, meke sure the timing marks on the erm ond pinion geor are in line. BREAKER POINTS Breaker points should be adjusted to .015” measuring with a feeler gouge of that thickness, fighten the two clamp serews, Tg replace the contests, ramove the brecker spring clomp screw 5431, the breaker orm lock, an: wesher 4316 ond 5219, then lithe breaker are from it's pivot. Remove the aligning wosher 5717 and the two fixed contact clamp screws 5900, Then the brecker plate cen be removed. If the contocts need replacing, it is recom- mended that both the fixed contact and the breaker farm be reploced at the same time, using a replace- iment brecker contact set. Alter assembly, contacts should be adjusted os described above. The contacts should be kept clean ot all times, Lacquer thinner is on idecl Cleaner for this purpose. Use WICO tool $-5449 to adjust the clignment of the contacts so thot the surfaces meet squarely. CONDENSER To remove the condenser, first disconnect the condenser leed by removing the breaker atm spring screw 5431, then remove the two condenser clomp serews 5411, andthe condenser clamp, Ven rep: ing the condenser, make sure it is properly plect and thot the clomp. screws are securely tightened. Condenser Copocitios Condenser Magneto Reoding /Microforods xs6l4 XH 16-20 x6916 xHO 30-34 xiieie XHE ‘58.62 COIL AND COIL CORE The coil and coil core must be removed from the mognete housing of o unit. After the distributor, cap ond distributer arm have been remeved, and the primary wire disconnected from the breaker orm Spring terminal by removing screw 5431, toke out two coil core clamp screws 5411, and remove the clamps 5633. The coil and core can then be pulled from the housing. When replacing this group, moke sure that the bare primary wire is conne: der the coil clamp screw ond that the insulated wire is connected to the breaker arm spring terminal. COIL. TESTING Coil testing should be done according to the directions furnished by the manufacturer of the por- ticular tester you ore using. GRAHAM TESTER MODEL 51 ymico ma Fo Baye b Se 4 é fe ale é ag a] é xs700 12 60 2% 65 | 1.70 40-60 xs7008 1.2 80 28 90 | 1.70 40-60 xs7000 1s 50 18 70 | 1.70. 40-60 x64 8 50 M75 | 23000) - xove2 7 60 18 §5 | 2.50 40-60 xen aw a wf - x75 6500.0 454 as | 230 x7 7000.2 69M S| 1.0 = x76 7000-7 6018 $5] 2.20 30-50 X7a95 7000 @ 50 1 75 || 2.60 45-65 xesis 7000.7 60-18 60|| 2.00 40-60 xom6s 7000" 1.0. 601754) 200 x11600 9000 -1.2. 80-29 90] 1.9 40-60 x12607 90001155 55 xiasio 20ee+ 1.6 50.1950) xo00898 7500-29 50 27 $$ | 1.1 40-50 primory for this test then making gop tee *Connect one see “Berncen two second ‘ground one tecondery REMOVAL OF COIL FROM CORE The coil is held tight on the core X5524 by o spring wedge, |! will be necessary to press against the coil core with considerable force to remove it from the coil. The coils should be supported in such a way thot there is no danger of the primory of of the coil being pushed out of the secondary. STOP DEVICES There ore three distinct types of stop dev for XH and XHD mognetos, all of which serve the some fundamental purpose, thot of rendering the mog- neto inoperative by short circuiting the primory circuit, thus stopping the engine. The illustration fon page 7 shows these three different types of stop devices ond distinctly illustrotes the way in whien they ore assembled to the housing. In all coses the two smoll fibre washers, M34X, ore inserted into the the hole in the side of the main housing, All parte below the two M34X or 9820 washers ore assembled fon the inside of the magneto, All parts above the N34X or 11874 washers are assembled on the out- side of the magneto. Each of these stop devices is evaileble os o replacement kit. Each kit contains all of the parts necessary for completely replacing the stop device of the type. If the stop device is on the left side of the magneto, as viewed from the drive end, use ground connector 5635; if the stop device is on right side, use ground lead group X5747 MAGNETIC ROTOR ASSEMBLY To remave the mognetic rotor assembly, first remove the distributor cap and distributor erm & pinion gear. The pinion gear may be pulled from the rotor shaft ‘6466 is removed, Next remove the four impulse stop clamp serews 6465, then the magnetic rotor assembly may be pulled from the main housing by holding the main housing in one hand ond pulling on the drive cup with the other hand the magnetic rotor assembly, side of housing and rotor are ips, also thot the impulse stops cre on the correct side, and the top witness mork is in the correct position before tightening the four im- pulse stop clamp screws. IMPULSE COUPLING (Impulse Coupling Lock) The impulse lock nut is best removed by plac- ing the mo Use brass. jows) and tighten them lightly against the fot side of the magnetic rotor. After securing the rotor, remove aut with @ 3/4” socket WICO tool number S-4704, if the nut has ¢ hex-head. On geor driven magnetos, re- move snap ring 6424 and thrust washer 6425, then cofter removing the drive cup, the impulse coupling Tock aut, 6412 and 6414, con be removed with a span- ner wrench, WICO tool number $9961. If you desire fo remove the impulse lock nut without removing th ‘magnetic rotor assembly from the housing, insert o impulse holding tool, WICO too number $—10204, b tween the ear on the driven flange and on impulse stop clamp screw, and proceed os above, There are two other impulse lock nuts. They ore 6230, which has a fine thread (3/8~24) ond no. 16-491C, which has a coarse thread (3/816). One for the other of these nuts are used on oll XH end XHD type megnetos thot ore not gear driven. MODEL XH AND XHD DRIVE CUP AND DRIVE SPRING To remove the drive cup, after having removed the impulse lock mut, in cose of magnetos that ore not gear driven es expleined above, or remove snop ring 6424 on gear driven mognetos, turn the drive up in the direction of the proper magneto rotation Until the trip arm latches against the impulse stop. Continue to turn the cup until the projections on the cup have cleared the projections on driven flange. Without the friction of these ports against each other the cup cen be pulled out far enough to ollow i to unwind. A firm grip should be token on the cup to prevent possible injury to the hand. Then, pull the cup with the spring still in it, off the shaft. To remove the spring from the cup, it is only necessary to work the spring out of the cup with 2 In replacing drive spring, lecote the spring ever the cup 40 that the outer eye of the spring is over the slot provided on the inside wall of the cup. For o clockwise mogneto the spring should be in- stalled so that the turns spiral in toward the inner eye in o clockwise direction. For a magneto of counter clockwise direction, it should spiral inword in a counter clockwise direction. Next insert the ‘outer eye of the spring as for os possible into the proper slot. Next toke the drive cup spacer 16-583 Which contains the slot for the inner eye, insert @ Targe screw driver in the center hole so it will bind end the drive cup spacer can be turned screw driver octing os @ handle, Insert the inner aye of the spring in the drive cup spacer slot end wind the spring around the spacer ur close sufficiently to ollow the spring to slide inside the drive cup. This method of windina the spring climinotes ony possibility of distortingor scratching 1¢ spring surface. The spring may be more eo inserted if the lugs of the drive cup ore securely held in o vise. The model XH ond XHD drive cups con be used interchangeably on magnetos of clockwise or counter clockwise retation. To reassemble the drive cup and spring to the XH mogneto, proceed as follows: The impulse lock nut has to be replaced first on gear driven magnetos only. Then make certain that all pe ‘lean and there is grease between the turns of the impulse drive spring. Next, pull the inner eye with one turn of the spring out of the cup a little woy. Place the drive cup over the end’of the magnetic rotor shaft making sure the inner eye of the spring is in notch provided in the drive cup tpacer washer. Press the ports together, hold the impulse cup out fer enough So that the projections on the drive cup clear the flange, and then give the cup 9 full turn os follows: make @ half turn and allow the cup projections to Tock agoinst the driven flange, then, with 2 fresh hold on the drive cup, make the other holf turn. On XHD megnetos using 7908 and 7909 drive cup spacing washers it is necessary to wind the cup on extra half turn, When the cup is wound, press it firmly into place end apply o small amount of grease to the beoring surfoce of the impulse lock nut wico dIVISIOW DRIVE CUP & SPRING (CONT.) XHD megnetos before seriol number 646915 were built with 16-583 ond IVA-583 drive cup specing washers (diometer 1 inch) which only allow fone full turn of impulse spring windup. Megnetos built ofter serial number 648914 have 7908 ond 7909 spacing washers (diameter 7/8 inch) which llow cone end a half turns of windup. This eliminotes impulse flutter when the mogneto is run ot slow speeds just out of impulse.” Theetoe, iti recom mended that on eorly megnetos the spacing woshers Be replaced with 7809 ond 7909 wothers, ond then install drive cup as ovllined below. ADJUSTABLE DRIVE CUP Mounted XH base mounted specifications XH=19, XH=20, XH~22, XH—23, ond XH—169 have ton al justable drive cup, X2084," which enables the lug angle on the drive cup to be set at ony degree when the magneto is at advanced spork. The adjust. ment is mode by removing the !wo coupling nuts and ment is made by removing the two coupli 19, odjuster ruts and setting the lug plate in the desired position, Several specificetions of the model XH and XHD flange mounted magnetos have our new style odjustable drive cup (see illustration page 9). To odjust the lg engl, lonsen the two number 10 sot screws, and foosen the lock nut two complete turns using Wico tool number S-10164, It moy be neces- sary 10 held the magneto rotor shaft from turning by inserting tool No. S-10204 between the driven flonge end a stop plate clamp screw. Push the lock nut down until the lug plate can be tuned. The lug plates ore morked for easy selting. Line vp the cort fect setting with the line on the cup flange, tighten the lock nut as tight as possible ond tighten the set screws. It is recommended thot the set screws be stoked. It is not necessory to loosen the impulse lock nut to meke the above adjustment. Occasionally these adjustable cups can be used on magnetos of other specifications to fit un- usual engine applications. TRIP ARM To remove the trip arms, clamp the driven flange in avvise, push the point of 3 knife between ‘he nop fing, AIK, and the trip orm pivel, eer the opening of the snap ring.” This will spring the trop ring outa litle, and then by inserting o kite Eetween the snap ring ond pivot a2 far from the open- ing as possible, the ring may be pulled eff, Now the tip gem, ALI9X, may be removed. It is recom rrended thao new sngp Ying be used if the old one Becomes domaged in the process of removal. Mognetos equipped with trip orm springs do rot have snop rings, ond it is merely necessory to Unhook the spring from the trip orm ond lift it off the end of pivot. Page 4 TRIP ARM (CONT.) ‘An easy method of putting on a new snop ring is to toke @ socket wrench, or similar device, of a size slightly larger then the pivot, put the ring on the pivot ond press down on the ring with the open end of the socket wrench, IMPULSE STOP GROUP The impulse stop group serves not only to hold the driven flange group and roter stotionary while the impulse is winding up, but alse contains an oil seal which prevents the lubriceting ell, used in the engine, or other foreign matter from entering the magneto. The impulse step groups cen be used on magnetos of either rotation. For counter clockwise mognetes, the impulse stop lug should be on the leit hand side of the magneto and conversely when used on mognetos of clockwise rototion, the impulse stop lug should be on the right hand side of the mogneto as viewed from the drive end. The stondard X5549 impulse stop group is used fon most mognetos. The X3550 group with two stop lugs is used on four cylinder mognetos_in which the distributor is not geoted, such os KH1343. The X6578 group is used where a short lug is necessary due to Tock’ of clearance on the engine os on XH1089. The bearing, retaining group X6603 is used on mognetos which do not incorporate on impulse coupling unit. If @ new oil seal is desired for the impulse stop ‘group, it must be ordered seperately by number 6199. A. spring finger type oil seal will be found on sor ‘magnetos. but when replocing them a regular oil sea 6199 should be used. LAG ANGLE ADJUSTMENT Alter the compl etic rotor assembly hos been recs sembled in the housing, its necessary to d- iust the impulse Tag ongle, which provides retarded ‘spark for starting. On one, two, and four cylinder mag- netos, ony impulse range from 5° to 42° may be found On 6 cylinder mognetos, the ronge Is 5° t0 323°, The position of the impulse. stop group determines the log Engle of the magnetas To set the log angle, loosen the four impulse stop clamp serews at the outer edge of the stop group tnd set os follows: the impulse stop plate hos stomped fon it's face, two witness marks 180° cport, one used for clockwise and the other for counter clockwi mognetos. These marks serve to register against corre sponding marks, 5° apart, on the main housing, acting 8 2 guide to the amount of rotation of the stop plate uring the adjustment of the log angle. When either the clockwise or counter clockwise witness mark on the impulse stop group is even with the center mark on the rmain housing, on impulse range of 12° is obtained, with the following exception, on 6 cylinder mognetos range will be 33%. On XH1042 magnetos with @ 6274 drive Cup, it will be 3°, The rotation of the stop plate in the some direction os therototion of the magneto increases the impulse range by the amount of it's rotation. Thus, MODEL XH AND XHD LAG ANGLE ADJUSTMENT (CONT.) since the marks on the main housing ore 5° apart, turn- ing the stop plate one mork in the direction of magnet tetation from the canter mar will increase the range 5. ‘urning stop plate one mork in the opposite,direction to magneto rotation will decrease the range 5°. These variences of ronge are only approximate ond magneto should be tested on a rotary gop test stand and re- adjusted to accurately give ronge desired. After this adjustment has been made, be sure to tighten impulse stop group clamp screws 6465, The above instructions for setting lag angle applies to all model mognetos except XHIS3 whichis used by Wisconsin Motors Corporation.” To set the log ‘angle on XH1343, have the impulse stop lugs to your right, line up the witness mark on the impulse st. group with the timing mark on the housing ~ thet is, second from the top of magneto ~ on a counter clock= wise direction, This will give opproximately 20° leg. The proper log engle for each specific magneto ray be found in the table of variable parts. I is very artent that the lag angle be correctly adjusted to ye valve given in these tobles to insure the most efficient performance of the engine for which the mag eto is intended LUBRICATION The XH and XHD mognetos do not require oiling. The drive end of the mognetic rotor is supported by double sheilded bearing, port 5517; it may be ordered with the bearing cage ond snop ring by port number X5521. The cam end of the magnetic rotor is supported by © porus bronze bushing ,5610, thot is ci! impregnated. On flonge mounted models, it is importent to seo! the impulse spacer to the impulse spocer 10 the mog- netic rotor shaft to keep engine oil from entering the magneto. Use Perfect Seal No. 4 for best results. ROTORS The ability of magnet steel to retin it’s mognet- ism is known 93 its coercive property. Magnet steel Used ia model XH ond XHD rotors has such extremely high coercive value that it is proctically impossible for these rotors to lose any appreciable amount of mag- netism under any conditions, it is therefore not neces- sory to rechorge these rotors The table of variable ports shows the correct rotor for each specification magneto. The correct part number of each rotor is also stamped on the rotor of the factory, therefore, making identification very ecsy. MAIN HOUSING CAUTION: Under a0 condition should the four screws holding the laminated cores in the mein housing bevemoved. These cores ore put on af the factory and finished to @ very close tolerance to meintein the rope i, gap between the cares, nd rotor. Oo NOT ry 10 replace the distributer orm bridge on geared dis tributer housing. It is necessary to bore the distributor faim pivot hole alter the bridge 15 ossembled to housing to maintain close tolerance Setween the distributer arm geor and the pinion geor. Therefore, when it becomes Recessory to teploce the distributor arm bridge, the complete main housing must be replaced or returned te Wico to,be rebuilt. Used main housing may be returned to the factory for rebuilding, ranspertetion both ways poid by the account. Anew distributor orm bridge and Piva, new brecker orm pivot, and new bushing will be installed for 9 chorge of $4.50 list, regular discounts will apply. No main housing will be reworked if elumi hum costing, mounting hele threeds, or cores, ore worn or damaged. Housings received in the above condition will be scrapped. The Wico fectory should be advised by the account at the time of shipment. The table of Variable ports lists the correct main housing for each Specification mogneto, REPLACEMENT OF ROTOR BUSHING In order to replace the bushing in the housing, 1 is necessary to ute Wico rebushing Tool S-10038 to prsberyTocte baking wih respect to fce ofthe recker plete. (1/32 below housing sutace edge) DUST Cover UC the magneto is equipped with @ dust cover, it toy be removed by removing the screw S411, If cork. gerker 6699 shows signs of weer, replace it. AINE NEVER connect a bottery in ony wey to 0 WICO mogneto. In several magneto failures the trouble was found to be thet someone hod tried to boost the spark ‘output by connecting a battery to the ground stud. If this is done, it-will cause a direct short every time the pointe clote. This burns the temper out of the breaker frm spting end pits the points. When the points ore open it overloads the primary of the coil ond causes oil failure. Also by overloading the primary, it makes. fan electromagnet out of the coil and coil core and this discharges the magnetic rotor. Page 5