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Sexual Harassment Against Men

Tala Kadro
College Of Dupage
May 13, 2015
Professor Anderson
English 1102

The purpose of this article is to distinguish between different types
of sexual harassment against men and to clarify society's opinion
regarding the distinctive sorts of inappropriate behavior. The
research explains society's views about sexual harassment against
men and how it is interpreted. It concludes that men and women for
the most part don't accept any unwanted sexual conduct. The paper
also includes some of the outcomes and consequences of sexual

The Sexual Harassment against Men

How sexual harassment is usually defined
When the word "harassment" is mentioned, nearly every one of us
consequently considers sexual harassment which is illegal in the
United States. In order for harassment to be illegal the victim's civil
right should be "violated", also that person must be a member of a
recognized "protected status" group. (Brink-A, 2000,p 10)
According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is defined as the
unwanted sexual attention or the verbal or physical behavior of a
sexual nature. It affects the person's behavior and attitude toward
their job, education, and other people. Sexual harassment has many
outcomes and consequences on the victim in the work place
whether it was physical or verbal. It can cause a person to go
through psychological shock such as anxiety or even cause the
individual to have posttraumatic stress disorder (Mclaughlin, Uggen,
.& Blackstone, 2012, p. 2)

To discover more about the subject, there are things to consider

What are the types of sexual harassment?
What are the outcomes of sexual harassment?
?How does society think men interpret sexual harassment
Harassment and power
Different types of harassment
There are different types of sexual harassment; some of them can
be "Quid Pro Quo" sexual harassment which is the point at which the
harassment includes threat and danger. The other sort is the Hostile
environment sexual harassment which means employees are
victims to repetitive sexual comments or behavior. (Richman et al.,
.1999, p. 357)
Another type of sexual harassment is bullying. Bullying happens
when harassment is same gender or same race or when the bully
enjoys potential legal protection because he or she is a member of a
status protected group.
According to a survey, bullying most often involve same gender
harassment. Bullying is four times more common now a day, only 20
percent of harassment incidents the targeted person has been
eligible for a potential discrimination complaint or lawsuit. The study
showed that 32 percent men on men and 29 women on women.
(Brink-A, 2000,p 10)

Sexual harassment outcomes

Sexual harassment is a major problem at work and educational

places. Harassment takes place between the offender and the
person being harassed. It usually starts with rude, offensive
comments which affect the harassed person deeply but it is much
more dangerous than that. Harassment eventually causes the victim
to be less motivated to go to work and creates behavioral problems
while in the workplace. In addition, continued harassment might
cause the victim to break down mentally and physically.
A lot of people end up hurting themselves or attempting to commit
suicide due to all the stress they are going through. (Einarsen &
Raknes, n.d., p. 3).

?How does society think men interpret sexual harassment

Men are experiencing inappropriate behavior and no one appears to
be thinking about their rights. Harassment is not against women
only; a lot of men around the world are being harassed. Men do not
like it when they are sexually assaulted, however, it seems to be
"socially acceptable" to many employers for a man to get sexually
.harassed. (Einarsen & Raknes, n.d., p. Abstract)
The amount of male victims being harassed has been increasing for
some time now. In a recent study; 7% of men that has been
interviewed claimed that they were a victim of at least one of the
following acts of harassment: Insulting, teasing, verbal abuse,
rumors and gossips about them, offending remarks, sudden silence
when entering a conversation, and the devaluating of someones

work. 22% of the men, reported they were a victim of at least one of
these encounters at least once a month (Einarsen & Raknes, n.d., p.
Women have different analysis of sexual harassment when
compared to what men think. Nevertheless that isnt a reason for
women to sexually harass men. For something to be sexually
harassing from a psychological perspective, the activities made
must be upsetting, and undermining to the casualty. On the other
hand, for it to be seen from a legal point of view, it must be
persuaded by the gender of the victim, unwelcomed, and perhaps
cause negative results. (Berdahl, Magley, Waldo, 1996)

A study was made where the results between men and women
didn't quite differ. They both agreed that sexual coercion is the most
disturbing compared to unwanted sexual attention and gender
harassment. Men reported that they would be most anxious when
sexually coercion. They also said that unwanted sexual attention
would bother more than gender harassment. The different
percentages and results and the wide variation basically was in the
distinction in view of gender harassment. Then again, the normal
reaction to gender harassment and undesirable sexual attention did
not by any mean contrast. Both men and women demonstrated
sexual intimidation to be the most provoking form of harassment as
indicated in the figure beneath. (Berdahl, Magley, & Waldo,
1996, pp. 535,536).

Harassment and Power

Sexual harassment is mainly about power. Using this power, the
person is able to influence or control other people. Most public
discussions focus on the abuse of organizational power. And as
women gain more power in the work place, men harassment is also

increasing. Although women are rising in power, men are occupying

the majority of positions in power, and thus men have greater
access to abuse their power than women do. (Berdahl, Magley, &
Waldo, 1996, pp.529).


As a final summary, sexual harassment and bullying is an abuse of

physical power. The different types of sexual harassment that men
receive are at least one of the following: Unwanted sexual attention,
sexual coercion, or gender harassment. Men are sexually harassed
by other men more than women. And men who had authority or
power had the most impact in harassing other men. The outcome of
sexual harassment is severe and can lead to psychological
problems. And both men and women had similar views in
.interpreting sexual harassment