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Josiah Huse
Ms. Gardner
English 10 Honors, Period 2
1 May 2015
Critiquing Climate Change and Natural Catastrophes
When the scorching sun emerges from the morning mist creating a warm summer day, it
is pleasing, yet it is not noticed that continuous heat and rising temperatures on our planet can
cause more than just a painful sunburn. Global Warming, most commonly known as an increase
in our Earths average atmospheric temperature, is one of the biggest suspects of the recent and
startling changes in weather patterns worldwide. Although drastic changes in climate may seem
to have little to no effect on us humans, the past few years have taught us otherwise. With the
strongest storm to ever reach land, the driest years in Californian history, and the rapid
disappearance of arctic ice, we see that the slightest alterations in our Earths temperature and
weather patterns can injure, cripple, and even end the life existing on our planet. With the media
spreading random and unwanted information night and day, many may feel that global warming
has been pushed aside as a result of sheer annoyance and confusion. However, there are some
laws that have been established in many countries that have been created as a precaution to
global warming. Some of these laws include limited CO2 emissions per city and reduced burning
of wood and fossil fuels. With the silent destruction of lives, habitats, and homes, we must allow
recognition of global warming because it has potential to be powerful, dangerous, and deadly if
not stopped immediately.

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Initially, many would state that the cause of rising temperatures and rising ocean levels
on our planet is not global warming but the media infecting peoples minds with overexaggerated and false information. For example, there are some environmentalists that claim that
the idea of rising sea levels is a hoax. According to a professor of geodynamics at Stockholm
University, the sea levels are in the same range they have been in over the last three hundred
years. There has not even been the slightest rise in sea levels in the last ten years (Stockholm).
Additionally, John Coleman, an American TV weatherman, argued that global warming is a
scam and nothing more than manipulated facts and data (Coleman). In brief, scientists against
global warming recognition believe that it is fake and just a pile of over-exaggerated information
prompted by the media. Indeed, there are many against recognition of global warming. However,
in order to end the constant loss of natural habitats and the reoccurring natural catastrophes, we
must not deny the problem, but raise awareness of it both locally and globally.
Admittedly, global warming may be over-exaggerated by media during times of panic
and distress. Nevertheless, when one completely and thoroughly educates themselves on the
dangers of global warming, it is nearly impossible to not over-exaggerate the subject. For
instance, recent studies on coral reefs in the Pacific have shown that the rising waters leads to
less sunlight which is crucial for the survival of marine wildlife fish and corals. According to
the National Wildlife Federation, a federation established to protect wildlife for the future, it is
estimated that in one year alone, 16 percent of the world's coral reefs will be wiped out
(NWF). Although this information seems startling, the following statement stated by the
National Wildlife Federation authenticates the cause: A sea temperature change of a mere one
degree Celsius would yield similar losses (of sea habitat) (NWF). Consequently, the silent
destruction of delicate coral reefs in numerous areas has led to the destruction of marine habitats

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such as those of clown fish and coral shrimp. In fact, the National Wildlife Federation
emphasized that the fishes and plants which call them (the coral reefs) home belong to some of
the most diverse -- and fragile -- ecosystems on the planet (NWF). Equally important, the
Natural Resources Defense council explained that current rates of rises in sea levels are
expected to increase as a result of thermal expansion of the oceans and melting of the most
mountainous glaciers (NRDC). Based on this research, global warming is not only a threat to
humans, but to the smallest creatures on our planet that are most susceptible to extinction. The
fact that the smallest rise in the planets temperatures can cause a chain reaction effecting our
oceans ecosystem reveals that global warming is more than just a controvertible issue between
humans. Overall, the sudden death of millions of our fellow living organisms reveals that global
warming is not at all a misunderstanding, but a powerful and deadly problem.
Furthermore, research suggests that global warming results in the melting of the northern
ice caps which leads to arctic habitat loss. For instance the latest Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change reported that nearly twenty to thirty percent of plant and animal species in the
northern regions of the planet are likely at risk of extinction if the rise in average temperatures
continue (NRDC 2). In continuation, recent observations reveal that a large amount of polar
bears have drowned as a direct result of a melting ice-habitat (NRDC 2). Equally shocking,
WWF Global, a site most popular for its reports on the artic, reported the following:
Sea ice in and around the Arctic has declined drastically in the last thirty years.
In fact, the Northwest Passage was free from ice for the first time in
history this

was in the year of 2007 (WWF Global).

Clearly, the rising of Earths temperatures has an effect on more than just our minds. The fact
that the polar ice caps have melted at such a fast rate authenticates that our planet is experiencing

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temperature rises. As a result of global warming, countless amounts of lives in the animal
kingdom are being consumed each day. Because global warming has shown what bad it can
cause, we must make a stand and save the lives of these innocent creatures. After all, what makes
our lives any more valuable than theirs?
Despite the controversy between believers of global warming and those who find it to be
a hoax, global warming should not be ignored for it has a tremendous yet undercover effect on us
humans. In particular, the American news station, CNN, did a report on the largest storm to ever
hit land on November 8, 2013. This storms name was Haiyan. Typhoon Haiyan. According to
Naderev Sano, a Filipino negotiator, the storm was surely a result of rising sea levels in the
Pacific (Sano). In his remarkable speech in front of six-hundred thousand petitions at a UN
conference in Poland, Sano described how The Philippines and other island nations in South East
Asia had been experiencing an abnormal amount of typhoons as a result of rising ocean levels
and temperatures (Sano). Similarly, a report by NASA explained how it is feared that climate
change may be the cause of future disasters as horrifying as Haiyan (NASA). In continuation
another report by NASA explained that an increase of greenhouse gasses from cars and factories
is likely to make the Earths temperatures rise (NASA). Although the destruction of many
natural disasters such as Haiyan is blamed on the storm itself, we must take a closer look at why
the storm happened. If it were not for the planets rising temperatures, the warming of our
oceans, and the creating of more greenhouse gasses, these natural disasters could have been
prevented. With this, we must take responsibility and alert others of the true causes and effects of
global warming before it becomes more destructive than necessary.
In conclusion, global warming should not be a problem that is brushed under the carpet,
kicked aside, and erased from our memories. If not controlled, global warming could become out

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of hand and continue to destroy more homes, destroy more families, and destroy more lives
without anyone questioning it. So think of the homes, the families, and the lives that are being
threatened by global warming. Think of our future. Do the organisms of life dominate the land
with their homes and happiness? Or does the rising sea of disasters and desolation overpower
this peace because it is not seen as a potential problem to begin with?

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