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Barnes 1

Rebecca Barnes
Mrs. Zepp
English 4 HN
22 January 2015
College Essay
In most instances when I turn on the television and see the local or national news on I
instinctively turn it off or switch the channel. While my mother and father watch the news before
work I try to distract myself from hearing what is being discussed. If it happens to be on the
news channel when my sister turns on the television I tell her frankly Turn it off. I hate the
news. I dont actually hate the news, I believe it is important to be aware of what is going on in
your environment, but the way media and society display the news is what I dislike. The
situations and tragedies I hear happening all over the world is what I dislike. It is how news
casters can talk about an issue and then speak as if it never happened is what I dislike. It
concerns me that a human being is capable of taking the life of another human being because of
his or her race, ethnicity, or gender. It concerns me that the individuals who are appointed to
protect and serve the people of this nation can abuse that power solely because they believe
themselves to be superior. It concerns me that there are women sacrificing their lives for their
country and for their basic right of freedom but still arent given respect because of their gender.
It concerns me that even after history of fighting against segregation and slavery because of
inequality there are still laws prohibiting who one can and cannot love simply because it makes
some people uncomfortable. It concerns me that cases of teenage suicide have increased because
of stress and anxiety. It concerns me that women are raped and abused all over of the world and

Barnes 2

some places dont even consider this a crime. Or many people ask a question of What was she
wearing? as if it justifies the crime. It concerns me that as a young-adult who should be
enthusiastic to explore what the world has to offer, instead I am fearful of what the world
currently has to offer my generation. All of my concerns stated above are prevalent in my
generation. By furthering my education culturally, socially, and politically I hope to make a
change in the world. Changing the entire world would be ideal, but realistically changing things
for the better in the community could cause a chain reaction. I want to join organizations in the
community for the community by joining organizations, groups, clubs, and foundations that take
a step to ensure equality and justice, so much so that it spreads to community after community
until there is evident change. The amount needed to be changed overwhelms all that can
realistically be changed. But there has to be a start somewhere.