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1) Pick a contemporary artist that you find interesting and answer

the following questions.
2) Complete the Conceptual Framework diagram in relation to what
you have written.
Who created the art??
What were their beliefs/ideals/values/philosophies?
What was their intent?
What was their experience with the world?
ARTWORK: What does it look like?
What features can be seen?
Are any dominant styles evident?
What are the tones/colours/shapes/textures/medias/lines/forms of the
artwork/s etc.
Puts the artwork into a context.
Influences the artwork, the artist, and how the audience sees and
respond to the work. With a knowledge of the WORLD of an artwork
(time and place in which it was created), we can gain insight into why
it is the way it is, and appreciate it on a deeper level.
AUDIENCE: Anyone who views the art, has an opinion on it.
What was the response from the public, art writers, curators, critics?
How is the audience involved in the work?
On what level does the audience interact with the artwork/audience?