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By: Kim K. & Jennifer R. &

How does music affect our emotions? Well
now you have a chance learn about it, because
this presentation will teach you all of Music
and our emotions. Along the way you will also
learn about music, heart, brain and much
Hope you will like it.

Welcome to.

Musics World

Our life involves music. yes. for sure!

But do you know why?!
Music is the art of vocal or instrumental
sound which could affect our emotion either
in a good or bad way.
Music is the song of life, its beautiful,
wonderful, amazing and could change the
ways we think, the ways we behavior.

Music is an important part of our life. Based
on some scientific research, music has a strong
link-related to mood, and our emotion. The
secret about Music and our emotion is hard to
explain if we dont go deep inside this topic. It
relates to our brainwaves, our reaction and
even our hormones.

Music =))

Perceived and Emotion

Emotions control your thinking, behavior,
and action
How emotion is experienced and interpreted
depend on how it is perceived
Perceived emotion??!
Perceived emotion = the understanding of empathy
towards an emotion in Music

Perceived and Emotion (cont)

Music could makes you feel something when you
listen to it
You can release your emotion in some different
ways, especially those relating to anger and hurt.
The reason why when it comes to anger and hurt, we will express our
emotion in a lot of different ways is because..Us human are very
weird...and when it comes to something that could hurt our feeling, our
emotions will express very strong, sometimes, it could get out of our control
and make us do something bad, wrong without thinking, those feeling that
never base on logic or sometimes, we just suddenly feel very calm and could
see the situation, the conflict that we got into by a very different way and
solve it smartly or sometime we even hurt yourselves in order to feel

Music & Emotion

Music makes us smile, excites us, make us
dance, and bring us to tears
->Music can express our emotion
Music has the power to affect our mood in
different ways, even small piece of happy or
sad music can affect us by make us
understand the emotions, without actually
feeling them

Music & Emotion of Memory

Music can bring up old memories and affect
our emotion!!!
-> When your hear music it can bring up old
memories which makes our feelings come up
Memories and experiences make the music to
connect with each individual in different ways.

Tone & Beat & Rhythm and Emotion

The meter, timber, rhythm, tone, beat and
pitch of music are managed in areas of the
brain that deal with emotion and mood
->So it could be that the meter,
timber, rhythm, tone, beat and
pitch makes you have that
certain emotion of that song.

Tone & Beat & Rhythm and

Emotion (cont)
When we listen to rhythm, our heart
begins to synch with it
Affect our heart rate ->affect our health!

Tones is a major key music piece it signifies

cheerful communication to our brain.
Boosts our mood -> Raise our emotions!

Music & Brain

The body has create a system for achieving
Release of a neurotransmitter in brain
called dopamine
A chemical responsible
for making you feel good

Cause a feeling of pleasure and


Music & Brain (Cont)

Music affects different
areas of our brain to
make us actually feel
whats being
communicated to us to
create emotions or
mood changes

Music & Dopamine

Music = Dopamine = happy
Dopamine also helps regulate movement and
emotional responses, and it enables us to not
only to see rewards, but to take action to move
toward them.
->For example: while we listen to
music, we feel happy and want to
dance -> affects mood and behavior

Why is music so addicting?

Since listening to music causes our brain to
release dopamine, which is a feeling good
chemical that is connected with motivation and
Addiction in music??!
Music is addicting for many reasons:
- It relates to our emotions, experiences
- It expresses relatable feelings and emotions
- It has the power to make or change emotions


Music & Health

Our heart works together with our brain to
create and change our emotions
A slow heartbeat tells our brain that something
sad or depressing is happening, and a fast
heartbeat tells our brain that something happy
or joyful is happening

Music & Health (cont)

Music has the ability to create a state of arousal
-> blood pressure raise
Music helps us exercise -> raise
our mood which make us want to
do something without boring.


Can Music affect our behavior

People have hurt others and even themselves
because of the words, of the artist they look
up too
People can boost their mood by simply
listening to music
It can also darken the mood of people -> make
them do something bad -> affect their behavior

Positive Impact of Music

Upbeat music helps raise a low mood

Memory recall
Affect how you see neutral face
Improve creativity.

Negative Impact on Music

Anger and sadness
Suicidal tendencies
(affect our behavior)

Can Music affect our behavior?!

Music can affect our behavior [History]
Music have been enormous numbers of antiwars songs and political written to open the
eyes of the public
Satanic black metal bands have influenced
and encouraged people to burn churches and
perform many acts of violence.

How can our choice of music affect/reflect

our personality?
Music affect/reflect our personality:
The music we listen to shape our identity
-> It has a message and the lyrics are retained in our
mind which we think the message is embedded deeply
We express that message
It become a part of our life
We start to define our identity through
musical taste
Wear particular clothes, use certain slang, go to
practical venues to hear the music

Interesting Facts...

Ambient music helps with creativity

Music help us get our brain moving
Music help us predict our personality
Music help us exercise
Music affects how we see neutral faces
ex: happy/sad music

Do you know?!
Music can significantly distract us while driving
Tones is a major key music piece signifies
cheerful communication to our brain

Music can...

Major and Minor key in Music

Not major and minor in college!!

A Major key is a music piece that signifies

happiness, excitement, and joyful
communication to our brain
A Minor key is a music piece that signifies
sadness, loneliness, and depression
communication to our brain

Me and my partners xD (K.K)


After all, music is the part of how our emotion
works. It is the way that we could express our
feelings, our identity. Music is wonderful, it is the
song of life, the song of our soul that God gave to
us humans in order to help us get out of our
stressfulness, and our boring world, it brings us to
the creative and enjoyable life that we have today.


The End!!!

Thank you for spending your

time on watching our project!



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