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Hay Festival 21 May 2015

Good afternoon, Im Rob Yorke and welcome to this Hay-on-Earth

discussion around ensuring affordable food and paying more for the
Affordable to whom? The consumer? can we afford the impact on the environment?
Its a loaded question
The 20th century freethinking journalist (Sage of Baltimore) Henry
Mencken said
for every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple
and // wrong
So I hope you are ready for a rollacoaster discussion with no one clear
solution and in every year I propose these debates, I try and reduce my
preamble as it eats into valuable time that we have with a very exciting
panel this year, and we are honoured to have with us the UK
governments Minister of Life Sciences George Freeman and the
City Universitys Professor of Food Policy Tim Lang.
Theyll say a little more about themselves in a moment but first I want
focus us on the central theme/frame of our discussion today // 75% of
the countryside is farmed to help feed 64 million people / This has an
impact on habitat in which of most of our wildlife lives.
Or put another way can we have our cake and cuckoo and //
eat cake but not cuckoo
This discussion involves you there are roving nimble footed mics but
ground rules.
Be pithy. No mission statements Ill cut you off. Think about how you
use the s word (sustainable for a hill farmers business plan,
sustainable in the food budgets for those on low incomes, sustainable
use of our resources) and although today is about "What should the new UK
governments policies be to deliver a truly sustainable Britain" (that dreaded s word
Lets aim to keep this apolitical as politicians come and go, unlike
hopefully, our food supply and the environment .
First intro..