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All Burma's workers & Peasants

Excellence sir;
We would like to send the requesting scroll for your rights-
Since 2nd,March,1962, All Burma's workers & peasants lost our
Our all Burma's workers had to work over eight hours with pov
Our all Burma's peasants had to work hardly with the poverty o
We had to work ourselves as peasants & workers as their childre
Therefore! we got Multiparty system on Demo-human rights with t
we crossed our democratic struggles with students' movement on
Now,Our all workers of Industrial zones,Hlaingtharyar Tsp,Rangoo
We had to struggle ourselves for our rights among the guns under
So,we would like to request respectfully all Burma's students,m
Thanking you in anticipation.
" Let to quick-get Burma's democratic victories with All Burma's
Best regard;
yours' sincerely!
(U ThiHa Tint Swe)
Patron for Burma Democratic concern(B.D.C),U.S.A.