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Dedra Balice

Technology Survey Report

The survey I conducted was about Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the
support that general education and special education teachers are or are not receiving from their
districts. Of the 11 responses I received 6 are from general education teachers, 2 are from
special education teachers and 3 teachers do not have their credentials yet. Of the 11 teachers, 7
have been teaching for 0 to 5 years, 2 have been teaching for 6 to 10 years, 1 has been teaching
from 11 to 15 years and 1 has been teaching 16 or more years.
The main reason for the survey is to see if school districts are using and supporting the
Common Core State Standards for general and/or special education. Column 3 shows that of the
11 respondents, 3 districts are using the CCSS for general education, 2 districts are using CCSS
for general and special education, 1 district is not using the CCSS at all and 5 teachers are not
employed in school districts yet.

CCSS District Support Survey

Respondents 4


Survey Questions

Column 4 shows how many teachers are working in districts that are providing
curriculum aligned to the CCSS. There are 3 districts providing curriculum aligned to the CCSS
for general education, but only 1 district that provides curriculum for both regular and special
education, 2 of the districts do not provide any curriculum that is aligned and 5 respondents are
not working in a district yet. Of the districts that provided training for CCSS there are again 3
for regular education, 3 districts providing training for regular and special education and 0 that
are not providing training. Interestingly, the numbers do not match for districts using CCSS,
providing curriculum aligned to CCSS and districts providing training in the CCSS.

Question 6 addresses how the respondents feel about the CCSS. 3 of the respondents
have positive feelings about the CCSS, 6 feel that it is okay and couldnt hurt to give it a try and
1 respondent has negative feelings about the standards all together. Survey question 7 showed 5
educators felt that some special education students will benefit from the CCSS and some will
not, 3 felt that special education students will definitely benefit and 3 believed that special
education students will not.
Questions 8 and 10 had to do with support. Only 3 teachers felt that general and special
education were supported by the district in all areas regarding CCSS, 3 teachers felt that special
education was lagging behind in support. In regards to general education teachers feeling
supported by special education teachers and vice versa, 5 felt supported some of the time and 1
did not feel any support.