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SSassins BY GAVIN THORPE Book Cover Art: Wayne England Gallagher, Alex Boyd, Jes Goodwin, ‘Assassin Miniatures: Jos Goodwin ‘Additional Material: Matt Keote INTRODUCTION.............2 ASSASSINS 3 Vindicare Temple... 22. 4 Culexus Temple 5 Callidus Temple. - 6 Eversor Temple - 7 8 GAMING WITH ASSASSINS. ... ASSASSINATION! SCENARIO . 10 PRODUCED BY GAMES WORKSHOP ovstop & be Git Wsknop ogg, Spaco pga Guar, Oc Pei an inca ‘no opyightin nestor andthe tag ¢ eps he ctv ropary @f Garas Work "Ba" Copynart Game Wokcnop Ca 1288 AN regimen Bren Cotloqunginbleston Dat cag ecg Be ae aMnas WERHOy INTRODUCTION “7 Tthought begets heresy; heresy begets Pee rrr Welcome, Grand Master, to Codex Assassins. Within these ages you will find everything you need to unleash the devastating warriors of the Officio Assassinorum against the enemies of the Emperor. THE ASSASSINS There are many weapons the Imperium can bring against lteacherous commanders, alien leaders and subversive Culists. I commands the vast might of the Imperial Guard and Navy, which have the power to raze whole worlds and slaughter any number of foes. It can call upon the aid of the Space. Marines to bring swift and final vengeance against those who Would threaten the Emperor's domains. The gigantic Titans and, other war engines of the Adeptus Mechanicus can obliterate cities. Yet all these fail to instil the dread which the enemies of Mankind fee! at the mention of a single word ~ Assassin! The Officio Assassinorum is responsible only to the fabled Senatorum Imperilis ~ the High Lords of Terra who interpret the Emperor's Wil. Silent, deadly and ruthlessly efficient, an, Assassin can strike at the heart of the problem, quickly and cleanly removing those who would dare oppose the Emperor. Impassive and impersonal, an assassination sends a clear message to heretics and rebels — no one is beyond the: Emperors justice. ‘The Officio Assassinorum is divided into a number of diferent ‘Temples, each specialising in a certain manner of death, From the shape-changers of the Callidus Temple to the horitying psyker hunters of the Culexus Temple, the Officio, Assassinorum’s servants deal death in many, many ways, ASSASSINS IN GAMES OF WARHAMMER 40,000 ‘Assassins are highly skied, with very specialised wargear. They are a simple solution to offsetting certain weaknesses in fan army, or for further bolstering your strengths. Having problems dealing with pesky Eldar Warlocks or Ork Nobz? Why not fleld a Vindicare Assassin to pick them off from afar Is your Fe Me Tay lee 20% Te Te Be “Oo Imperial Guard army suffering badly because it lacks units which can take on the enemy in an assault? Sounds like the bio-alchemical nightmare of an Eversor Assassin would come in handy. ‘Assassins also give you a chance to show off your painting skills if you want, Each of them is a character model ~ the miniatures have lovely areas of detail which you can really spend some time on. Just have a look at some of the Assassin miniatures shown on the inside covers and then say with all hhonesty that you wouldn't lke at least one siting on your shelf! WHAT’S IN THIS BOOK? ‘This Codex breaks down into the three main sections listed below, each of which illuminates a different area of using Imperial Assassins in your games of Warhammer 40,000. ‘The Officio Assassinorum. This section contains the diferent game rules and army list entries for the Assassins you can include in your army. Painting and gaming advice. Included are some tips on painting and modelling Assassins. There are also some ideas about diferent ways you might like to use Assassins in your games. Background. A collection of background material from various sources, including information on the terrible times of the War of Vindication, IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have an Imperial army of some. description (Space Marines, Imperial Guard or Sisters of Battle, for example) to use an Assassin, If you don't have one of these armies, you're going to have to come up with a very good reason why an Assassin should be supporting your cause! i } oe } ih | AssassiN anty LIST (On the pages that follow, youll find entries for the different types of Assassin available for your ‘ Warhammer 40,000 battles. This army list allows you to employ Assassins in battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, but it also provides you with the basic } information you!l require in order to field an Assassin in scenarios you've devised yoursel, or FA as part of a campaign series of games, or whatever. a This army lst is slightly different to others we have published so far, For a start, you can onl ever have one Assassin in your army, even if you are playing with more than oné ‘detachment (of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook). Secondly, the army ist isin two parts. The first section details the rules which apply to all types of Imporial Assassin. The second part ‘comprises the rules and wargear forthe diferent Assassin Temples, which are in addition to the ‘general rules in the frst part ELITES PUTT EY Points| WS BS ST W 1 A td sv ‘Assassin 50 56 fo Pa Tt ‘Assassins can be included in any Space Marine, Imperial Guard and Sisters of Baitle army. ‘Assassins count as one of your Elites choices, and you may never have more than one Assassin in your army. {All imperial Assassins have the profile and special rules given here. In addition, they have extra ‘wargear and special rules, depending upon the Temple to which they belong, detailed in the individual entries on the following pages. ECan teg rere ey SPECIAL RULES. Independent Character: All Assassins are trained to work alone, and so follow the rules for Ts independent characters given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. However, an Assassin cage aan ‘can never join another unit and they always fight individually. (emma p na Infiltrators: Assassins must be able to sneak past guards and through even the tightest array defences to reach their targets. An Assassin may set up using the rules for Inftrators if the ea arr mission being played allows this. In missions where there is no special rule for Initrators, poet Ar, the Assassin must be deployed withthe rest of the army as normal "eles ara Fearless: Assassins are implacable, never resting until they or their target is dead eros Assassins never fall back, they are assumed to automatically pass any Morale checks they periarnag A Pai are required to make, even against attacks which normally force their target to fall back with Onc ay i no test taken, Assassins cannot be pinned Eee ers Dodge: Imperial Assassins have superb reflexes, able to leap out of the way of an attack ae hoe [An Assassin's 4+ save is invulnerable, renege) Temple: An Assassin must belong to one ofthe folowing Temples, selected when you are Serta choosing your army. They may not change their equipment or take any addiional wargest ene eee Points values: An Assassin's points value is based upon the Temple they belong to ear Vindicare. +60 points Callidus +70 points Ll ieee VeISOF nn -448 points Culexus....455 points Fretless 5 45 points Cul points Rell The Slaughter of Clan Mackensie % Te lg a Dimi VU ei Spee de wet b (ay coat bak os Mckee W eae bas tC Neca ey He ae aiheantonts au wel eat meg slat oat ee Te pe cote wept Soca be eee meee ung Ga Aca) hcl oe (ely Sia co Ol yer ie Bre co ty 4 pee ere per orem Sent Sd ans rama an ote Sr See ee \ SoS ea, oe eee es Directed to: Inquisitor Lovrd omit tos Ieperial Record CAMA 222/288 IK: Stay with Le Kard, ve'll talk about the Arbitrators Inquisition Record TR[OrdSic) 29412/323 WK A Little civility wouldn't. [MR soreans a6 pain 2ence cronsfile to: Linination of Renegades Se snnerted Sato spine). feicesitcs: cieata risztoe [Rocons while WR recovers) Blasphemy, Vulgar Piofanity Sra taking tmooral suggestions added’ list of charges tmp vate: 7086182.000 ssainst mh) 1 JF) ziougee for tho Day: ie who loses a Lind Lives on. Ho who gt; sorry, Well, the Baperor aent two whole resisents of Bestest Clerare vascnl etter Wes Tk Conese {Scticw Like that, so we attacked then. the men dougie itera Radisch: r vag all the fault of that nercenary, Gitnin'a'agohs Of courser eM faperial Comandor was WeCY ase eae eee Snnoyes with a Rand, fe'd lied to ue, seed us for eT nena elt, We'd prosised vs victory But ie wan obvious be ) 1m: start fron che beginning. sho is this te fare? Sas ¢ charlatans Well, vo managed to grab his aid taeoe Ys te yao introduced a6 a worconary comander fron tho hin in the dungeons until tho Imporiel Commander covld 1s fe, vae_ltroduced as nerconary commander fram the Gaoido what to do with hin, thon tho’ Commander had’ = Tnperie! ‘Contendec's inguivics sfecr neh wio could teed Little brainvave, you see, and decided to have the EIGER! COSTA Las Rees se hie wetece'2 Ge hag Nidea troucherous serpent inpalad outside the gotan. ve haven't Laskith Ireni, the Duke of Aleti, against the Ork pirates Aepaled anybody:on “Orlence 232 eee ates evan iTS, Bence nee’ oo maracruee oy Tharmoriay decadent choice, but popolar with the Court. she whole Comenior, Healofully ascertained the extent of bis eure wont ova’ shore to watch the Iaperial commander olan sete Tent the doors, Le Kard was gone! Just vanished, his clothes 1K: and how loyal was this Le rard? piled n'a commer! Wore peculiar than ehst, thevs was'a (| ks 0b, be vas very crude, ontiely notivated by noney acy thece, dressed in this sbeor black outtit. Very Me ons cies ascoks yes tad binned 1 Gessander"s chiet conevbine Look positively plssp. Hell, 2 BLE ve x ust fo avoner had’ the door been opened than cut leapt this as a very experienced fighting man, Tsay man, but trapped ¢ around his throat! We ell. stood there Pepe 3 eee gk Clee Beer atte Te ere eee area hat happened next, she pushed past me, stabblag ne in g the rest. Mondane things like that. A very technical sort suadeniy he vas this mevlingr crumpled heap on the oe shai bw ees, He you get m Hicetonee, Mood soaring fm hie stomachs takes‘ very > 1K: 1 do not, but continue anyway. Fai had you have inevar noeal Gclalteanelierorelocs¢ ince YR: As we expected, ovr announcement that we wore co that oootslon, permape sn te Fasd's company? ees ff ne nortan nti bias de COT, Ws Nov, evan oulte @ loner seal, onee: et anybody nprisoned the lov onforcers of the Adeptue Arbites, wien {00 BLA chasbere, Kept She door barred and lesked. tle, | aTrey cmny startups Te ight sey tof sm we TGS y "aunty tb CALLIDUS ASSASSINS SPECIAL RULES | WARGEAR Jump Back; At the start of any assault phase, the Callidus | C'tan Phase Sword: The Ctan phase sword can ony bo used in close | Rssanam ean attmpl to disongago lem combat Rolla DS ~ on ombat No armour saves aro alowed agains his Mona phase sword, | volte a1 ae as to dsengage ad ust fight on nie ‘ot even invuinrabio saves! cmbat normaly, ona rl of 2 or mare she moves that mary 5 Neural Shredder: The neural shredder uses the fame template and is | ches away rom the enemy, Tis move cannot be used to ‘ aoe ener Te aap Hcl wsane ne otone Tne seu) | move into contact win a cterent enemy model Its leaves ‘redder has Stength but ator then using the targets’ Toughness | the enemy unt unengaged they may make a consoidate move values, heir Leadership Is used. Other than thi, the To Wound charts | &tthe end of the assault phase. oatiaMeeyaya JERR i icolnelisealieioriioe om aDoent i A Word In Your Ear... The player a the Callidus Assassin Giancing fs table, 26 to eons baie re paral protected oy me. | carve one enemy Ui! up 06” aftr lh sges have votile's armour The neural shroddor has the lolloving profi: pepe et ea a NeW irength: X AP: 1 Assault 1 ‘wing player may choose the facing ofthe unt ater thas Polymorphine: The Callidus Assassin is always in reserve, even in peenimoved Imssions wi 0 not normaly use the Resorves nie. When sho Esomes avaiabe, sha may bs placed anyunere onthe Baton, and fan move and ight normaly in fh tur she aves Poison Blades: If the Callidus Assassin is stil in base contact with an 'o assume the shape of the accursed and deliver ‘nony mod! at tho nd ofthe assautphaso, ator al combats have death from the purity within you boon roid, sho may make an extra atak nth hor ossoned blades Poe S|] oil stor any consoldation moves). Sho gets 7 tack which Ssaays wounds on ads. Normal armour saves ae allowed Vis eee ped te hale of Preteen neers ee error a] Ps ee eran USE ae ee ed Pa er es Peeper neat te err ee eee Pen eee ory ren are ee a ae ee er oh noe Pes ene erent ekriar ar nore es i ae oe area Pn oe Fer ey eerie emcee near arena rc ees pial rie mrerneni ony eeeeey erent eer Peoeieeneinaee ere er et toe Pa ere yea tema tae Rerun ear errr ets eyete oper erro ener ea arene earner Peron ube herrea Pose erepriceeicy ary Lick-araprae nae eeranirnd ie era ene a arent ee eceenrecnn ed peat hana Wh wth” He kd ade, peng Cros ed ee pace eer ee es erresairar ari ee Mer sean ee eg ree aera one TA per pee roe ald epee peer ts ene ir eras pee ereeenr see ie othe er psa iecerers Teer fe pon Hora sushing his pistol ont Pn eee eae BN Frese erg rer] Serpe) Creer ted err nena pees or peor eer or errs Peter e rey nee aera ey Poors ory paar eeey papeeenpee ree uarregenn boa or eee eres pace emer ii pa earner ope rd Peo enron epee pearreoenepe tet erreeeesrer ee korn irene pee eee ete eee ae eos roaioee eee a eer Posie et proe error Pan a eee an prearearer ene epee atepeie tay Pee reer er erony ws aeecnrnon tee ern toe Papper renenennna es eee er eee ae Bere PA iN eee er) Pe ere finer reese ere eta et [oe ree are eae purine o Poorer ona Ae [nag bree freeryr oe eng veering Peretiar sere sear ees ae ele reer ares aia eer Pere eeree res ed Feet eee eet en Pen een eee Ea eae rer mo beniyees Pee rarer penton eet brent a eer en 1 coined to Gi ce mitted ou ck oe at ee are oe ore Peaciaertinrcnoerion ere ee es Pexren meres eern re Pens persed ronan perme od lb of iat cled gis sucked 10 Body Perper per enemy ea ventd Panne pene ene pe eter ey eatin We at sig he Pc, mts” Be Bed she eee rer eine Emer = ee eee eae Phenyereaner ees seep Perera ie ee re eee re ane Sena pacer ion cree eon ees cers Creer: WARGEAR Executioner Pistol Needle Pst: Range: 12 Power weapon and melta-bombs: These fll Neuro-Gauntet: This 2 Combat Drugs: The through aie tora). ‘and may be fied as one or the oer, but aP:5 Strength: XAP:6 japon. than just +1 Atta pistovhoedte ou Pesos Fast Shot: The Evereors heightened metabalsm Speed, The Eversor never Bio-Meltdovint if te Eversor 's killed, place a blast marker Centred over he mode. Any ‘model touched by the template takes an automatic Strength Shi ith saving Fear me, for I am your apocalypse. Dicatas Bvenoe (ver the page you will ind a new Warhammer 40,000 mission ~ Assassination! — which represents an Assassin being aided in a mission by friendly forces. Tis is just one of the ways you can fight, ‘unusual batlas with Assassins. The next few pages feature a handful Of aiferent ways you can use your Assassins in your games of Warhammer 40,000 A ONE-MAN ARMY ‘A game with obvious appeal is the single Assassin versus an entire force. There are a number of ways you can do tis. At the most straightforward level, the Assassins opponent is allowed a small army, in ther words, @ commander and bodyguard, The Assasin starts a fai distance away (24"s a good rule of hum), and must kil all ofthe enemy before he or she is eliminated. However, there are some Variations on this theme: Alone Vindicare Assassin is holed up in a commanding position, ‘and is pinning down the enemy squads as they try to advance. He ‘must be killed before the army can continue. When setting up your batlefeld, make sure there is quite a lot of terrain thatthe Vindicare could be higing in — rocky. outcrops, abandoned Watchtower, ruined buldings, tall trees and so on. The ‘Assassin player does not place ‘2 miniature on the tabetop to begin with, but instead writes down the whereabouts of the Assassin's hiding place. The ‘opposing player has 750-1,000 points worth of units tying to ‘advance across the bated Play as normal, except that whenever the Assassin player wants to check line of sight a target, thei opponents obliged to tum away, its a good idea for the Assassin's poston to give him aline of sight over many of the obstacles on the tabletop, 0 that i sn to easy 0 work fut where he is hiding. Also ‘ote that the Assassin is allowed to change positon 2s wall - as long as he doesn't move within 2" of an enemy, then his location remains secret; ust note down a new hiding place within 6 of the last and remember that his exitus ele is Heavy 1. ‘The only way the enemy army can find the Assassin isto be witin 2° Cf his hiding place at the end of a tum, When this happens, the ‘Assassin is placed on the batlefild ~ i then becomes a fight to the death! This is @ highiy entertaining battle, as the Assassin sneaks ‘about from vantage point to vantage point, while the oppasing player ‘desperately ties to look back along lines of fre to determine the ‘Assassin's poston, and his unts lose men and get pinned in place, disrupting the search, ‘Jerome the Unsaintly omclpeteeieet er ee eet rer err ety a Ct a ern the Fates Temple wee on f the ers ree erty een oeereen vbr fymas desing hs ily pacers ‘An Eversor Assassin has been dispatched to assault an enemy ‘command post and destroy anything it comes across. This game works well as a two-player game, but can be played solo as, well. The command post is represented by floorplans (Space Hulk boards are ideal), which are laid out atthe start ofthe game, With two players, the detending layer picks an army of 750-1,000 poins and ‘assigns a unit to each room of the command post, These units are not placed on the table, and may do noting until the Assassin enters the oom ora friendly model, which has encountered the Assassin, enters the room. In addition, at the end of any tum in which there was. Oo 9 or close combat, the defending player may roll a DS for any unit in a room adjacent to the one in which the combat/shooting took place. On a roll at 4,5 or 6 they are alerted by the sounds of combat ‘and are placed on the table at the stat of their next tum. Defenders ‘who are broken fallback towards the nearest rendly-occupied room, ‘As a solo game, the Assassin player must pick the defending army, and when units would be placed on the table, randomly generate which ofthe units appears. You'l have to use abit of common sense ‘when controling the defenders, Basically, mast squads wll attempt to stand and shoot al the Assassin, Close combat experts, such as Orks or Datk Eldar Wyches for example, wil ry to assault the Assassin An enemy army has unwittingly invaded a world usod by ‘one of the Officio Assassinorum Temples as a training ground. They suddenly find themselves beset by a veritable army of Assassins! This is a pretty simple but fun bale, The Assassin player only ever Uusos one Assassin al a time, but every time the Assassin is klle, another takes their place. You should nominate a feature on the tabletop to be the entrance to the Temple's hidden complex = the ‘Assassins must prevent any enemy model moving nto contact with the tenirance. Keep track of the number of Assassins killed, then swap sides with your opponent to see if they can do beter! COVERT OPERATIONS ‘The majorty of the time, an Assassin wil work alone. Occasional, however, teams of Assassins are dispatched, oran Assassin may find him or herself fighting alongside other miltary forces (as in the ‘Assassination! Mission given later) Not ony that, but Assassins do not just fight alongside Imperial forces. In the Imperium’s history there have been many occasions when it was deemed better to aid one enemy force over another, forthe long term benefit of humanity. For ‘example, consider two Ork warbands fighting over a word near to Imperial space. The winner ofthe war wil then unite the survivors and possibly attack Imperial worlds. In these circumstances it may be betterfora few covert Imperial agents o support the weaker of the two factions, which wil then have a two-fold effect. Fist, the war wil ast longer, thereby seeing the deaths of more Orks. Secondly, a weaker Warboss is more likely to spend time consolidating his grip_on the world, fighting usurpers within own his ranks and so on, The Imperial agents may even change sides, thereby ensuring that no side claims a great victory, and posiponing the potential invasion almost indefinitely. ‘What this bolls down fo, isthe fact that it ist totaly unreasonable for an Assassin to fight alongside an Ork or Eldar army. However, Id stongly recommend thatthe Assassin is played by a separate player, and thatthe Assassin be iven very strict mission guidelines which do ‘not necessaily beneft the ‘allie player al the time. The idea here is to make sure that the main army commander isnot ditecly controling the Assassins actions. You can also do ths in @ regular army (say Imperial Guard or Space Marines) with the Assassin really fighting ‘alongside the army for their own ends, rather than to help out the force ‘commander, There are a number of ways of doing this. As mentioned ‘above, you could have a different player using the Assassin, who sels themselves a mission which they must achieve (such as kiling the ‘enemy commander or destroying a set points value of unt, et). ‘Alternatively, you could say that the Assassin has fo attack the most expensive enemy character model (or best psyker in the case of a Ciulexus) and once that characteris dead, the Assassin's mission is complete and they vanish from view, never to be seen again. Another possibil is to keep track ofthe number of victory points Scored by the Assassin. At the end of the Assassin's tum, dvde tis vicioy poin's by 100 and deduct from the roll ofa D6. On a scare of O or less, the Assassin decides they have done enough and leaves! Well, those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Im sure that you'e inventive enough to come up wth lots more have a look atthe Assassin mission in White Dwar! 232's Chapter Approved) Gaming with Assassins See Me ea Ra Ce ek an Rn ‘Thus spake the almighty Emperor on the sunait of Moust PC Une ee eee Ce ee eens ee ee eee eas Cr ees ee eee accomplished inthe art of death wee they. They hosted down ee os See er snes ec et ee ee eens reer ee ene ory cor eg eee ee tee Ee Se ee nee ee re Sire ee reer a ee ee eee ee eee ene eon ere eee Pe ee een: oer pleased. Grat temples were constructed on Tera and the skilful and deadly youths were sought out Thos the Correa eee ee eee gen Seen ee eee ne oe iimmornlised. The stongest survived thet rigorous training. and eee een ees and sew temples fousded: the att of blsde aod pistol. poison eee ee meee es ee ne ee ee een crn ane In this scenario, an army has bi Assassin in @ mission to eliminate an enemy commander. The attacking army must be able to hold off the defending forces long enough for the Assassin to complete the kil CeEresin nun ATTACKER coMPuLSORY —_ OPTIONAL 2 Fast tack Important Note: The defender has twice as many points to spend a the attacker. For example, 1,000 points of attackers would fight against 2,000 points of defenders. FESesnrueny ‘couputsony 140 ‘opriowat oops ‘Note thatthe Atacker's compulsory ites an imperial Assassin, OVERVIEW ‘The Assassin must complete its mission to eliminate the opposing commander and then make its escape ~ all other considerations are secondary! SCENARIO SPECIAL RULES Assassination! uses the Victory Points and Infitrators scenario special rules. SET-UP Both players roll a dice. The highest scoring player may choose their deployment zone. They may choose a long table edge, short table edge or | comer. The other player deploys along the opposite edge or corner. The attacking player deploys all of their army up to 12" onto the table. The defending SHORT TABLE EDGE player then deploys his army up to 12° from the opposite edge or corner. Infiltrators are deployed after all other units have been placed on the table, anywhere not within 18” of an enemy model. If both sides have LONG TABLE EDGE ‘CORNER infiltrating units, each player rolls a dice, the highest scoring player can decide whether to deploy their infiltrators first or second. 3 The attacker has the first turn MISSION OBJECTIVE The Assassin must eliminate the enemy character with the highest points value (the defender must declare which model it is!), and survive to the end of the battle. It the Assassin has not killed its target by the end of the game, then the defenders win outright. If the Assassin's target is killed and the Assassin is still alive at the end of the battle, then the attacker wins. If the target is eliminated and the Assassin has also been killed, then use victory points to determine the winner, but do not count victory points for the Assassin or their target (Le. only other units count towards victory points). RESERVES None. GAME LENGTH The game lasts 6 turns. LINE OF RETREAT Units which are forced to fall back will do so towards the nearest board edge of their deployment zone, using the normal fall back rules. IY Chae en keene nec oR eae ibacdar ie eRe aoc rem Sicris was set up at my own instigation, following my investigations ‘ato the supposed death of the Grind Master of Assists, uring the conflict kaowa as the! Wars of Viediation. For those not avate of these events include a quick summary Ae ee ee ee ee et eee er Ceti Paes iets geben A oi hv A pele Pe ery an ore eee cnet ant k Samanen Tit Pa See ae a oe are eee pore ra rg pees Eee Fee ca Renee ey Orr UL ee ber ea ne ERNST Peer nar aon renege Se ya earn ny ed Pn See pene eee ese Bern sneer eer eee nr eS Pere eer aor Ter ee ermine ohana BS fore peomrres sonie Seend er ene ur oy Senco on ony eg ent uae eA aL Fa pega er ere vom a ir re, eae ry peoer eee pe oe ee EL er ee rene ae Peo Upon my recommendations, the following changes were made to the Officio. Asssinorom: ee ee ee ee ec eee influence, dacmonancy of heresy. the others Sor eco! Any Assssition to be allowed only by 2 twovthtds vote of assent ia the Senstorum Imperial All Asssintions to be followed by 2 deiled sccouat of the mision activ All Asssins, with exception of those of the Evesor Temple, to undergo regualy repeted peycho-doctrinstion, again under the eye of Ps ee geen reer ‘Within the Inquisition itself T have asembled a number of like-minded Inquisitors and formed the Ordo Sicrius We will maatin + close the activities of the Officio Asssioorum, and act according to out findings, However, this mdse led to 2 major problem which had to be overcome before we could continue. As would be expected, considering the nature of ite work, the Orficio Assissiorom is Staaten tare iii a ie ee ee ed es ree ed ‘We have therefore mamged to insert a sumber of our agents into each of the Asssin Temples These Asus oles of Assusias as would sormally be expected, but drag the aforementioned peycho-doct them any’sestive information which other Asssins may be less rey to divulge In this minar. we have already headed off two assassination attempts on the High Lords themselves, and prevested the msjor embsrrassment of the ssssiition of one of our own Tnquistrs, who had been workiag covertly with the Orks of Lamina Sector” ee ee eee ee een een Ts ight Haunter One of the strangest assassinations in the Offic cords is that ine Primarch Konrad Curze, When his Legion, the Night Lord 4s Night Havate. Killed him, What makes this case so dif 1 Night Hauater is the only Primarch definitely known toh nated, ad that Night Havater’s powers of foresight had forewarned him of the asssinatio attempt, but he took ao extra precautions to defend himself, claiming that the Imperium’s actions vindicated his to eehel against the Emperor eC OSB naig ee a ae ‘S6AMG37 to assassinate the renegade Governor Yawel, ruler of the plinet Morisha on the Eastern Fringe. During transit the starship was caught in a ‘warp rift, holding the vessel in a temporal stsis for some six hundred and sinety-cight yeas. Not knowing that this had occurred, Thereavx proceeded ee ke rene ees en ee eee meee ere eee er such an extreme task, Thereaux only succeeded i killing the committer ee ee ee eee en ere auditorium, before 2 meeting of the full committe.