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Amelia Pellow-Summers
English II Pre-AP
May 7, 2015
Argumentative Essay Rough Draft
Conflicts undesirably affect civilians both directly and indirectly, resulting in complex
emergencies. In the main area of conflict the primary aim is preventing human deaths and
ensuring access to the basics for survival: water, food, shelter, sanitation and health care. Away
from the main fighting, humanitarian aid is to assist people who have been displaced, prevent the
spread of conflict, support relief work, and prepare for recovery. Civilians should not be
disregarded because of the fear that aid is going to corrupt leaders. Humanitarian aid should
continue, rather than stopping the aid itself. Humanitarian aid is needed throughout the world, it
is the responsibility of rich and powerful nations to supply that need.
Many people agree and disagree with the point just made: Humanitarian aid is needed
throughout the world. Seventy-seven countries are restricted of their basic rights. The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of
person protects these rights. Over 50 countries do not have the basic rights that US citizens
have proving that humanitarian aid is needed. It is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
which needs to be upheld in every nation. Every single person on this earth has the right to food
and water to sustain life, liberty and security which ensures protection. If these rights are not
protected by strong nations, many people will be denied these rights.
When giving his Noble Peace Prize in 1986, Elie Wiesel indirectly argued that people
especially Jews throughout the Holocaust were denied Humanitarian Aid. He states Sometimes

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we must interfere when human lives are endangerednational borders and sensitivities become
irrelevant. He then goes on to say There is so much injustice and suffering crying out for our
attentionhuman rights are being violated on every continent. He explains how the world just
sat back and doesnt try hard enough, to relieve the help that is pouring out of some countries.
Sometimes national borders have to come and work together to diminish the dire need in places.
It does not matter what skin color, background, ethnicity or where a person lives to stop from
helping someone else. Ones opinion should be the ignored, brush the feelings aside and help
someone who is in need.
Finally, not only the countries in need but all countries can profit from aid. According to
the essay, "Time Essay: The Downs and Ups of Foreign Aid," while carrying out the Marshall
Plan, the United States discovered the benefits gained from helping others. As stated in the essay,
"The material results of foreign aid are often significant but little-known factories, dams and
agricultural projects that create jobs and food, which in turn contribute to economic and political
advance-- and to good business for the U.S. Improving the economies of the developing
countries makes them better customers. An estimated 2 million American jobs depend on
exports to developing countries and twelve of those nations, according to a United Nations
Association study, are the world's fastest growing markets for U.S. products. For every $1 that
the U.S. contributes to international financial aid, the recipients spend $2 to buy goods and
services to help benefit them first and then in the long run other countries. In the words of Joe
Blaikie, "The best way to view this type of government spending is not aid, but rather investment
for developed and non-developed countries.
Humanitarian aid addresses a share of needs in just one sitting. It allows distraught
countries to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, provide medical attention and rebuild the

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country. Without aid from other countries, many people would die from preventable causes.
wNot only does it help the suffering country, it helps the country providing the money and
resources. Humanitarian Aid is needed in our country and worldwide. It should not be stopped
because of a negligent leader or because the money was misused. People of all ages in many
countries are suffering, providing humanitarian aid can help.