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Professional Profile
Specialization in the field of Materials Management and Procurement, with broad
areas of expertise as under:* HR
* Administration and Logistics
* Personnel Management * Ammunition and Explosives Management
26 years of experience with Indian Army in areas of HR, personnel
management and administration. Inventory management of vehicle spares,
electronics, arms, explosives, military hardware, fabric items and general nature
stores, including logistics and Supply Chain Management. Expertise in
ammunition/ explosives management/logistics, administration, security and fire
prevention of establishments having up to 2000 military as well as civilian
personnel on its institution.

Organizational Experience
Personnel and HR Management

Currently involved in training of more than 2500 recruits every year. Training
to impart professional competency, physical fitness, and morally upright
soldiers for the Indian Army.

Macro Management

Experience in macro level planning of provision, strategic placement, intertheatre adjustment and supply chain management of ammunition and stores

Rendering logistic advice to strategic and operational level military

Commanders and key officials.

Administrative Head

Human resource development, management of large bodies of uniformed

personnel and civilians. Implementation of statutory requirements in terms of
CCA&CCS Rules as well as the Factories Act and Industrial Disputes Act.

Facility management to include Security, Fire Fighting and routine

management of personnel.

Training of personnel in storekeeping functions, security and fire fighting

functions. Creating and sustaining effective network.

Commercial Affairs

Close involvement in process of tendering, evaluation of techno-commercial

bids, negotiations with bidders and functions related to post contract

Major Assignments and Achievements

Instructor - Materials Management
Served as instructor for young officers, through a process of stringent
selection, for teaching Materials Management subjects to include ammunition
and explosives, at College of Materials Management, Jabalpur.

Conceptualized management of ammunition and explosive stockpile of the

entire Indian Army as per logistics requirements of forces, which included
strategic move of stockpiles, inspection in storage, repair of defective stocks,
safety, security and fire prevention

Commanding Officer of Ammunition Depot

Spearheaded the technical functioning of installation tasked to hold 25000

metric tons ammunition, explosives and missile stockpiles of all types
valuing Rs 450 crores.

Management of a workforce of 1000 military and civilian employees,

deployed in diverse operational conditions along highly sensitive locations,

Administration of ammunition townships requiring high state of

operational and security readiness.

Performed logistics functions like placement of stocks in support of fighting

troops, conceptualized readjustment of stocks, supply chain management,
ensuring a very high state of operational readiness at all times,

Commanding Officer of Inventory Holding Depot

Management of ammunition, armaments, vehicle spares, electronic
equipment and spares, clothing, general stores numbering thousands of
items valued at crores in support of fighting troops,

Performed functions related to administration of the installation,

management of 500 personnel and their families,

Security management of the portion of garrison placed under my charge,

Logistics and supply chain management functions to ensure availability

of required stocks for fighting troops. Concluded contracts upto Rs 3 crores
every year,

In addition, was the Commanding Officer of another, similar inventory

holding establishment, in forward area.

Have undertaken numerous clearance operations of Unexploded Ordnance

(UXOs) and unserviceable ammunition and missiles.

Weapons and Equipment Officer of a Command

Management of military hardware for lakhs troops as Weapons Officer of

the Command,

Intimately involved with technical evaluation of equipment for identifying

the unwanted equipment and induction of replacements.


B Com (Hons) from Sri Ram College Of Commerce (SRCC), New Delhi

Specialized in Personnel, Inventory Management and Procurement from

College of Materials Management, Jabalpur with A Grade,

Diploma in International Marketing, from Symbiosis College, Pune with

A Grade,

Diploma in SCM from IIM (A) with Grade A,

Certificate in HRM from IIM (K) with Grade A,

Specialized in Ammunition and Explosives Technology from College of

Materials Management, Jabalpur with A (Instructor) Grade,

Specialized in clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices(IEDs) with A

(Instructor) Grade,

Materials Management Course from College of Materials Management,

Jabalpur with A Grade,

MSc (Munitions Technology) from Jabalpur University with First Division

Qualified in Senior Management Officers Course from College of

Materials Management, Jabalpur with First Division.

Personal details
Contact Address

Commanding Officer No 1 Training Battalion, Army Ordnance

Corps Centre, Secundrabad - 500015, Hyderabad.

Date of Birth

29 May 1968