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*The transmission opens to hushed whispered as a well-dressed human man wearing a Winter

Systems logo steps up to a podium and motions for quiet, half a dozen microphones jutting out from
the podium to catch his voice.*
Thank you all for coming. Yesterday, at approximately 11PM, we received information that the
man behind the horrendous attack on the Trader jerry's compound was in fact not a member of the
Eco-Terrorist group known as the Logos, but a known shadow runner going by the alias Count
Radio. This man, who is known to have participated in no less than two dozen high profile
operations over the last twenty years, was discovered hiding in a disused warehouse deep within the
district of Redmond.
Well-informed as to the threat posed by this notorious terrorist, a Winter Systems High-Threat
Response team executed a strike against his safe house which ended in an explosion that rocked the
surrounding neighbourhood, triggered by the terrorist himself. Thanks to the excellent coordination
and tactical awareness of the team on-site, the bomb claimed no lives save that of its maker, and his
death has been confirmed.
Thank you all, once again, for coming.
*The man steps down from the podium as the assembled reporters begin screaming questions which
go unanswered, and a the camera cuts to black.*