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Antiarrhythmic drug classes mnemonic

Greetings people!
Antiarrhythmic drugs are super tough to memorize.
Good thing is, we can imagine weird things and manage! :D
This post is about weird drawings and memory aids that will hopefully help you lovely medicos. Here it
Class I A antiarrhythmics mnemonic:
The Queen proclaims dis (this) pyramid.
For 1 A: Quinidine, Procainamide, Disopyramide.
Queens are royalty, first class people. This helps me remember class 1 A as well.

I also think A for active and active people have potential for more duration, associating the fact that class I
A drugs prolong action potential duration.
Class I B mnemonic:
I Buy Lidy's Mexican tacos.
For 1 B: Lidocaine, Mexiletine, Tocainamide.

Again, I think of B for Bored, not active people; have less or reduced potential. Associating the fact that
the class I B drugs decrease action potential duration.
Class I C mnemonic:
Can I have More Fries Please?
For 1 C: Moricizine, Flecainide, Propafenone.

Class III mnemonic:

I but.. Am sota (sort of) bretting (betting) on dofu (tofu), K (okay)?
Class 3: Ibutilide, Amiodarone, Sotalol, Bretylium, Dofetilide.
K to remember Potassium channels.

"No bad boy keeps clean."

Is a good mnemonic for Na, Beta, K, Ca blockers.
That's all!
I have been wanting to write this post for a long time now. Glad I finally did!
Will update for more.

Supraventricular tachycardia mnemonic

To remember about SVT, all you need to remember is the cause and you know the symptoms and
SVT occurs due to accessory conduction pathway through the AV node.
Beta blockers
Calcium channel blockers
V - Vagal maneuvers
Ice immersion
Carotid massage
SVT: Start Vagal Treatment - - > If fails, use pharmacotherapy (ABCD drugs)
The P in Pvst reminds us that it presents with Palpitations in a hemodynamically stable patient (HR: 160180/min)
*PVST: Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
Interesting fact: In an asthmatic patient with SVT, you can't give adenosine or beta blockers. The drug of
choice in an asthmatic patient is therefore, diltiazem (A calcium channel blocker)
That's all!

Autonomic system drugs mnemonic

Please give some tips on remembering cholinergic and adrenergic drugs.
- ine are beta agonists
(Terbutaline, ritrodine)
Drugs ending in
-sin are alpha antagonists

(Prazosin, terazosin)
- olol are beta blockers
(Propanolol, metoprolol)
- alol are alpha + beta blockers (Labetalol)
- stigmine are cholinergic drugs
(Neostigmine, physiostigmine)