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Tasha Haight

Professor Shapero
International Management
September 3, 2014
The Importance of Goal Setting
Goals a word often brought up when asked to think about the future, but what exactly is
a goal? Why is it so important? A goal is an accomplishment one sets for oneself. Goals may be
set individually or by an organization or group. Either way, goals are extremely important to
keep one on track and headed towards success. To achieve these goals, companies must first set
the goals and plan how to accomplish them. Therefore, goal setting is important in any
organization to keep the organization on the track to success.
Without having a goal to base ones success upon, there is no success. There is no final
product or desire, making success virtually impossible. All organizations exist for certain
purposes or goals (The Role of Management, Pg. 4), thus without these goals, there is no reason
for any organization to even exist. Furthermore, without goals or an organization, there is no
need for management. Management is an important aspect of life, yet it moves an organization
toward its purposes or goals by assigning activities that organization members perform (The
Role of Management, Pg. 5) so without goals it would also cease to exist. Goal-setting is highly
important in implementing said goals so that organizations and management remain in effect.
Organizations are judged based upon the goals that they meet. Managers and other people
of higher positions also are judged based upon the goals they complete with their workers and
their effectiveness. Managerial effectiveness refers to managements use of organizational
resources in meeting organizational goals (Managerial Effectiveness, Pg. 9). To be properly
reviewed, not only do these people and companies must have met the goals, they must have first
set the goals. In order to achieve success, goals must first be set so that they may be achieved.
Any organization will tell of the importance of goal setting because without goals and goalsetting, there is no need for any organization.