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Release process (2.

0. Build machine configuration
Same as before except bumped up to wxpython
1. Bump up the version in
2. tag the tree
cvs tag v_2_beta_2
3. new script has the rest.
Release process (1.1.3)
0. Build machine configuration
Windows: XP Pro SP1
Python: 2.3.4
WxPython: for Python 2.3
Py2exe: Python 2.3 py2exe-0.5.4
PyWin32: Python 2.3 pywin32 extensions (Build 202)
1. Bump up version in
2. tag the tree
cvs tag v1_1_2
3. py2exe
cd /cygdrive/c/
cvs -d export -r v1_1_3 iSpid
cd iSpider
cp win32/ .
python py2exe
mv dist/iPodderGui.exe dist/iPodder.exe
mkdir dist/images
cp images/*.gif dist/images
mkdir dist/mp3
cp mp3/boing.mp3 dist/mp3
cp /cygdrive/c/Python23/python.exe.manifest dist/iPodder.exe.manifest
For 1.1.2, there were only minor changes, so we'll just copy and edit iPodder1.1
Modify these for both install/uninstall:
add: mp3/boing.mp3
Also, update PRODUCT_VERSION and OutFile to 1.1.2.

Crib sheet for running the HM NIS Edit wizard (
Accept defaults unless otherwise specified.

name: iPodder
version: 1.1
publisher: iPodder Team

Setup file: iPodder1.1.exe

License file: C:\iSpider\gpl.txt
Application files:
-- Select all in C:\iSpider\dist, minus favorites.txt
-- Map these directories to identically named subdirectories of INSTDIR
-- images
-- icons_status
-- gui
-- win32
-- Add these files from C:\iSpider and put them in INSTDIR
-- readme.txt
-- todo.txt
Set shortcuts to iPodder.exe
Set post-install run file and readme file
Add .onInit function that checks for previous version and gives upgrade instruct