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Featured Career Learning Area:

Health Services

College and Career


Liberty H.S. Health Services

Instructor: Ramona Toth

A Focus Program that Honors: Relationships, Rigor, Relevance

Students practice the skills necessary for college and career readiness by
LISTENING and effectively collaborating using presentations and discussions.
READING demanding texts for different purposes.
SPEAKING to present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely and
WRITING informally to transform thought to print and formally to demonstrate a deep
understanding of studies.

Opportunities to learn in the classroom and in the community

Courses explore disease, the disease process, and prevention, organs and organ
systems and health care occupations
Educational pathway to college and career readiness in the health care industry.

Liberty H.S. Health Services

Instructor: Ramona Toth

Teaching Methods:
Lecture, discussion, lab investigations, special projects, cooperative learning groups, and
video presentations, field trips, guest speakers, job shadows, volunteering, case studies,
medical and veterinary internships.
StudentLearning Outcomes:
Explore bioethics related to health, disease and healthcare practices
Make informed decisions regarding the variety of career options within the health
services fields
Analyze health risks/Explore and analyze current fitness and nutrition concepts
Practice the fundamentals of medical terminology
Gain a general understanding of the process of diagnosis and treatment
Have the opportunity to get certified in First Aid and CPR through the American Red
Volunteer for activities in the community 16+ hours

Liberty H.S. Health Services

Instructor: Ramona Toth
Business Partners:

Hillsboro Fire Department

Tuality Hospital
Providence St. Vincent
Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Washington County Sherriffs Office
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
American Red Cross

Health Services is a Focus Program that

4 Credits through PCC for MT 111 ( Medical
First AID/CPR Training
CERT Training

Liberty H.S. Health Services MIKE Program

Instructor: Ramona Toth

Business Partner:
Providence St. Vincent
Pacific University
The MIKE program allows me to focus on
equitable access and encourage our ninth and
tenth graders who are first generation, or
diverse cultural backgrounds to dream big. In an
afterschool setting, this program allows for
students to be mentored by Pacific University
medical students . Strong relationships, hands
on learning combined with learning at the
patient bedside helps students grow and initiate
their own leadership projects in this program.

Pathway Internship Experiences

Featured Health Service Students from Liberty:
Arielle Vu: Senior
(Video producer, Health
Services II, Chemistry, Anatomy
and Physiology)

Liberty High School Health

Services program: