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Editor in chief: Nigel Osborne
"One of the liveliest forums for the presentation of research in progress, a babel of
competing ideologies and specialisms which has something for every musical person."
- Arnold Whittall, Music and Letters

New 1993 issues...

Time in Contemporary Musical Thought, editedbyJ. Kramer
Music and the Cognitive Sciences 1990, edited by \. Cross & I. Deliege
Music, Society & Imagination in Contemporary France, edited by F.-B. Mache
Flute and Shakuhachi, edited by J. Kondo
New Developments in Contemporary German Music, edited by K.-M. Hinz
Contemporary Music and Religion, edited by I. Moody
Previous Issues Include...
Contemporary Percussion: Performers' Perspectives New Tonality Live Electronics
Music and Text Music and the Cognitive Sciences Music, Mind and Structure
Subscription information: ISSN: 0749-4467 Current subscription: Volumes 7-8 (1993) List price per
volume of issues: $66.00/FL 127.00/ECU 55.00 Individuals may purchase issues separately as well as on

New in the CONTEMPORARY MUSIC STUDIES book series...

The Tone Clock, by Peter Schat
Edison Denisov, by Yuri Kholopov and Valeria Tsenova
Music, Myth and Nature, by Francois-Bernard Mache
The Other Webern, by Christopher Hailey
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