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Why Study Business?

There is a strong argument that in the future everyone will need to have had a
business education. Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances are that
it will involve some business. Scientists, engineers, even artists, will inevitably
have to understand at least the basics of business, and probably a lot more.
Todays management gurus, the people who are forecasting the way we will do
business at the beginning of the 21st
century, are saying that the companies of
the future will consist of groups of
specialists who work together on a specific
project and then disband. For the next
project the composition of the group will
almost certainly be different. One of the
consequences of this is that many more
people will be what we call today
independent, and will have to understand more about the opportunities and
constraints of business. In other words, the combination of specialist qualifications
and business knowledge will become vital.


Most subjects that one studies are composed of theory and practice. The
important question is, where does one and the other start? In many cases there is
obviously no clear-cut answer to this. Business is a practical subject.

Business cannot be compared with chemistry, physics, mathematics, law,

which can be purely theoretical i.e. little or no practical work is required in

order to be an expert.
Business can be compared with medicine. No doctor is allowed near a real live
patient purely on the basis of book study. (Otherwise the patient would
probably not be alive for very long!)

Why is business a practical subject?

The reason is that in business you have to DO things, make decisions, take action,
and monitor results. You cannot operate any business by just planning what to do on
paper. Planning is, of course, an important step in the process, but there are many
examples of businesses which have had excellent plans but failed because no one
implemented the ideas.
So, isnt the best way to learn about how to do business, to work in a business
and learn from others?


, you need a foundation of business knowledge that only a

Business Education can give you!