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Nguyen Ngoc Chau

No 413, B11 Kim Lien Department, Hanoi Vietnam

CELL (84) 913-786345 E-MAIL


1. First name: Chau

Last name: Nguyen

2. Middle name: Ngoc

3. Date of Birth: 11th July, 1993
4. Nationality: Vietnamese
5. Gender: Male
6. Weight: 66 kg.
7. Height: 173 cm.
8. Marital Status: Single

1. Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT), Vietnam

Major: Telecommunications
From 2011 to present, and to be graduated on March 2016.
2. Kim Lien high school
From 2008 to 2011
3. British Council Hanoi
Course: Young Adults General English programme
2009 to 2010 (one year program)


1. Certificates of merit for contributions in the youth movement

25th March, 2014 and 23rd March, 2015
2. Blood donor certificate
23rd November, 2012


1. Englishs linking friends club (my universitys English club)

I joined as a vice-president in the English Linking Friends Club (2014-2015)
2. Sing to learn PTIT 2014 (Singing contest)
I joined Sing to learn PTIT as a leader of the media team which organizes
and advertising for the students in Hanoi.


1. Vietnamese
Native speaker
2. English
Competent User - IELTS 6.0

I am a person who:
- Has experience in leadership.
- Can work in teams or work independently.
- Work with responsibility, careful manner and always try to finish the job.
- Has communication skills, creative thinking and willing to learn.
- Know how to arrange the work and save time.

No 413, B11 Kim Lien Department, Hanoi Vietnam CELL (84) 913-786345 E-MAIL