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was long predicted but came far later and

weaker than expected. So experts dialed

McAlester News-Capitalback
their forecasts. Then El Nino got
stronger quickly.
Some scientists have theorized that the

OKA+ ...

ingredient, Hayhoe says, referring to climate change. That ingredient is very

strong. Sometimes you add one teaspoon
of the wrong ingredient and boy, it can
take your head off.

school plans to purchase with a grant it

received from the Oklahoma Educational
Technology Trust.
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Were just really excited, Testa said.
come more arts driven if the class then The students are going to see things
acts out the story, creates and illustrates theyd never see or even be able to see.
their own stories using tablets, and then
uploads their work to a collaborative Contact David Dishman at ddishman@
YouTube channel. They can also partner
with other schools from across the state,
or country, Testa said. Some of this will
be aided through the addition of 75 iPads,
30 Chromebooks and 10 Spheros the

title signifies the schools dedicat

implementing arts into all aspect
curriculum. Back row, from left;
Stephanie Holt; Janice Parrott; Ja
Jackson; Angela Peters; Sharla H
Blair Green;District 17 State Rep
Brian Renegar, D-McAlester;Fron
row;District 18 State Rep. Donni
Condit, D-McAlester;Kara Henry
Covington; Tina Stewart; Principa
Dawn Testa; Danielle Younger; D
7 State Sen. Larry Boggs, R-Red
and McAlester Mayor Steve Harr

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