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Professional Portfolio

Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

Standard 1: Students - Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the
students they teach.
Teachers display knowledge of how students learn and of the developmental characteristics of age groups.
Teachers understand what students know and are able to do and use this knowledge to meet the needs of all
Teachers expect that all students will achieve to their full potential.
Teachers model respect for students diverse cultures, language skills and experiences.
Teachers recognize characteristics of gifted students, students with disabilities and at-risk students in order
to assist in appropriate identification, instruction and intervention.

Directions: Include an Entry Form for each artifact and respond to the following prompts.
Question 1: What is the artifact? Identify the artifact (case study, PowerPoint presentation, field evaluation,
lesson plan, unit, video, literature review, or other) and give a brief narrative description.
The artifact that I chose for the first standard is an interest survey that I gave to my students during my preclinical experience. It is just a short survey that ask a few questions that allowed me to get to know the
students and their interests. Knowing the students hobbies and personal interests allows for conversation
and connecting the material to their lives.
Question 2: How does the artifact relate to the OSTP standard? Use language of the standard to explain how
it relates.
This artifact shows that I took the time to get to know my students on a personal level. This allows to me get
a better look at their home lives and interests. This helps to better understand student learning and
development by recognizing the characteristics of gifted students, at-risk students, and students with
disabilities. That gives you a better insight on how assist with the appropriate intervention and instruction. It
also gives the opportunity to see the wide diversity of students in the classroom. Each child has a unique
background and prior learning experiences that have an impact on how that student learns. It is important to
know all of your students and their backgrounds.
Question 3: What have you learned from the artifact experience that will make you a better teacher in the
The biggest thing I have learned from this artifact experience is to know all your students and what they are
capable of. Its important to know what your students are capable of and what they struggle with. That can
help with individualized instruction and determining what expectations for each individual are. It is so easy
to let thing slide, but its essential to hold ALL students to those expectations. In the future I hope to get
better at holding kids accountable and pushing them to not just reach the expectations, but excel and go
much further than what is expected of them.

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