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The first New Deal had three goals: relief, recovery, and reform.

Choose one of the laws

or programs created by the first New Deal and explain how the program met one, two, or
all three goals.
The Emergency Banking Bill gave President broad powers. It met the recovery goal. It
including power to declare four-day bank holiday which let banks all over country
close, giving time to get accounts in order before reopening for business which allowed
the banks to serve the community better and more efficiently.
Why did both the right and the left protest the New Deal?
Both the left and right protested the new deal because it offered to many long-term
solutions that could not be implemented quickly to save the economy.
What impact did New Deal programs and legislation have on the lives of industrial
The New Deal legislation created child labor laws, workers compensation laws, & gave
workers unemployment insurance.
Why did New Deal work programs place a greater emphasis on employing men than
These New Deal work programs placed greater emphasis on employing men than women
because men were still viewed as the bread winners and providers of the family, and with
more benefits going towards them, families would be more stable and supported.
What does the creation of a welfare state say about the changing priorities of the United
States? Does this principle still hold today? Give examples to support your answer.
Even though the New Deal did not achieve FDRs goal of a country in which no one is
left out, it did establish a principle that the federal government was responsible for
welfare of all Americans. In America, this principle does still hold today, welfare is
available for those in need and it seems like not many are left behind.
Do you think the work of depression-era writers can be read for historical value? Explain.

The work of depression-era writers should indeed be read for historical value, however
not relied on exclusively as primary evidence. F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby
for example is a great example of life during the depression, and is great to read for
historical value because it matches documents and other accounts of the time.