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Blog Post on Topic of Interest Portland FRINQSpring 2015

Length: 700-800 words

Due Date for Annotated Bibliography: May 12 (place in d2l dropbox)
Due Date for Draft: May 19 (Word Document)
Due Date for Final Post: May 26
Source requirements: At least 3 reliable sources. At least one of the sources must be a scholarly/peer
reviewed source.
Each student will compose a well-researched blog post on a specific topic of interest related to food systems,
food security, and/or urban farming/gardening in Portland. You might consider a topic that relates to your
specific area of study at PSU, or you might discover another topic that piques your interest.
Here are some possible topics you might explore (you are not limited to these specific topics, but check with
me if you are unsure about the appropriateness of your topic): urban farming/gardening, organic farming, food
security and food insecurity in Portland/Oregon, permaculture, soil science, soil management, microbial
activity in farming, crop rotation, soil erosion, Willamette Valley native plants, biodiversity, garden design,
writing/literature about gardening or the environment, climate change, garden/sustainability education.
Your topic must be well organized and well researched. Draw on the skills you developed through writing
your research essay to find reliable sources. Consider the impact of your introduction and conclusion, create
strong transitions between your paragraphs, and be sure to frame the quotes and ideas you use from other
We will work together to revise and edit our blog post, making them engaging and informative for a public
audience. Therefore, it is essential that you complete your draft on time and work with your fellow students
as well as the Writing Center and other resourcesto polish your post.
____/25% Development of ideas
Your post is focused and you sustain your focus throughout the post.
You develop compelling ideas that demonstrate that you have thought about your experience and
considered various points of view.
___/25% Research and use of compelling examples (based on post and annotated bibliography)
You use appropriate sources for your topic, and you integrate them using strong signal phrases and other
means for framing quotes and ideas from sources.
You put time, effort, and thought into your research.
You use MLA format for works cited and in-text citations.
You use clear, vivid, examples, and our examples are appropriate to the points you want to make.
__/25% Organization and fluency
The blog post has a clear structure.
You use clear transitions between paragraphs and ideas.
Your post includes a strong introduction and conclusion, and an original title that reflects the ideas in the
Your paragraphs are focused and you elaborate on your ideas using specific examples to back up your
___/ 25% Writing style and tone, and grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation
The tone of your post is consistent and appropriate for audience.
Your writing is concise (you emphasize quality over quantity).
You work to avoid errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, particularly errors that may impede the
readers ability to understand your ideas.
Your vocabulary is appropriate and varied.
No annotated bibliography on due date: -10 points

No draft: on due date -10 points