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Marriage Assignment

Mr. Smolinski and Mr. Yang
Upon the conclusion of the matrimonial ceremony you are now a married couple and must make some important
decisions on how you will live the rest of your life. Marriage is a union between two people that is like a partnership, a
team if you will. You must learn to work together to make important decisions on your new team and learn how you will
achieve success and happiness along the way. You will have to complete the following tasks with your partner to receive
full credit. Good luck and congratulations.
Task: You will be creating a marriage booklet answering all of the following parts of the project. You must use pictures,
photos, graphs and any other graphic or type-written medium in order to accurately and aesthetically represent your
nuptials. Your responses must be in (type-written) complete sentences with each question/item fully answered in a
booklet. A table of contents and page numbers mandatory.
1. Living Arrangements
a. Where will you live? (List the state and town you wish to live in)
Explain the reason for your location.
Will you own a house, townhouse, condo, live with a family member or rent an apartment?
b. Find an actual real estate listing and print out the advertisement; the advertisement must have the
Full address,
Sale price/rental price,
Basic information about the property; and
c. What is the maximum amount of rent/mortgage you would like to pay/month? Provide a
justification based on your standard of living, salary, life style, financial responsibilities and other
relevant factors.
d. What will the style of your house be decorated like?
Consider paint colors, furniture styles and other decorative decisions and explain whether
any compromises were made. If compromises were unnecessary, explain (in detail) your
aesthetic choices.
2. Chores: (Your reasoning must be provided for each question)
a. Who will be responsible for the following household chores and why?
Cleaning of the house
Yard work
Taking out the garbage
Food shopping
3. Children: (Your reasoning must be provided for each question)
a. Will you have children?
b. How many children would you like to have and what age will you be when you have the children?
c. How many years will you wait in between children if you plan on having more than one?
d. What is your desired gender(s)?
e. What will their names be?
f. How will you raise your children? (Discipline approach)
g. Will you stay home or provide childcare for your children?
h. Will you stay home to care for your child(ren)? How long will you stay home from work? Or will
you provide childcare for your children?
If you decide not to have children, a detailed explanation must be made, justifying this decision.
a. What was the primary reason for this decision? Were there any other considerations?
b. Did one or both of you want children and if so, how was this conflict resolved?
c. How do you think others should raise their children (Discipline approach)?

d. Do you think people who have children should stay home from work or provide childcare of their
e. How many years do you think people should wait (in between children) if you plan on having more
than one? Provide a justification for your answer.
4. Finances: (Your reasoning must be provided for each question)
a. Who will work between the both of you (single-income or dual-income family)?
b. What are your desired future occupations?
c. What occupations will you have to pay for your cost in the meantime?
d. Will you work and go to school at the same time?
e. What is your total household income?
f. What are your desired work hours/days?
g. Who will pay the bills in the house?
h. Will you have separate or combined bank accounts?
i. Break down the proportions of your finances for the following categories:
i. House hold bills (per month)
ii. Mortgage/rent (per month)
iii. Utilities: gas, electric, water, cell phone, cable, etc.
iv. Leisure activities
v. Childrens future education
vi. Savings for the future
vii. Charity
5. Life style: (Your reasoning must be provided for each question)
a. Will you practice a specific religion?
b. Will you cohabitate before you are married? Explain.
c. Do either of you smoke or drink? (Figuratively, of course) How often?
d. Will you make time to spend with friends separately? How often?
e. If you have marital problems, how will you solve them?
f. Will you take vacations on a regular basis?
g. Do you participate in any physical activities? What and how often?
h. List any common and individual hobbies/interest that you have.
i. Explain your relationship between you and your in-laws.
j. Who will you turn to for marital advice if it is needed?
6. Divorce: (Your reasoning must be provided for each question)
a. Would you stay married to the person assigned to you?
b. Did children (or the lack thereof) have any impact on your decision? Explain.
c. Did your financial security/job have any impact on your decision? Explain.


1. Rationale and Credibility of Response: The response to the project clearly present a logical
and credible way of thinking. A step-by-step way of thinking is supported by facts, statistics and
information from the textbook or some other source (when applicable) in an effective manner. Time
and effort is evident in the details and facts used to support your response. The written response
and artwork should reflect the way of thinking of a true married couple.
SCORE _______

2. Coherence and Organization of Response: The response displays clear and coherent writing.
Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are minimal. Ideas fluidly flow from one item to the next
item in an organized manner. A table of contents, page numbers and organizational features
should be utilized to guide the reader.

SCORE _______

3. Detail and Research of Response: The response is thorough and complete, leaving little to the
imagination of the reader. Research from the textbook and other sources are clearly cited and
evident to justify the response. Incorrect information and facts are minimal.
SCORE _______

4. Aesthetic Beauty: Pictures, photos, artwork and/or format are organized, neat and aesthetically
pleasing. Time and care are clearly evident in the choice of materials utilized. The aforementioned
attributes enhance the credibility, organization, rationale and research of the response.

SCORE _________


Very Good


Below Average
Not Satisfactory