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1.3 Food allergy or intolerance? Srna incest sels sil ce wi cea lc «There fn elle alleray est to prove/spove od intolerance, + Unie fod aera, food intoerance doesnot involve the immune system and does ot esa in phys. + biggest fod ategy ad ska anapys shoul aay be mesely contend ‘4 What is anaphylaxis? + Anapyniste most saver form a arg resction + jmptomscan stor within minutes of exposure tote lege, but may ake to wo Nour to ng. + Progresso reaction can every ap + Anapy potent ie teteing an mt ALWAYS be ested ta mesial emergency + Diagnosis onal at is of naphas shoul aay be mecca confemed 15 Signs and symptoms of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis 1 Anphylarsinvlves the sexptory astm anor arvana system, however, ki ad [ptcntesialsypmptoms may ah (but a hays ecu 1.6 Risk factors for fatal anaphylaxis “Several ators cease a ko eth tom anaphy: Delayed a srintaton of adrenaline. Denson anaphykshave often acured in ations ere te emergency mediation nas et een realy valle pdr Rast ben nse a 2 maly manne. + en pang reir eng spy, ene ate penn oes ot tao wa (ese 28 or more ematon- + Astnma. nad with asta an severe ood alegy ae at nase ko tl anaes {Tati aay tom home, Beth tom anaphase gest tenages and young adults wth oad ergy st eating away om home. Frevious mil or moderate alerairesctons may notrule oi sabeequent severe or ata aeration. eis tare or deaths to ocur ithe inal gvenarenainein tel manner anda nstruce 1.7 Common causes of anaphylaxis ~ food + Peanuts en mittee ts ch aris ethew, almond) so, hea, fay stalin nd sesame te he mos ‘omon ood alee {ns tes oot aus 90% falerBe eaten tooo, any foot may cause an dergereacton. Senststy to foodaterges sate sits important hat tod allergy contend 3 real pracioner before kmiasaton Food inde arapynsraty occu nen the 18) sanut allergy + tt gga kare more comnon tod args, peanut alergys the most common couse a cats trom ond sted anapytnte + Peanut alergysnceasiay common, pate a fren fates have doused is the st 20 ya} and 'snow Seen appouimately1in30 chen an + Smafameunts of peanut can case a ates ‘eacon nextel sense india. + total people wth pear allergy ave severe 1.9 Common causes of anaphylaxis ~ stings, bites and medications anaphylanis in susceptible inva rrxre Medline Pin les pd onto atthe most omian meleton gas. 2.1 Allergic reactions can be mild to moderate or severe (anaphylaxis) + Someatergereacians wit ony be mia to moderate. + Somemia to moderate lege ectons vl prgress to severe (nap + Someinahdats wil exprence anaphyas wth ml to moderate symptoms Betorehand eis importatrstay wit the person apa wate or changesi sigs and symptoms. 2.2 Signs and symptoms of mild to moderate allergic reaction {Tiging oath {Abdominal sin vomiting Mos ar go evere alle action to nese) 2.3 Action for mild to moderate allergic reaction + soy son andar ep -00 NOT eave person uated + Locate erento atic aaa + Ge medion peered (ch anon set attain + Pron peti or other emergency coc eis importat to stay wit the person ana wate 2 sigs a anapyas. ild to moderate irs an preset fst ad hen progres to napa. Inpotantnlormtion bout antiistamines fll on ea ree 2.4 Important information about antihistamines Ce nef the chemise ese. Wie altace te somes ed tet Symp to Idea eg reins sch ves] they ae ot an efi eaten oan + Anistamines have noroia nthe prevention or weatment of anaphyins {People sometimes tink amanation fn antitame an preven grgrestion os rimoderte reaction oa vere alec reacton a ection doesnot progress to napa oF "perionunveransnaphfarte reaction thou oan, the ean a sel sing nd athetamin ntaton wold Mave rade no iorence owe + Use an seating antihistamines thei effects drowsiness] of doting athistamines maybe Stat gs of raphy ‘in oubt aout a apres anaphase adnate st then other meseation 2.5 Signs and symptoms of ar Wath fr any neo the flowing ns ant synptons of napa + iene eating «sting otto 1 Sete in hoot * ose tating anor hoarse vee. ‘eee or ersten cough 4 $ Persistent danessocaopse. + Pale and ope young cnkiren ‘nike food aber, abominal pain ana vomiting are SEVERE symptoens for those experiencing “nalerpe reaction toms. 2.6 Action for waphylaxis + Lay the eon ft. oo slow thom ta steer wa eating ic, low them ot. "hehe ere voring pace them the reewey poo (on hie) + Gin the serene sloeetr esi. {Phone ambulance Ob (Aura 153 (ew Zand, 22 (mabe {Phone the parenteral other merency ont, Note the me the sera utter varie. {ifthe nee eapoet pace ured arene automo int sae container ee at pl ach ton te to mbutnc fers + Cam a esse te parson, Hin doubt, give the adrenaline autoinjector. 2.7 Action for anaphylaxis (continued) + commence CPR a any ef persons unresponsive nd at breathing noma ‘uncertain eter tis asthma or aap, pe adenine ution FAST then asta Futer doses of arenatine maybe gen afer minutes needed (26 20) ris mportat ro take te medcaton to the person ater an move them. The person show NOT tan wal (event the abut. Isao portant not ose foodor rin to annul experiencing naps in cate they voit and {epee oe reste Foon th nes) + Laying them at (anit possi eating theirs) wlmprove blood return othe ea ‘breathing eifcut low the person sit but NOT sana + vomiting a th person on these recovery postion. 2.9 Resuscitation + i apesonexpvienaiganphyanis untespanse and ne beating nema cxopunnary ‘exutaton (Ca) shoud be amir er ging the adrenaline ntanjector +c can be te soig png the petson wt an ambulance ares For ntrmation stout where to access CR ang. ist the Austra Resusctation Counc website 2.10 Further adrenaline autoinjector doses may be given if there is no response after 5 minutes canal tna be necessary owe aco adenine tinct fale when: Symptons of aap cantina o progres. Smptoms reo an then ec Irth perion does ot havea cond actenane aioinector an there an aenline suitor or ieneatuentiscan bowen ‘Ale rom the oct education andor heath authors shoul be ough garg aerate ‘ijt for general use due father person's adrensine tae Fue ifotmation about semaine autainjetrs geet seis aaa om the ASC we 2.11 Is it anaphylaxis or asthma? Ire persons know to be atk anapys nyou ae Use wheter ey at expeining raph er sere astm * Give me serenatne autor ts. 1 nen pe astra retever metetion. + phone smbuance “00 (astata, 13 (New Zealand} 122 (medi) {Foo me Asc Acton Pan or napa. ‘tre Pa at anytime if person's unresponsive and no breathing normaly. 2.12 Action for anaphylaxis without a prescribed adrenaline autoinjector "heave sere orig place them the recanery pono (on hie). rane ambulance 000 (Ausra), £11 (New Zealand), 112 (mobi) unesporsie an not breathing normaly, commence CPR {Phan parentginran or otheremeraene conta For chron ass sperovimtaly 1-5 yars3 150 microgram [ten bled sderaline icone severally ee ‘Avice rom the oct easton andor heath autores shoul be ough garg aerate datojetos to geeralse —— Fue ifotmation abou senate autaijetrs geet uses aaa rm the ASC website ‘ewe og auheas roesdonaly/anaphyaszoure adrenaline Seto or gee 3.1 Adrenaline is the only effective treatment for: reat ia hrmene hats rode natura nthe hun boy on fee ste when pv as inatrcted aan areal toe, om 2st breathing, maar eat uncon an Blood pressure vo {ons minutes rast approx 1020 mints. = ‘may need tobe repeated ‘reverses a severe agi eat and an be le sang. Hn doa ts beter to se a arenaine aunt, than ot set even the reaction not ans, Underestment of naps nore har (nd pene hearing) tan ove tegmental or moverate ali raco, “Trae (temporay side tects of adrenalin sich tinted near at, tenn and pens a6 to beoxpectd: heel, smeone ay ok uel even fe he atenane autonjecot has ben eh. uter does of arent shuld oly be gven wen sigs or symgtams of raphy te present 3.2 Adrenaline autoinjectors... + ae automat injecors containing SINGLE ie dose fader, els {fre desgnes tobe ued by none people {thou etn th ater mah met ‘tant samnterethroaph snl per of ching 0 etme or okt). Sotertetomt “Shou stored wth 3 copy fe ASIA Acton Pan or Anaphfoe,m neasy accesible, tinoces eaten «+ shou elo able wth te name ofthe person tthe arena atonetr scare bythe person tisk raphy, copy ofthe ASC Acton Pan for opbadsrust be aed wih e-training pen uno (50 microm geen abe is ecommendes Sat loin GET 4 ins tien a 3.6 How to give EpiPen devices wena bat court complatedincongnion wih ences ving roan storie nig sre, ‘Optional vide: How to use EplPen delet piven ater use == 3.8 EpiPen is different to the EpiPen trainer device Unite the Fiennes, the rea Eten has {stranger ping ation than the Eien tine devie remembet a rapier hi) + aiferetctur the traer device ns 2 grey abel, oi ct how to ode pen tale dees goto mal aiecsalergyor.a anaphylaxis e-training 3.9 Anapen Perce gene {orem ne bee appro sar) Unit ‘Anapen 150, foro 0 sega yowinivommendel lg HE ee pee rover 2g age oe apponately yea) ad Anapen 300 3.10 Anapen 3.11 How to give Anapen devices sos at i cure a contd contin wt rack ning sera nteae unre ane ‘Optional ve How tose Anapen devices 13.13 Anapen is different to the Anapen trainer device ‘Anapentrainrs ar sed to practi ping the rea Anan ah ‘ok the Aap tre, the al Ape has 2h ined dose of tena Snowy dst 1 eee which can be see aeration 1 datfetent colour etme deuce asa grey abel, However when yu phe the anapen tee the same to amine asthe Tafind out how to order Anan trainer devices, oto sonualecrcimauieaiens(orephvan-etaimeschool-andchiore tua | or emal piesa oa = 1] Office ‘3.14 How to position a very small child while giving an oe adrenaline autoinjector Avery salle ho consis an eqites restraint may nee tobe held on he asap heres ‘ntvone person able 3.15 How to position a child or adult while giving an adrenaline autoinjector Lig estan may be reque in clr hiten and ads, or example you may need to keel esd the thd pd ecrin tha des. 3.16 Self administration of adrenaline autoinjectors ‘ser chren o adits maybe comfortable siting wie the aera utlntor bing gen or they dre able to gett themsees, whist beng sper ie by ah 2d owe, they sou Nt eer ‘ith gs spy elevated) once the adenane sutojectr has been admire [unless they are having Breathing tity vont -Arhough 2 person may knowhow toads ther own ater usualy he are oo unwell dminiter during a severe eatin, Tet shod aways be someone ie prepaed and blo gee ‘henna stone. 3.17 Adrenaline autoinjectors ~ frequently asked questions ‘Question: do hinkits worked or pull te areraline utictr ou too UEKI can ste bock in? Men “Answar: Wo. The dence aiomatc ad therefor can aly be used onc. The areal automaticaly aS ‘wpe once the device acted. canon beatae once, a ‘weston: shoul se a expres aetenaineatcnector its the onl one aaa? ‘Answer: expedient ster are ot sete when use or eat anapylas, Howeve, 2 ‘cent expted adrenaline avtonectr shuld be sed n preference to not using one a a ‘ueton: nat pecans sould be taken when sng an adrenaline atonjetor? [Answer Ther at no nlite contaations [acon whichmake ui og emegeny treater] aati itn ail eee eee eee impotnt ofolow he nrtion and ens thatthe needle en of he nena sacar onthe Indo oterma eh poe om 3.18 Adrenaline autoinjectors — frequently asked questions (continued) ‘lant Comics pl nl aca nor acer oor fire ie Ueecn abel dee ava? = Chron under tyear of age steno ual prescribed an adrenaline atsinectr anaphase suspected ony lower dow prec sbel desc cnainingO mg of serine) soul be gi Higher dove senate autijectors yellow label deve) shoud NOT Be adrinitered te chiden + Inchon sped fo S eas of age 2 green abel devs (consnng 05mg of areas shoul be he However, only #yelou be deuce arable (ontaing Ong rena) th shoul be ‘edn preference to not sing one ata ‘+ inehtren overs yeas of ag or ats 2 yellow bel arena atsnectr shoul be used. However enya green abel device containing 35mg of aerate) 5 aalable, hs shel be sed n preltene to not sing one th Fortin 4.1 ASCIA Action Plans for allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, ASCIA ton ln ina er ‘eto take when 3 person has 3 mil to moderate alr reaction. lon take when 3 person has aaphyon * Diagrams on how tae at aera utente 4 Aatonstotake ater gig the trenatneatarjetor, 1 Emergency contact det ofthe patent qardn (eter emergency cont) ASCIA ation Plans shou be: + Prepared and signed bythe eros medial practitioner nyt soul nat be completes by 2 pega tore withthe agrenaineautonetor event icaie bythe pean sik of nap {ean tplyedin aretha ae seen tal att members insane sees Inewary es may need ote ronsiee). 4.2 There are three types of ASCIA Action Plans ASC Action Pan or SCA Action Plan or aergie Ascia action Pn for naps personal Rea eacions teen Anaptangeera Orange rode to cen o adults a kapha to any aergen/s incduding set), who have ean = reser on adrensine atest incase personal details nd» photo Note: ASCA Acton Pan forAnphyas[neet— dir) hae bec phased ou at ntormation elton onset allergy snow ncded a hs Sci Aion a or nape 4.4 ASCIA Action Plan for Allergic Reactions - Green ee [cling et egy who Have NOT bee prescribed an adenine phyla: eatoplaces photo 4.5 ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis (general) - Orange ‘the main forthe pan nee = ‘hese are posters for generals Pereont infront ide, * neopy shoul be stored wth arene ‘atoinectorst fest ii, Ins important to ensue the coect ASCIR Aion an or napa Ep or Arapen) 4.6 ASCIA Action Plans ~ frequently asked questions and answers ‘ueton: Can schol x pares complete an ASCA Action Pan fo Anapyaspeional rASCA Action fener re dated bythe patents meal doctor ops fe eguited hen thor pred copy shoul Potoceped or scarred ‘ueton: How fen dors an ACIA Aton Plan eed tbe upated? [Anewer ASIA Aton las soul be revewed en pies ate esses by ther dtr, adc ne they olan new athena stisjectr prescription, hich approxatey every 320 34 enh there are no changesinalagros of management the medal formation onthe ASCIA Acton an may ot reed tbe updated Hower the patients acl the photo should be updated each ne 0 tey cn be asl Keni. 5.1 Introduction + anaphyaniss 3 pot ie eaten, severe aeration, ad should aways be rated 23 rescal orerone. + tenatn the only fate weatment for napa + here shook havea tent lagnosed at kof araphns salf shuld ec ring ‘ecognton ad emergency treatment of anaphase 3 sk mninisaton steps or prevention of napa 5.2 Anaphylaxis - important issues for schools Sehoolth aster gros tik of anaphase we Stes da einen phon air wh ester SCA ction Plano Anapinas. an with snp gti for scl 1 Understand the oies ad resporiies of ptenfpuedins, he acho schol af andstaderts “hese ses a egaine inthis dle ls important to not that schoo mayhave staff ployed hate 2s of naps, Adinisttion Should be needs that strategies can be mpemented to rece the rk of egosure to bra eres: ‘ta abo need te know whee tolocate 2 coleagu' ASIA Acton Pan for Aap ad eens auton 5.4 Roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians + Neti schoo ofthe chi’ aes ad rove appropriate mea information, a {Ennio tat the school ented of change tothe cits mee cmon. * Prod am ASCIA Acton Pan for Anaphanscomplete bythe his car. * Prove an akenaine ster cea labeled witch's name foe prescribed), * Prone any ther medkaton indted onthe chs ASC Action Pana ese at isin date 4 Replace the cis arealnsutoinjco fused ret of ate {cate tech tout theatres ad howto minimise the so exposure (such nt sting fooler to fod, or precautions cutsors ala tose). + Refer ote SCI Fat See fr parents to araphynsin usta and New Zealand i dt cacao 5.5 Roles and responsibilities of schools + Scokevorrtin fo the parent gurantee tht alle hc ch asp heath oo infrmatoncalected at erat an at fel eath uate «Ena that the prenifgar uppes le schoa wih an ASIA Aton Plan x Anapy, empties bythe stent deta + Teme an india Rea care oppor plan forthe safe has en devo in constaton seth thestadents doctor, leant sa, the arertfaarian ard the staset + Rescue ina heh eave la ata. { insome eon an anaphylss manapemet or cate pla aorequed > eee pal epee cheese rece sehen comerciales poe ard procedres. + Dipay he tudes ASC Actin Plan for Anaphyann the same ction 2 the aenaine 2utoinecter (tore unlocked ang easy aces) ain other appepit ras in the chook 5.6 Roles and responsibilities of schools (continued) + sre schoo staf have undertaken nop tating. may be useful to maltan a register of a Saf who hve completed ain + Ensue that aoa atenetr tring dees re beds su and ted ina ferent locaton othe ata! arena cntainng eves + sine safety in scoot actus, by mins eposire to brown eens * evelp risk management states, dng schoo excisions ‘Hove panned emergency response, pata when there skied acess oan ambulance, Yeoty rate ils shold be corsidere. + rset school ant blygpan nce of tadets wh alleges. 1 Rese ad ante management tae teat ea ‘onsiores, ASC Actin Plan for Anphylateoated {iow when ad howto ge the adenabe ajc fe to Mase 3 1 Pl ahead or special actin ach na coking, pr a, peal oeeaions, incon ad a 5.8 What should students at risk of anaphylaxis have? + Ag appropriate know of how ovo theron ers ‘AN ASCIA Acton ln for Arapyans, stored with thelr adrenalin auton. a + an adrenalin atone pried bythe parent/guardian tothe scao and ead arabe for ‘sein an emergeny- The akeralne tector should nat be expe. 5.9 Responsibilities of older, more independent students othe signs an yt ofa ale reaction {ee icy le dy wes career west er pthc ced The scsi coca ete rant tunel se-anistersthe responsi of staf tether seminar the adrenals autoctar or ‘sapere an oer student st-adminsting an areralne utile. Per edvston fs partcuaty lnpstant nth higher ge 08. 5.12 Risk minimisation - insects «+ Spec pla aea that are lowest rik ana encourag the stent anther pets playin hi ae “+ Renanale mesures soul te taken to decrease the mum of plans in eho runs tate [nou otra stngng meet orks rd remove baer es + esurestuers wear appropriate clothing nd shoes when outdoor + Be amare bees in poo, around water ad in grassed or garden areas. + cauate sade oa inking rm open sik contains, partly those contain sce 5.13 Risk minimisation - excursions ee + Yu hi sade ace tik naps an the ron ern a «Hae the SCI Acton ln for Anaphyss ndaenalne utinector (sored at of ect at nd ig, but rot once) eal aelabe + ow when and how te the aerate toto. 5.14 Legal issues + Sebo eesti autores ave a ty fare to take rearonble step to keep siete ae a ‘choo thrice mining tik of pron ny to dents, eng mel een on Seminsration of emergency medeate, sch a adrenaline stareors when a tudrt Ns ns of araphvns + your repo as spelen or gud ths wa be nde inthe relevant government itedas kon te ASC webste:naleroxau/eath-poesionaanahan: ‘eious/aapinads delle fr sshookanchliensees 5.16 Further information Austrian Scio ln immunology and Alergy SCA) SCA Gules preven a araphyans schoos, pee soos and hada: 2012. ASC Actin Plans for Anaya arse napa sources: raps Taig, Guldetnes, raced fr Scans an her's Senses hlrenssanices ry & Anaphan Ausrltiont support oganiation) vnalleavatsorzau ‘ry New ean rater support cranisaton) 6.1 What is asthma? + fata a chronic inarmatoy ese ofthe away, + the ntammation can be caused Inkl leans Infections. Sino Tobacco, bushes ‘other frkrow) People wt astina experience 2 narrowing ofthe aways due to naenationin the ngs, which blocks the 6.2 Asthma symptoms Atenas most easy ecognise byte flowing songs 1 Weegee ae besting ou) + Persie table ough, especiaty 2 igh + ae eating na shrines of ath 1 Tighness ant neainesin te ces. + recor coun with nrc orers induced asthma ‘ot asthmahandbook og au/tsources/deiions 6.3 Asthma triggers “tection sacha his or baci chest infection {ints sree, * Occupations allergen such saimal boratry workers, okrs exposed to wheat Hout, 1 smoke sch arom ebaeo or eres, ood allergy (eg pole ts seafod) it hoe with food ry. 1 Herbal emesis (eg Royall Echinacea) 6.4 Allergy and asthma «at iy acu tno in ation wit tare orders such ele (hay fever), ects an oo ale + Approx So patients th asta allege inadallergens (eg dust, nul pes, pote, pet) + hated atlergenscontibut te ogoing say ifamnation 5 wel ger cate ttc reenter ts ha eve may improve asta contd «era testing may heey ar tases for aveléanceormmanothrapy eens). 6.5 Asthma control The dare of ata controlmay be sessed by examin + the requney of smptoms «he nes or ss feller mediation = + exercise cpacty «jective messes of ng functon or se, 6.6 Asthma: treatment principles «oi sow tans —04cettion of taboo nate, both act an po, Reduce expose oe tegen —e4, pole, mou (iil Lo chee pace, {Medication the pesos doctor wt pes propriate metions wah ay ate ebever mediation such esata fg. Verto i onamatary meition in thse with ep sgtms leg. preventer mediation) + Align imunotherapy~cormony won 2s ‘esessati’ ths Wester anesthe uot inistaton of aerge exsist inecte stg ander the anu) Tas weatment pion shoul acs wh nicl immunolgy/tey spas fr patents wit ashing and erg iif tee), + Diet mniulstion hase oe in routine maragoment of malty of patients without speci food lrg ters lente by cca lrmunelogalry spec. 6.7 Asthma: treatment principles (continued) ‘Those with asthma sould have regula reviewed asta management lan together wth an Asthma ‘tion an eveapedin contain wth ther usin medal pacone, Further information abou allergen aotance vate rom the ACI webste nthe Paints and ‘oneumars secon, 6.8 How to give asthma puffers using spacers + sing pre wit spacer svete tan using 2 pte atone Spacer helps more mecation et the age whete is ‘The urbe of puts equ willbe onthe psn Astra Aton Pan may abo e on the persen's ASIA Aton Pl). 6.9 Asthma and anaphylaxis + Asta a fod alleray/arapnsemventy octet, + Many young len wth fod aleay wo on to deep asta tern We «Asta ceases the hood of more serious lsc reactions [anaphya) + Most eats rom eactons to fod occurin thos with thn, + optimising astra management's an portant pat of anphyau sk management + inet with ade oe of reat dct soe terns ing foo mediation exnumption, comer seapaniy nt unt ata Note Mido moderate appa of ley ay for maynot present beoresymplams fap 6.10 What to do when you are unsure if the person is experiencing anaphylaxis or asthma? be bac ct al img ea ecient ec aps apheresis «Give the adteane acne fist. ll person ott NOT stan or wale + Then pte asthma reser messin. + Phone mbsance- 00 (Austral). 11 (Ne Zealaa 112 (mobi) + Follow hie ASA Action Pan fo Baap + continue timate 6.11 Using adrenaline for asthma alone (no anaphylaxis) if asthma reliever unavailable ‘Te appropiate tuetment of asta multiple doses ofan astimareever medion lean ction of adrenaline sun to cause ary ha ard may roi some temgoary re om ‘sthma isnt affective a asthna elever mediation ab has avery Shr acto dation Therefore, Usngadenaine oaths without anahylnssnot the most fective testmet Astnaetever medications ane purchased over the counter tout prescption Nom pharmaces, Fra SepeouSee cm eee