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35 Installation
Planning Document
Learing Outcome Two

There are many methods of displaying video work during installation exhibitions
however I intend to present my work physically by projecting it onto a backdrop
with a video projector. Video projectors are a simple to apply method of
displaying video nevertheless they are very effective in showcasing images on a
larger screen. This will be useful during an exhibition because the artist may
desire their work to be amplified for a more absorbing effect. This method can be
a very effective tool as they essentially just enlarge a video to a bigger screen.
Projectors they can also be used as an intended effect by an artist to appear
vintage or create a unique atmosphere, many artists use projectors to create
depth in their productions and to immerse the viewers of the installation. Other
installations may use different methods of showcasing video work such as using
multiple screens to display video work often sequenced together, this method
often involves many small screens such as laptops or tablets to simultaneously
show a production at the same time. This method of displaying video can also be
a creative way of developing a unique atmosphere within the installation
exhibition. Many exhibitions will use this method because it helps to engage the
viewers in the work and viewing of the production as it may create an illusion
that there is more events happening at one time.

Some of the items of video installation work that are on display include a piece of
video work by Barbra Kruger called The Globe Shrinks which is on display at
the Mary Boone Gallery in New York City. This exhibition is a multiple channel
production that attempts to display the negatives and benefits of everyday life
from the artists personal perspective; the exhibition will include four screens
that digitally display various collaborated video clips. Similarly to this work, an
artist named Nam June Paik who was a well-recognized artist has video
installation works that are currently on display at the Tate modern, Liverpool.
Paiks exhibition follows the theme of media and television; this can be seen in
the presentation style of the installation as it often in includes many old
televisions displaying video in a sequence. The intentions of his products are
designed by the artist to impress people; this is why the galleries often include
large-scale video displays such as the sixteen channels of video displays that can
be viewed at a single time.

An example of a contemporary artist who applies their work to video installation
methods for exhibition to the public is Christian Boltanski who holds he projects
in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The exhibition is called Autel De
Lycee Chases and is based around the topic of haunted contemporary film, video
and photography. The installation uses various separate screens to display many
artists work simultaneously and have to be viewed through two separate
galleries. As well as using screens to display work, Botlanski collaborates
physical objects with his work to create a more third dimensional experience for
the viewers; the objects are often wires, lights or loose parts to both add effect to
the exhibition but to also to use practically making the product stand out. One of
the most unique methods of displaying video production is works of Oscar
Munoz with his exhibition called Phantasmagoria: Spectors Of Absence
displayed at the USCS Fisher Museum of Art in Los Angeles. This piece is unique
because is uses projectors to show images onto a screen made from smoke, the
presence of the smoke and physical transitions add depth to the installation.

For my production I will have a single table and placed on the table will be a
black sheet to avoid any light refection, there will be a laptop placed centrally. I
also intend to have a projector that will cast an image on a backdrop playing
videos from my playlist of previous work such as animations and adverts; these
will be on loop and will be synchronized to be playing at the same time. Beside
the table and objects around my area I intend to have LED lights that will be
turned on and adding to the atmosphere of the installation. On top of this I will
have two vintage show lights that will add a third dimensional effect to my
installation creating more depth. I will also intend on having two tablets that are
also playing video clips on loop, this will also add a creative aspect to the
showcasing. The sound will be played through speakers that will be hidden
behind the table sheet, this will be playing audio from the videos in