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a Comiplete Jazz Vocabi lary for the Improvising Musician bby Jack Shneidman san a-s7su0-278-4 1 enya 2 £0 Chany Lane ti Dogan ‘eran Copii Scie AL Rigi Reserved sy Tha se, to Se enamine [ry aapeaton or amare ene src cbervon aan rnimerton ot OP at ur wate acheive cen ES INTRODUCTION deerme datas in speech In short, licks are basic musical statements an improviser exe, ‘upon to meet the musical demands ofthe moment, ih this huge book in your had, you might be asking youre, “Where do tat?" Well, it’s helpful to Shanda Ta packs vied ito thee main ection: Esenial Licks, Spltic Licks and ane Standard-Type Progressions Tea ate Stondard-Type Progressions (cks 801-100) i comprised of ics played over the opening four bars of feature a wide variety of harmonic progressions, wen, te Signatures (¥ and ), and some material that has Brazilian or Afto-Caben fangs ” lp. aarti book have chord symbols above thm given in heir mos bse form (only the rot cans ually are named) Some of these licks are very advanced and includes itera vege ot saromaicism, substitu scales and modes, implied passing chords, and ene eyes of te arom lt tis ciate you; the logic and expressive options hey fer wll been earer With time and alte patient stad How To UsE THIS BooK his took snot meant tobe ead rough fom covert cove, Ii ecommended i Yo8 CSTE cDacentated amount of time and study to mastering major and minor "These progressions are the caning locks fr narerous jez standards, Do no el he need to mas ea) individual lick, - aan par yu ie an foes you tation onthe, conceal on wa eines valuable woe: Once you ave comforalylamed oe ofthe Ticks, wanspose ft ao fe A clevea Tee yw nd ferent way forthe wo begin rend and experinent wih different phrasings and articulations. 7001 Jazz Licks is weten withthe idea of giving you sme insight it he melon vocabulary of jazz * ao va awareen of te harmon possibilities avaiable. Alf this isin hos of helping you Nocufivate your own, unique sense of melody and harmony. Have fun! Acknowledgments would like to thank my editors, Arthur Rotfeld and Toby Wine, for their ists profound knowledge, i and patience. oc ignel hanks go out o Nick Trauwein and Chery Lane author Joe Chawreakom. Foal very apecil thanks go 0 my fens and family for heir unyielding sno. - About the Author | Jack Shneidaan is a gitars, composer, and arranger wio lives and works in the NE ‘York Metropolitan | ae ancadied with Ron Cart, Mike Longo, and Rob Schwimmer guitarists eve Bertone! and - ee sel, and Plitzer Prize winning composee David del Tredic Jack plays with vanity of jazz combos on the New York club scene and around the world. | ! - -