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Liesl J.

Phone: (319) 538-2242

5201 E Street, Amana, Iowa 52203

Masters of Education Leadership
Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

GPA: 4.00

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Started: September 2013

Anticipated Graduation: May 2015

GPA: 3.735

Graduated: May 6, 2012

Iowa K-6 Elementary Teaching; Endorsements: K-8 Mathematics and K-8 Reading; Folder #1004295
1st & K-1 Combo Classroom Teacher, Van Buren Elementary, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Aug. 2012 - Present
Create a variety of lessons to meet the needs of both K and 1 st grade levels
Attended PLC Institute July 2013
Differentiate lessons to meet student needs
Communicate with staff, students and families
Effectively utilized curriculum: Envision Math, Treasures MacMillian McGraw, Everyday Math
Participate in grade level PLC meetings
Implement Daily Five
Co-facilitator of the Family Involvement Team
Serve on the Social Committee
Academic Parent Teacher Team Leader
iPad Grant Leader
Technology used: Promethean Board, ActiVotes, Promethean Slate, iPads, Laptops, Windows Software, Microsoft
365, Microsoft Office
6th Grade Math Student Teacher, Vernon Middle School, Marion, Iowa
Cooperating Teacher: Susan Faley
Supervisor: James Clancy
Full time classroom responsibilities for 3 weeks
Taught four sections of 6th grade math to students of diverse learning abilities
Team taught one section of 6th grade math with a special education teacher
Planned lessons collaboratively with other 6th grade math team teachers
Participated in professional learning time with school faculty
Effectively utilized curriculum: Connected Mathematics Bits and Pieces
Technology used: Mimio Board, Mimio Pad, Powerschool for attendance and grading purposes
1 to 1 Conference, presenter
Presented on the topic of Academic Parent Teacher teams
Girls on the Run, Assistant Coach
Mentor girls in grades 3rd-5th
Increase young girls self-confidence through group activities and running
Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Provided after school tutoring in the areas of math and reading to students below grade level
Used a variety of strategies

March - April 2012

April 2014

Fall 2013

Fall 2012- Spring 2013

Liesl J. Burgher
Phone: (319) 538-2242

5201 E Street, Amana, Iowa 52203

Effectively utilized curriculum: Leveled Literacy Intervention, Do the Math

Private Math Tutor for 2nd grade and 6th grade students
Assessed and determined strengths and growth areas in math
Taught a variety of math topics
Created mini lessons and activities
Researched and applied new methods for teaching areas of need

Summer 2012 & 2013

Kindergarten Classroom Aide, Polk Elementary School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Aug. 2008 Dec. 2011
Classroom Teacher: Karen Clark

Assessed students in areas of math and reading for district assessments

Taught students in small groups for reading and math lessons

Taught student with motor difficulties; worked specifically on handwriting through a program
provided by Grant Wood AEA

Provided supplemental instruction for students on letter names and sounds; specific
instruction included Jolly Phonics

Supervised class field trips

Private High School Algebra Tutor

Assessed and determined strengths and growth areas in math

Reinforced algebra concepts taught the previous week

Created and provided learning strategies for problem solving

Assisted student in completing homework assignments and studying for tests

Latin Honors - Cum Laude
Linnie E. Schloeman Award in Teacher Education, Coe College
Recognizing commitment and dedication to the teaching profession
Phi Lambda Theta Member National Honor Society for Educators
PRAXIS II Recognition of Excellence, ETS
Recognizing outstanding achievement on PRAXIS II exams - scored in the top 15%

Jan. - April 2011

May 6, 2012
May 5, 2012
April 25, 2012
March 10, 2012