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DDO Data Registration /Data Entry FAQs

Note: Below are the questions & Suggestions given by the users in training.

1. What are the essential pre-requisites before user starts working on CFMS system?
User needs to check initially for browser compatibility Chrome version 42, Mozilla Firefox 36,
Internet Explorer 8, 9

2. If the User is facing network issues then whom to be contact?

In these cases user has to contact their local technical support

3. User observes that portal is not working page cannot be displayed then what must be done?
In these cases user has to contact our helpdesk team for assistance.

4. Can User zoom In/Out the pages?

No, user cannot zoom in/out the application because of SAP standards

5. If user is facing the Browser issues then whom to be contact?

In these cases user has to contact their local technical support

6. What if the User Authentication fails in DDO registration process?

If it happens in DDO Registration Process, then send the DDO Code to the mail id Avinash.Kottakotta@niittech.comto reset the password. If it happens in the DDO Data Entry process, then send the DDO Code, DDO
Employee code, Date of Birth of DDO to the mail id

7. What if the DDO details are not visible in DDO Registration Process?
In this case, the DDO can search with his/her old emp code in the search option provided, then also if no
results displayed kindly provide the DDO office details so that we can upload the DDO details.

8. Whom should we contact if the DDO selects an incorrect employee as DDO and registers in the DDO
registration process?
If this is the case the DDO can contact our help desk team to solve the issue

9. In office hierarchy, there should be an option to select multiple HRA % for a single DDO for multiple
divisions (Centralized DDO).?
a) HRA is classified as per OfficeLocation Place. User cannot have multiple HRA if employee are
working in office.
b) For 1 office only 1 HRA
c) For PRC we are allowing HRA to be specified per employee by date range
PRC from Date --To date HRA

10. What if the Designation is not displayed in Cadre strength?

In this case the DDO can add the post by clicking on the Add post button which is available in the Cadre
Strength screen by providing the required details.
11. If a new employee is added in the Assign Employees then in the Cadre strength will that
Position is reflected?
Yes Cadre strength values are automatically updated once the employee is added in the Assign Employees.

12. What if the designations are not displayed in add new job window?
If it happens, Send your department designations to the mail id

13. What if the unrelated designations are displayed in cadre strength for particular DDO?
User has to click the DELETE button provided in the screen.

14. What if the buttons are not displayed in assign employee service?
First submit cadre strength and then only you can assign employees. It is important to complete the
process step by step.

15. What if the some employee names are not displayed under current DDO in assign employee service?
If it happens user need to select the employees first in the FREEPOOL option provided in the screen
and then assign employees

16. What if the some employee names are not displayed in free pool in assign employee service?
If the employee names are not displayed in the FREEPOOL ,user need to select the IMPORT
EMPLOYEE option provided in the screen.

17. If a new employee is joined in the service in particular office then how could this employee is to be
added in the Assign Employees section for DDO data entry process?
a) Short term solution: Initially now we are asking user to provide employee details to CFMS team.
b) After CFMS Launch: We going to provide a screen at DDO level to add new employee through
joining event.

18. What if the retired employee details are displayed in DDO data entry process?
Release the employee into FREEPOOL.

19. As per the discussion with the user, it was said that there is a provision of more than 1 promotion in a
year which our CFMS system is not allowing?
a) If it is for PRC Data:- We going to provide Promotion event screen to DDO for handling

20. It was said by the user that the government gives promotion to employees for every 6 years, if the
promotion is not applicable; it provides increments to the respective employees. Our CFMS system
does not cover this process?
Any changes after 01-07-2013 in basic salary. DDO enter in Add any pay change details Tab, via
DateGradeBasic Pay Pay Changes Reason (Select the reason of promotion from Drop down
list) DDO need to maintain and enter into System.

21. What is the process if the DDO wants to enter / edit the data once final submission is done in Data
entry process?
If this is the case the DDO can contact our help desk team to solve the issue.
22. Can I edit data after final submission on the respective data entry screen?
It is recommended that user verifies the data before the final submission.