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The Lobster

Catch News

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The Lobster Catch News! So
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In this Issue:
Lobster Trap Anatomy 101..........1
Up Close,
My Lobster Story.....................2
Curious Terms of
the Trade.................................3
Free Lunch..................................4
On Line......................................4
Whats On Dock.........................4

Lobster Trap Anatomy 101

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The Lobster Catch News

Up Close:
My Lobster Fishing Story
by Shelly Britton

ello, my name is Jesse Rose, and I

was formerly, as of the 26th of July,
employed by you as an on call cook for
a little over a year now, at your contracted location within Fort Worden, in Port
Townsend Washington.
Let me give you an explanation to the
best of my ability to the actions and/or
decisions that lead to this occurrence.
I arrived to work at 8 AM, after changing into my uniform, grabbing a cup of
coffee and preparing myself to the beginning of what i expected to minimally be an
eleven hour day, I clocked in around 8:10.
My first actions were to check in with my
Chef, Mark Manley. After a quick review
of what lay ahead of us, I began to complete
a couple projects I originally started the

day before. I put 20lbs of dry red beans on

the heat to make ranch beans for a catered
BBQ, for public vending during Jazz Fest,
as well as the contracted meal plan for the
200 or so participants weve been supplying
a well balanced, diet orientated, healthy
and nourishing menu to all week. While
that project was working I began to finish
making a couple hundred corn muffins for
vending and contracted patrons as well as
cornbread for the additional catering event.
When that was completed I finished the
preparation of the five or six dozen chickens
I butchered and segmented the night before,
and roasted the onion and pepper garnish
for the grilled sausage, both were menu
items for vending and for the dinner of our
guests and performers during the Jazz Festival. Ultimately being fully on site and
was of that begun her shift
around or before 7AM. She
notified the other servers
that she was there to begin
rotation of their thirty minute breaks.
A little after 2PM I had
to begin rotation of proteins
on the char grill to retain
or regain proper holding
temperatures. Shortly
after this and during this
process Rochelle arrived on
the vending site, she went
to converse with festival
attendees, and some of
Centrums staff, which is the
purchaser of our serveries
meal plans, and the organization behind the majority
of events and seminars/
studies conducted at Fort
Worden, along with Goddard College and Madrona
Mind Body Institute. She
then came to our location,
released one of the servers
instructing him to return at
4:45 to begin service of the

Once all these tasks were completed I began to gather and prepare the
items and equipment to travel and set up
service to our remote location where we
were establishing our public vending, as well
as combining our evenings dinner service
of a couple hundred patrons. During this
process I was made aware that not only our
hot holding unit, or our grill that we were
employing for service were at the location
or set up, but neither were our service
tables or protective tenting/awning, and we
were looking at a full sunny day working
outdoors in direct sunlight. I voiced my
concern, even suggesting that maybe we
should re-organize a bit and possibly use
the server and dining facilities to ensure
adequate completion of our contracted
services, for the performers, students, and
interns. At this point I was informed the
grill and hot holding device were in transit
to the location and we were proceeding to
begin vending services at noon. Its

easy to be steady on a lobster
With Chef s direction and the combined
efforts of the kitchen staff we prepared an
elaborate, well thought out menu of ten distinctive food items for safe transport as well
as completion of the serveries 200+ patrons
for lunch and an additional last minute add
on of 22 lunches for a band from Germany.
When all these items were secured and ready
to be installed on location, I then had to
keep myself busy by containing and sealing
some loose food items in the dry storage,
the cleaning of some equipment and work
station, followed by a review of the up and
coming menus for the next weeks dining
contracts, even finding a discrepancy and

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The Lobster Catch News

How to Measure a Legal Lobster

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Closing The Trap Door

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Curious Terms of the Lobster Trade...

Skiff...............................A 16 aluminum or wooden boat used daily to get to and from the lobster boat.
Pair....................................Two lobster traps tethered by a rope and a single buoy.
Trawl.............................A line of traps, usually 8 tethered together and has tow buoys.
Pot Hauler.....................A variable speed pulley used to haul up pairs and trawls of lobster traps.
V-Notching Tool.............Tool nused to identify female breeding stock lobsters by notching a V shape

into their tails.

E Zwinlker Tool.............This tool is a 5 measuring tool used to measure legal size lobsters.
Cull Lobsters..................A lobster that only has one claw.
Bottle Lobsters...............Any size lobster with no claws.

The Lobster Catch News

Whats on Dock...
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Favorite Lobster Dishes

Local Lobster Eating Tips

Fall Issue...

Growth Cycle of the Lobster

Where do Lobsters Winter?

Winter Issue...

Make Your Own Lobster Trap

Off-Shore Lobstering 60 Miles Out

My Lobster Fishing Story continued from page 4

notifying Chef of the irregularities coming
up in next weeks dinner and public vending
menu for the Blues Festival. The reason
I mention this is because transport to our
vending location wasnt available because
the companies vehicle was sent on an errand
by our location and personnel manager Rochelle Prather, to deliver some ice to another
location of public sales on site, called the
Cable House, which furnished sundries to
visitors and campers down on the beach.
By around 12:30, and without the arrival
of our transportation, Chef even considered
taking me and the menu items down to the
location in his own personal vehicle, which
would have been completely filled if not
even exceeded in capacity, and he owns a
station wagon. Before we enacted this plan
we heard the arrival of the van to the back
I arrived to our location of sales just
before 1PM. What I found was the beginning of the designation of our food service
locations, tables set up and covered with
tablecloths, chafing pansand equipment
properly laid out, with stacks of beverages
and some assorted goods on carts, but,
our hot holding unit still not properly in-

stalled or in action, the propane grill set up

with gas plumbed in, turned on, and bleeding gas unlit, into the enclosed grills hood,
and the tents/awnings not only not installed
but not even on location. I immediately
turned off the active gas line and aired out
the grills hood and recruited personnel to
help me properly move the hot holding unit
across a lengthy courtyard of uneven bare
lawn, installing it and activating it on a level
and safe cement slab weve used previously
before at this location for other events and
vending. When I inquired about the shade
providing awnings and the lack of installation, I was informed that Rochelle had
instructed the staff not to bother employing
their use for this event. I then decide to
instruct the staff member driving our service
van to return to our staging area and retrieve
the awnings as well as a couple other items
including ice to chill our beverages and one
of our dessert items. While he was gone,
with the help of other staff members we
completed setting up, lighting the chafing
pans, installing food items, properly lighting
our grill, and fielding patrons questions
about when our service was to begin,
because we were the only food providers
within this gated and completely sold out
event. During this time I surveyed our

surroundings to find, yet again, there was no

established seating or dining area, not only
for our incidental vending customers, but
for our planned dinner service of a couple
hundred people.
With the arrival of the awnings we then
had a staff on location that consisted of
myself (the on site cook), a cashier, two
servers, three servers if you include the
event/catering coordinator who also works
in the servery, as well as the coffee shop.
Whom I knew had not only been present
and working since probably around 6:30
or 7AM, and would need to depart in the
near future to finish setting up a catering
assignment in the kitchen shelter on the
beach. On site we were then properly set
up with adequate shade (besides the cashier
and grill area), hot food in chafing pans, a
corrected menu, cashiers bank, hand wash
station, sanitation buckets with fresh towels,
proper serving utensils, beverages and
dessert on ice or minimally in the shade,
and our hot holding equipment properly
placed and in action. All these things were
nonexistent until the van with myself and
the support staff arrived. Around 1PM we
saw the arrival of an additional server/coffee
shop personnel member, another staff that I