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Secretary FPSC,

Subject: Correction of Bank Code

Respected Sir,
I am Muhammad Ashar Iqbal; CNIC (35201-2735844-5). I have applied for the post of Custom
Inspector and Preventive Officer BPS-16.
I submitted fee in National Bank Baghbanpura Branch Lahore. I entered wrong bank code while
filling online form. Because code wrote on Bank receipt was to clearly readable. I entered 548,
correct code is 540.
I request you to please accept my application against above mention posts. Note the correction in
Bank code.
Tracking ID against the post of Custom Inspector is 5423573.
Tracking Id against the post of Preventive Officer is 5423598.
I have submitted separate bank challahs against both posts.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Ashar Iqbal

CNIC: 35201-2735844-5