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English 10

Name: Ravisara Karnjanolarn

Teacher: Mr. Abel Cadias

Class: 1006

I stared thoughtlessly at the trees and beautiful flowers that showed up on the two sideways while
others were still paddling the rubber red boat for hours.
The wind that blew through my face leisurely did not make me feel even better. The boat continued
to go farther, reached to somewhere new. We surrounded ourselves with a deep gorge in Arizona,
formed by the Colorado River. We were just like a little ant in a devious maze, in owning to the fact
that we were all round by Grand Canyon. They were scoured by turbulent water movement and
windstorm, not only the wall of stones, but also the layer of soil underneath the water. The disparity
between the layer of stones made the boat shaky and unstable. Clear water rebounded and splashed
into my face indeed rescued me from ruddy skin. Also, it sometimes overlaid the daylight because
they were as tall as the sky. Looking above, the indigo clouds appeared among the clear blue sky.
They were moving time had passed.
I felt really tired. I Claire, slowly wiped sticky and grimy sweat that covered my face out, and
then slowly took off my inhaler that was always used for relieving Asthma. Yes, absolutely, I could
not breath. I was weakly sick and I really felt sick now. The large wind blustered across me made
me had a hard time of respiration. Before it get worst, I sprayed and took a deep breath frequently.
Inhaling, exhaling, I murmured to myself.
For a while, shrouded in silence, we were on the halfway of the journey. We stopped paddling and
started to look around. The melody combined into the sound like the madrigal that played by a great
musician. I absorbed the breeziness and closed my eyes. I heard everything but saw nothing. The
sound of the water impinged to the reef, the birds sang together, and the trees wobbled freely made
me feel relax. I was lost in reverie and think for how long that I'm not feeling very calm, like
this? I deserved it, and we all. I did not know how long I had closed my eyes.
However, I was awake.
Claire, did you hear what I was saying? I got flinch by my brother, he said it once again.
My grey eyes opened gently to adjust with the light that reflected into my eyeballs. I stretched
laziness and looked at him with indignation. He did not stare at me but I knew what he meant. He
wanted me to grab the paddle and helped him, so I followed his command.
While we were remaining rowing the boat, I could feel the droplets of cold water slightly on my
skin, meanwhile, the fluffy clouds changed themselves into dusky and gigantic bunches. They
screamed and roared as a thunder, originated the first storm close at hand. We were getting scared
because the weather was unpredictable, we would not know. I was shocked like paralyzed,
remained turning the face upwards against the rain drops. We were all awestruck for a while,
unexpectedly, our boat began to gravitate alongside with the rapid and sudden movement.
Awareness seemed to firstly pump up in my fathers thought, he shout loudly versus the
voice united between enraging rain and wind storm.
Everybody, follows my words, holding the rope tightly and never discharge it off your
hand, as his words spoken, we did it precisely.
We turned ourselves to face each others, Noah on my right and Carolyn on my left. We remained
the position, stopped rowing and let the boat flowed continuously.

Unfortunately, I was terrified and my body did not behave as good as what I expected in this
moment. I breathed hardly and repetitiously, not because I was panic but the Asthma.
Definitely, it was recurred and I vitally needed an inhaler right now. During the extreme weather
condition, I could feel that my face became bloodless, and my eyeballs were bulging out. Lips
turned into colorless, and all my parts of the body were shaking, specifically, my chest became
Take a deep breath and stay calm! Where is your inhaler? Noah noticed the
abnormalities, he shouted at my face.
In my bag, I said weakly.
Noah, Carolyn and Foster rummaged and finally grabbed it for me. My brother approached next to
me and hold me closer.
Patiently inhaled, he said while he was spraying the pill through my sinus.
I looked at him, smile, and expressed the feeling via eyes Thanks Noah, you are my life-saver. He
smiled back and embraced me with his warm hug.
The rain was unlikely to stop, still pouring down hardly, and water slipped swiftly. Our boat began
to swing back and forth by moving along with the waves. We hit the rock, smashed the tree and fell
off the waterfall. Finally, our boat was leaked and stuck between the big reefs. We sighed when we
completely accessed into a blind alley. We got out from the boat and let the storm blew it away.
We had no idea, so, we were now walking purposelessly into the woods. Unplanned
destination made us totally lost, we did not even know where we were.
Day after days, we spent time mostly done nothing. We were still stuck here. Very bored. I thought
as I gazed my eyes with exasperation at someone next to me the pale, black-short hair and grey
eyes, staring back to me.
I have nothing to do, Im bored, I said to him once again.
Then, I rolled my eyes around, randomly, I saw nothing but the surrounding of uplifting trees. Pines
were set into linear long as the horizon. The sun above my head was shining bright incessantly and
vehemently, it emitted strong and hot rays of light dimly. Light creeped from the spaces between
trees, providing brightness like a giant spotlight.
I gradually stood up and strengthened myself. I walked with no purpose, erratic face appeared
unconsciously, until I walked pass my mother and she asked.
My dear, what was happening? she stopped collecting the wood and looked up.
Im just starving, Im about to eat myself, I said
Do you really want to eat yourself? she asked me with a smile on her face.
Whos going to eat yourself? Thats crazy I frowned.
The taste is incredibly good, she replied simply and avoided my eye contact.
Huh? I got confused.
It is a joke, isnt it funny? she laughed insanely and continued to finish her work before
our dad came with a meat for todays meal.
I walked back to the decayed timber, and sat down. Dawdling until sunset, the moon is placed up
there instead of the sun. I stargazed up at the studded sky, explored the seldom-seen natural wonders

that reflect through the vast sky. The shimmering of the star was not enough for our naked eyes to
see in the dark. So, a bonfire was set up centrally in front of us.
Natural creature were making noise harmoniously, the sound that was voiced during night
time was breaking the silence between us.
Tu-whit tu-whoo Hoot, hoot
Whistle, whistle
I was pleased with them.
Clair, Hey Claire, I was facing followed the deep voice.
I saw my father. He was passing me the raw meat that he hunted today.
Why do you frequently get distracted so easily? What do you always think about? he
No, there is nothing Im thinking about, I replied nervously and humbly.
Thank you, I received and considered at the bloody meat that was laid down on the
leaves. I was reluctant, hand off the nose. It smelled awfully.
Yuck, I muttered.
I poorly stabbed it with the wooden stick and placed it on fire. When it was well-grilled, I
put it on the leaves and started to eat.
Ewwwwww, It was neither looking good, nor tasting good.
After we were full of distasteful meal, we went straight to where our couches were placed, they
were just a pile of leaves placed beneath the shades of tree. We slept.
Common with many days, we did nothing. Started the day with hopeless heart, and ended the day
with a depressive vision. Every single words in Bible was sung; every spells. We did nothing but
prayed, prayed, and prayed. They gave us faith and turned our doubt into hoping.
On a gloomy day, we decided that we were going to move ahead as the direction of river. After a
long walk through damp and humid forest, our clothes that had not been washed for weeks returned
to be wet. These expensive shirts were covered with mud and little pieces of grass. I felt tough, not
just tough, but disgusting.
Another day and we were somewhere new, we invariably stopped by the river. I sat down
and sinked myself into the marshy ponds. Foster was lying down, Carolyn was meditating and
where is Noah?
There! He was swimming in the pond nearby the slope of waterfall. He was naked his
pale broad shoulder showed up over the water. His body was gently splashed with million drops of
water. He flicked his head to remove the drop of water that held on his hair. I thought he was like a
little puppy that got shower. My brother Noah, was tall, slim, and attractive. He slowly walked
and stopped in front of me.
Do you want to play with me? I got restarted, I feel really fresh! my brother said and ran
into the clear water, so did I.
Clair and Noah started to play by splashing water to each other. I was semi-nude, I placed
those valuable clothes there on the mound of stones. We were cooling under the lukewarm water.
Over time, our skin was burned by hot water and light of the day. I walked against the tides to put
on my clothes.
Unless stone were covered with bone, it looked intimidating. I was afraid, so, my brother
was gentlemanly running through and got mine. Then, I was totally shocked, the clear water was
not clear anymore its red, the smell of blood widely spread and drifted into my nose. I got

scared. I shouted to wake my parents up and we ran into safe zone. I looked back, and red color was
all side.
Carolyn and Foster ran to headwaters, they believed that the smell of blood started here. We
walked following to the bloody smell, so, Noah and me needed to run following them. They
stopped and stared instantly, I hit my face in a tough back of Foster.
Ouch, I muttered.
In front of me, there were a group of black people wearing a shirt that were made of the animal fur
and their muscular chest were painted with blood. They crowded at the dead human body, entrails
of human were carving and being eaten like the flies swarmed feces.
I glanced worriedly at a hulking man black skin like an oven, necklace with humans
fingers on his thick neck. He caught me staring at him.
He grabbed the flesh of human body, but after he saw me and my family new victims.
Hulalu Makaku, he spoke. And suddenly, the cannibal stopped chewing and then aimed at
Arghhhhhhhhhh, they screamed loudly as they were running onto us.
I fainted, without any warning, I could feel that my eye sight was blurred and I fell on the ground.
My consciousness was not obeyed anymore I did not realize what was happening.
Why my head was beating like a drum beat and my heart beated strangely. I woke up with
headache, and found out that we were all tied up together. Dim light was creeped out from the stack
of wooden sticks while I opened my eyes.
The pain is indescribable, physical, mental, they are everywhere leaking into the marrow of
my bones. I was not fine. I poked Noah repeatedly, he woke up and screamed.
Claire, Foster, Carolyn! We need to run, they are going to eat us, he was wriggling for a
Shhhhhhhhh, I said as I pinched into his eyes just to bring him back to reality.
However, it was too late, the worst was that Noahs voice woke others up, not only Foster
and Carolyn but also the cannibal barbarians.
They stood up straight and walk toward us.
Makalikumahilajaga Gemuhyaya, one of them said.
They passed closely and squatted in front of my brother, next to me, did irritating. We were
pissed off.
After that, two henchmen untied the rope and separated me from my parents.
I felt the water running out of my eyes, I cried hardly and incessantly. I looked into Carolyn
and Fosters eyes within a minute. Silent words are hard to speak, their eyes were blank
unexplainable mood. I felt we were abandoned.
Me and Noah were brought into a wild ground, and were forced to sleep on the stacks of
straw. Later on, I felt like I was bathing in a pot, I felt really hot. When I opened my eyes, I saw fire,
I figured it out why we felt hotly. We were on fire, the flame was blazing radically. Noah shocked,
reflected on his eyes, the flame was lifers. He was getting scared.
I love y . . . you, bro, I clasped his hand and muttered.
My body was writhed, Oxygen was not enough to breath and keep me alive. I closed my eyes and
threw myself into his arms. The last thing I could ever feel was the teardrops on my hand.

The flame was still continuing its work further, no sign to stop.
Mom, Dad Helpppp! Noah screamed.
Nothing happened. He was calling for chances to god, entreating to seraph for lives.
He screamed again, however, he heard nothing. Only his voice that was still resounding in his head.
Mom, Dad Help meeee, he kept shouting until his throat was parched.
He jolted and softly slapped on two sides of my rosy cheeks. I felt burnt, and then my eyes captured
Noahs smile.
I love . . . hue . . . you too, sis, he hugged me tight and said.
Afterwards dramatic moment, we helped figuring out how to get out from this!
While we were scurrying, the terrifying epithets voice was intimidating me and Noah.
I saw Carolyn and Foster over there, fighting against the cannibal. The sound of human screaming
for life was being heard periodically. We were alarmingly worried, and some ideas pumped up in
my mind. I burned the rope with fire, my hand was free, and Noah too.
We wanted to find Carolyn and Foster, but Cannibal blockade the way; they were fighting.
We slowly blended into part of the fighting.
Argggggggggg, I screamed as one of them was running toward me, suddenly, Noah
picked up the wooden spear from the ground. He hooked into the middle of the chest the blood
was bleeding hard and then he died.
All at once, entire of cannibal were killed. Foster and Carolyn walked through those bodies with a
stain of blood on their face. In their hand, they held the heart and many organs of human. Their
cloth were soaked with blood, they said nothing but words through that sneering smile showed their
red teeth.
Baby, you are safe from those barbarians but mom and dad cannot assure that you will be
secure from us, they said as they gazed into our eyes.
I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

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