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Republic of the Philippines]

Santa Cruz, Laguna

] s.s.


I, ENGRACIA RANA RAMOS, of legal age, Filipino, married, presently residing in Canada, and a denizen of Lumban, Laguna, after having been sworn in accordance with law hereby depose and state that –

1. On or about 25 November 1988, I asked my brother - Fr. Emilio Rana (now deceased) to purchase on my behalf a memorial lot situated at the Lumban Memorial Park in Lumban, Laguna. As we agreed, I handed over to him my money in the amount of thirty thousand pesos to pay for the lot as well as the incidental expenses. The price of the lot was, to my recollection, slightly more than twenty-two thousand pesos. He then facilitated the purchase on my behalf and held the property in his name in-trust until such time that I re-establish residence here in the Philippines.

2. Unfortunately, my brother-trustee, Fr. Emilio Rana died before I could re-establish residence here in the Philippines. He was not able to cause the transfer of the memorial lot in my name before he died. Hence, I am constrained to ask my siblings and other relatives who are personally aware of the arrangement I had with Fr. Emilio Rana, to execute a sworn statement attesting to such fact. Said sworn statement in the form of a joint affidavit is attached to this affidavit.

3. The property held in-trust by Fr. Emilio Rana on my behalf and for my benefit is specifically – Block 1 Lot 27 with a Mausoleum at the Lumban Memorial Park in

Lumban, Laguna. Said memorial park is managed and operated by the Land Ideas Associates, Incorporated. Since the property was held in-trust by Fr. Rana on my behalf,

I am the true and lawful owner/purchaser of the same. Upon death of Fr. Rana, the trust constituted on the property ended. It must now be placed in my name.

4. executed this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing; to affirm and confirm that I am the true purchaser and owner of Block 1 Lot 27 with a Mausoleum at the Lumban Memorial Park in Lumban, Laguna; and to ask the Land Ideas Associates, Inc., as manager/operator of the memorial park, to place in my name the said lot.


I WITNESS WHEREFORE, I hereto affixed my signature this 15 th day of May 2009 in Santa Cruz, Laguna.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 15 th day of May 2009 by affiant with Comm.

Tax Cert.

issued at

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Commissioned Until 31 December 2009

Book No Series of 2009.


PTR No. 7362174, 9 Jan. 2009, Laguna IBP No. 739042, 8 January, IBP-ManilaIV Roll No. 42246 admitted on 9 May 199