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1. Was ist Biopolitik ?

M. Foucault - History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: Part V. The Right of Death and Power over Life
M. Foucault - Society Must Be Defendend [Auswahl]
M. Foucault - Security, Territory, Population [Auswahl]
M. Foucault - Birth of Biopolitics [Auswahl]
Suggested Reading:
Maurizio Lazzarato - From Biopower to Biopolitics
2. Foucaults Legacy & Deleuze
G. Deleuze - What is an Apparatus? [in Two Regimes of Madness]
G. Deleuze - Postscript on Societies of Control [in Negotiations]
G. Deleuze - Becoming and Control [in Negotiations]
Suggested Reading:
Maurizio Lazzarato - The Concept of Life and The Living in The Societies of Control
3. Reinventing Biopolitics or Reinventing the Wheel?
G. Agamben - Homo Sacer, Part III
Achille Mbembe - Necropolitics
Antonio Negri - War and Peace
4. Hardt & Negri
Hardt & Negri - Multitude: War
5. Global Civil War
Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War
The Invisible Commitee - The Coming Insurrection
Tiqqun - This Is Not A Program
Galloway - Black Box, Black Bloc
5. Global War and The Problem of the Political
Carlo Galli - Political Spaces and Global War
6. Neoliberalism and the Indifference of global relations
Elizabeth A. Povinelli - Economies of Abandonment: Social Belonging and Endurance in Late Liberalism
7. State Failure or Failed States
Danny Hoffman - The War Machines: Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia
8. Control: Networks, Meshworks, Protocols
Galloway - Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization
9. Architecture and Global War
Eyal Weizman - Hollow Land: Israels Architecture of Occupation
10. Beyond Biopolitics?
Beyond Biopolitics: Essays in Governance of Life and Death

Brian Massumi - National Enterprise Emergeny: Steps Toward an Ecology of Powers

Luciana Parisi and Steve Goodman - Mnemonic Control

Amit S. Rai - Here We Accrete Durations: Toward a Practice of Intervals in the Perceptual
Mode of Power

May Joseph - Fascia and the Grimace of Catastrophe

Fred Moten and Stefano Harney - Blackness and Governance

11. The End is Nigh
Slavoj Zizek - Living in the End Times

12. Forms of Life:

Eugene Thacker - After Life