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At a very early stage in most of our lives, we often deal with these two contradictory states Indignation and

Conformity. Indignation is anger towards unjust/unfair (according to our view)

situations and Conformity is the acceptance of laws/rules to fit into society. Mostly, bad results are an
end product of harboring these two states in our minds for a long time.

In a very general manner, teens are the very definition of chaos and they should be, as at their age,
on the one hand they start to experience some things for this first time and on the other hand they
start to question authority. At this time, almost every aspect is in its infancy. Be it decision-making,
time management, social interaction, testing of physical and academic limitations, adapting to a
change of ambiance, and many more. We always say, teenage is the most exciting time of our lives
as all those above attributes are tested and some of them can be excelled at while some of them are
left behind to be explored. So its important to understand the chaos to let order come in at a later
point of time.

Now, both Indignation and Conformity have adverse long term effects if carried around and
metaphorically they are at two opposing ends of the spectrum. Its important to understand that
although propensity towards either of the two is inevitable, we have to ensure that its not long term.
Yes, we will get angry at a particular situation not going our way and yes, we might develop a habit of
obeying rules of a group even if they are not suited to our personality.

These can be the ways to escape:

1) If we have the imagination and conscience going with that to look into the future and envision the
consequences of what it might do to us, the people important to us and to the people to whom we are
important, then we have the power to pull out at the last moment.

2) Realizing the above after shifting to either state and then have the power to pull out.

3) Trusting a stability (Go to Person) and then taking their advice provided the appropriate advice is

4) If we are lucky enough, someone important to us points it out beforehand which can either lead to
realization or can lead to further slippage into either of the two states.