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Today we setup a new mathematics activity and our aim was to show different shapes, sizes and colours to students. The activity was very interesting
and interacting. ATHIFA, was carefully watching me while I was explaining the activity to all students and was constantly asking me questions which
shows that she took an interest in what was being explained. ATHIFA, was the first person who volunteered to start the activity amongst her peers. The
activities involved skills such as grouping, counting, matching shapes and differentiating sizes. Athifa, was asking her friend HUSNA, question on
sizes/portion difference in order to help each other better learn and understand the activities taught on the day by their teacher. Mathematics is her
favourite subjects and she shows great interest and focus at all times during class. Aside from maths, Athifa likes cooking, baking, painting and colour
It snowed in Dunedin last night and teacher Fauzia brought some snow in a basket for everyone to make a snowman out of as it was really cold to
do so outside. All the children got excited and started building snowman at first and later ATHIFA asked whether she could make Ice-cream out of
the snow. As the snow had already melted away, Athifa`s curiosity further arose when she asked me, how is snow made and why does it melt? The
answers were given in a brilliant manner by Athifa`s classmates. In her spare time, she loves to go outdoors riding a bike with Hudna and playing in
the sand. In addition, she likes running around with Husna and Sameera.

ATHIFA, you are an intelligent, quiet and well mannered girl ma sha Allah.