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Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

Mission, Elements, Analyze, Stakeholders- Unite, Reanalyze,
A six-step accountability process for school counselors
School: Pickerington North High School
7800 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147 Phone: (614) 830-2700
Name of Counselors Leading the Initiative:
Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips
Principal: Mark Ulbrich

School Demographics:

Enrollment: 1,722

Caucasian: 72.2%
African American: 15%
Asian: 2.6%
Hispanic: 3.4%
Other/Multi-Racial: 6.5%

Step One: Mission

Schools Mission

Districts Mission: Our mission is to provide all

Program Mission

We at Pickerington High School North are

dedicated as a cohesive team to meet the
academic, social, post-graduation needs of our
students. All students have access to our school
counselors through dynamic services including
but not limited to: individual meetings, small
groups, classroom guidance, and various
programs. The counselors are available to aid
parents, teachers, and students at any time.
Attendance is a very important value of Pickering

School needs to meet

children an efficient and nurturing educational

environment which creates life-long learners who are
socially responsible citizens. We believe children are
our primary focus.

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

AYP and/or AMO goals

High School North and though it is not a separate

performance indicator, it directly affects the
academic progress of the students and AYP of the
school. It is used though as part of the schools
Annual Measureable Objective measure.

Step Two: Data

What hard data are we
going to impact?

The school counseling team as well as the

administrative staff identified the data element
to target as:
Attendance, with the primary focus of
tardies and unexcused absences

Step Three: Analyze

Baseline: All year


Number of tardies: 5000 (year)

Number of unexcused absences: 3000 (year)
Total enrollment: 1,722
Average tardy per student: 2.9
Average unexcused absence per student: 1.7
Decrease number of tardies and unexcused
absences by 5%

Step Four: Stakeholders-Unite

Beginning Date

August 2015

Ending Date

May 2016


Impact systemic means to facilitate change

through collaboration, creativity, and advocacy to
reduce the number of tardies and unexcused
absences by 5%
Provide Baseline data to teachers
Be sure to refresh all stakeholders on
attendance policies at beginning of each
Have clear and visibly stated attendance

School Counselors

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

policy located in school planner as well as

in school office
Work into classroom guidance curriculum
the importance of attendance and the
implications on their academics
Conduct individual and group sessions for
those who frequently are tardy or absent as
Alert office staff and students when
students reach five (5) tardies and/or

Students who have reached or exceeded five (5)

tardies and/or absences:
Meet with students individually
Gain a better understanding of reason(s)
why student has reached five (5) tardies
and/or absences
Discuss an action plan for student to
improve tardies and/or absences in the
Make accommodations only is needed by
contract with student
Phone call to parents
If tardies/unexcused absences to not improve:
revisit plan via individual meeting
follow up phone call to parents

Take daily attendance based off universal

attendance sheets and regulations.
Take time to become proficient with current
attendance policy including tardies and
unexcused absences
Form relationships with students that foster
a safe and welcoming environment where
they are able to share and express
themselves openly.
Establish clear guidelines and expectations
of students in regards to attendance and

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

Secretary Staf


Other school staf

your own personal beliefs of why it is

Be consistent with taking attendance
Feel free to collaborate with counselors as
needed to better aid the student(s)
Take time to become proficient with current
attendance policy including tardies and
unexcused absences
Inform counselors when student has
reached 5 tardies and/or unexcused
Have attendance policy handy for school
staff and students
Keep record of those who have extended
medical excuses/absences and notify
counselor as needed
If student is tardy/absent for extended
period, home call check ins will be needed
for safety measures

Follow-up with teachers to ensure they are

being held accountable for taking
attendance and using universal policy
Consistent with expectations of students
and providing effective discipline to student
who have excessive infractions
Encourage all shareholders to share their
own interest in the student academic
endeavors and build positive, healthy
relationships with students
Provide proper resources and guidance to
Similar to teachers, administrators and

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

members and



Student Services
Personnel and other
authority leaders

staff: members in fostering a positive

environment for students to learn while
being consistent with messages and
encouragement towards school attendance
Be familiar with students attendance policy
Facilitate discussions at home about
school, classwork, future goals, and the
importance of education
Strive to the best of your ability that the
student is abiding by the attendance policy
Stay informed on happening through the
school and counselor via newsletters,
phone calls, emails, programming, etc.
Feel free to reach out to school and/or
counselor at any time with questions or
Be aware of attendance policy and feel free
to ask questions
Attend school every day unless excused
and reporting absence appropriately
Be on time for school
If there are extenuating circumstances that
are posing a problem with coming to
school, seek help from counselor
Work with community officials such as
police and probation officers to collaborate
on effective educational pieces for

Step Five: Reanalyze, Reflect, and Revise

Start of year:

Reflect and Revise

This counseling strategy was
successful towards the goal of

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

o Number of tardies: 5000 (year)

o Number of unexcused
absences: 3000 (year)
o Total enrollment: 1,722
o Average tardy per student: 2.9
o Average unexcused absence
per student: 1.7
o Number of tardies: 2355
o Number of unexcused
absences: 1415
After Action Plan: Yearly
o Number of tardies: 4700
o Number of unexcused
absences: 2845
Impact: Tardies and unexcused
absences were each reduced by 5%
Strategies to replace? Remove?
It would be more effective to
promote a dialogue throughout all
stakeholders to address attendance.
Teachers, parents, and administrators
work together to enforce these
regulations in an educational and
beneficial way with a more consistent
message. All information about
stakeholders and their roles should
be shared.
Next year school counselors should
have quarterly check-ins with
students who were frequently absent
from the previous year. Also send
letters home with students after their
5th tardy/unexcused absence.

improving attendance for the

academic school year by lowering
unexcused absences and tardies by
5%. Students, parents, faculty, and
staff alike were all more familiar with
the school attendance policy and its
Counselors developed actions plans
for students who needed additional
support in regards to their
attendance. These action plans
seemed to have a positive impact on
students, many of which were
followed through successfully.
Several themes emerged through
individual meetings with the
counselor including: refusal, school
anxiety, unsupportive home
environment, unreliable
transportation, and extensive
morning duties (i.e.: helping of
younger siblings).
Further efforts of group counseling
will be implemented for the following
school year.
Office staff needs to be engaged
more in their duties when recording
absences and following up with
counselor as needed with minimal

Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips

Step Six: Educate

MEASURE of Success: SPRAC- School

Counseling Program Accountability Report
Pickerington North High School
7800 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147 Phone: (614) 830-2700
Name of Counselors Leading the Initiative:
Emily Stamm and Lauren Phillips
Principal: Mark Ulbrich


After reviewing the

previous years data,
Baseline from
After Action
it was decided the
previous year
o Number of
o Number of attendance rates
regarding tardies and
tardies: 5000
unexcused absences
o Number of
o Number of needed to be
unexcused addressed. The School
absences: 3000
absences: Counseling team led
the initiative to focus
on improving
Unexcused absence and tardies
decreased by 5%

Whos Involved- Pickerington North

Counselors who met with students individually to discuss attendance and
make individual action plans. Teachers who kept attendance from universal
standards and expectations while facilitating classroom discussions of the