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Running head: Process Recording

Process Recording
Katie Brogan
Wayne State University, Social Work 4010

Process Recording

The proceeding in a group process recording that I facilitated for the Warrior inpatient mental
health facility. This process recording was done during the initial meeting of new patients to the
facility. The purpose of this meeting was to inform the patients what they can expect from
Warrior impatient mental health facility along with what was expected out of them. In this
process recording I make note of what was being said along with my feelings and interpretations
of the groups initial reactions.

Process Recording

Diagram of Meeting
Katie was the group facilitator and the initiator of the group.

Tiera was the group information seeker.

Tamesha was the interrupter.

Raelle was the clarifier, elaborator and interpreter.

Christy was the opinion giver and the feelings-expresser/Vibes watcher.

Coralie was the destructive joker.

The symbol in front of each persons name represents the gender of the individual. All
members of this group are female, having the same symbol displayed.

Process Recording


Gut Feeling

Logical Interpretation


Everyone is here to
willing participating.
All patients are
showing respect by
coming into the room,
getting seated and
ready to work on time.


Tamesha by
interrupting was
showing that she did
not care to be in the
room and also that
she did not like be a

Coaralie joins in with

Tamesha, stating if
Tamesha gets to
leave she gets to
leave the session


Coaralie is a follower
and will do what
others tell her or will
do what she thinks will
make others think she
is cool.

Katie Brings the

group back on topic
and continues to
explain the process.
The process of
admittance, therapy
sessions, room
assignments, and
meals is covered.


The group stayed on



Tiera's questions
made it known that
she heard and
everything I said and
wanted to know more
details of her time at

Katie is already in the

room as the patients
enter the room. All
patients are seated
and ready start on
Tamesha with in the
first 5 minutes starts
complaining that she
is board and wants
to leave the room.

Tiera asked relevant

questions with the
requirements for her
treatment sessions
along with her

Process Recording

Raelle jumped in to
answer Tiera's
questions providing
insight to her
questions from the
patients perspective.

Coralie jumps in
making inappropriate
comments that are
irrelevant to this
group. Coralie is
playing on Tiera's
concerns with being
at Warrior.

Katie brings the

group back to the
topic. Katie advises
that she will have
individual discussions
with each client to
address personal
Christy responds to
Raelle's comments
with how she is
feeling and her
interpretation of how
Tiera is feeling.


Raelle took initiative

and went into further
details explaining to
Tiera. I see that both
Raelle and Tiera can
work well together.


Coralie is using jokes

to try to change the
topic as she is
uncomfortable with
the fact that she will
be staying at the
facility for a few days
with no outside
contact. Coralie also
likes the attention she
is receiving, Coralie
does not recognize
the difference
between positive and
negative attention.


The group was

brought back on topic
and is moving


This group is coming

together paying
attention to each
other. They are able to
not only able to
recognize their own
emotions but also tact
others emotions.

Process Recording

Coralie responds in
anger back to
Christy's comments
looking as if she is
fighting back tears.

Katie interjects
defusing the tension
that is in the room
about being to be at
Warrior and not
allowing outside



Coralie seems to be
emotional hurt that
Christy was able to
interpret her feelings
through the tough
demeanor she is
trying to hide behind.

Coralie is easily hurt;

her way of dealing
with the pain is hiding
behind a tough
appearance. I think
that this group will
work together well,
being able to help
each other through
their journey of