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é mceensuosnsaes | PROTECT YOUR CREDIT C CARDS ConsumerReports Tas 6 WHY servers you thought you knew is changing PLU THE BEST USA-MADE CARS AND APPLIANCES AND, HOW NOT TO FALL FOR FAKES & FRAUDS. consunnacans ane Keep Your PC Safe—for Free You can get good antivirus protection at no cost, or add extra defenses with paid programs YoU CAN'T ARGUE with free, But when It ‘comes to protecting your computer, is free good enough? Our tests show that itis. We tried Is security software packages, oth free versions and fuller suites that you pay for, and found thatthe best ofthe freebies pro: Vide ample coverage for most threats. You can add afew free extras f you want more protection than a basi package provides. ‘Two tips, for starters: Download from the oficial website, and be sure to choose the free version. I's easy to grab a fee-based product by mistake. Then decide whether Yyou want one ofthese add-ons. (Note: We're focusing on Windows PCs because they face far more security threats than Apple computers.) ‘Phishing protection Free packages don't hhave ant-phishing features that warn you if {you gotoa risky site used in phishing scams ‘or one that might host malware. No sweat; its easy o set up phishing protection. Most ‘major browsers have some protection built in but toolbars from and MAfee Site Advisor ( offer more warning about dangerous sites. ‘Anti-spam tool. If your email service