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Compare the 1935 Constitution, the 1973 Constitution, and the 1987 Constitution.

The 1935 Constitution had only 6 provisions related to the economy listed under
Article 13 Conservation and Utilization of Natural Resources.
The 1973 Constitution had 18 provisions that controlled the economy 15 under Article
14 The National Economy and the Patrimony of the Nation, 3 under Article 15-General
The 1987 Constitution has 25 provisions that control the economy 22 under Article 12
National Economy and Patrimony; 1 Under Article 14 Education, Science and
Technology, Arts, Culture and Sports Education; 2 under Article 16-General Provisions.
And thats not even including the 16 Sections of Article 13 Social Justice and Human
Rights which form the foundations of the Philippine Welfare State.



We, the sovereign Filipino

We, the sovereign Filipino
The Filipino people, imploring
people, imploring the aid of people, imploring the aid of the aid of Divine Providence,
Almighty God, in order to
Divine Providence, in order in order to establish a
build a just and humane
to establish a government
government that shall
society and establish a
that shall embody our ideals, embody their ideals,
Government that shall
promote the general welfare, conserve and develop the
embody our ideals and
conserve and develop the
patrimony of the nation,
aspirations, promote the
patrimony of our Nation, and promote the general welfare,
common good, conserve and secure to ourselves and our and secure to themselves
develop our patrimony, and posterity the blessings of
and their posterity the
secure to ourselves and our democracy under a regime ofblessings of independence
posterity the blessings of
justice, peace, liberty, and
under a regime of justice,
independence and
equality, do ordain and
liberty, and democracy, do
democracy under the rule of promulgate this Constitution. ordain and promulgate this
law and a regime of truth,
justice, freedom, love,
equality, and peace, do
ordain and promulgate this