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AAs Canoe the Nonquon organizers pre- pare 10 celebrate a major milestone next ‘month, as plans are underway for new activ tics leading up tothe June 7th event “To matk the dOth anniversary ofthis pop: ular, two exciting new events will be staged to bring awareness tothe race and the local For starters this Saturday (May 10) begin ring at5 pam. a film festival will be staged at Town Hall 1873. A total of six documentaries featuring canoes will be shown, imclading the premiere presentation of "Nonquon Island”, 8 film about the history of Seven Mile Island, Following ae the files to be shown: + 5.00 pan. Oil + Water (60 min) + 6:10 pam. Ten Canoes (82 min) + 745 pm. The Legend of the Flying ange (II min) + 8:00 pm, Festival Premiere Island 0 min) Nonquon + 9:15 pan. In the Land of War Canoes (3 min) + 10:10 pam. River of Tile (53 main) A Briel reception will be held in the lower-level at Town Hall 1873 following the showing of Nonguon Island This event gots underway at 5 pm, oth an admission of $10 for adults and 87 for sen fors and students, All tickets sold atthe door. The following week, on Friday, May 16, Scagog Shores Museum and Cance the [Nonquon will host a day of children’s mov- fes and activities at the Seugog Community Centre, 1855 Reach St, Port Perry: This event is for children ages 5 to 12 and will run from 9am tod pan. witha fee of per child All proceeds {rom the two events wil go toassisting with the operations atthe Seugog Shores Museum, For more information of to register your child for the May 16 day camp, call Aurora Hall at 905-985-8698, extension 103 oF email For information and film descriptions please visit wwwscugog.ea oF wwwset ogshoresmmusesm com ‘On Saturday June 7, the 40th running of Canoe the Nonguon, a 26-kilometre paddle down the Nonguon River and across Lake Scugog ending atthe lakefront in Port Perry will take place Tis year, participants who collect more than $500 in’ pledges will have their name entered in a draw for a 155 Coleman cance valued at $600, donated by Reid’sIndependent Grocers and Canadian Tite Registration will be held from 6 to 9 pam. on Friday, Jane 6 and again on race day, ‘beginning at 6 am, There is an entry fee of S40 per canoe or kayak. Pamper & Soothe 221 Queen Street BECAUSE WE ARE MOVING DWIZ og & SOOTHE 221 Queen Street SALE Lae eS een eee to make our transition into Adom easier. scone ers any Pred Pearce) De et ee eee rea 12 FOCUS - MAY 2008 Nonguon Ilan, @ fim detain the istry of “Seven Mie Islnd” wil be premio during fir festival at Town Hal ST tt) oa Pim ore) Po Pee yor a) Sead) ee (ea ae ce oad 462 Paxton St., Port Percy Dee Tete el ental Parr ea ye eee eee CO aL 905-985-8459 Generel Deretsts Dr. Kevin Duckecley Dn Tonbar Mahendon Oren: De Bb Boo pee Peden De Bik Walp APPOINTMENTS fo Rvaltasit New Patients & Emergencies Welcome ‘webste: Te ie IE te | oe Eee ed | Couteot Congratulations to our Winner een ues x fe make it dsmmithing FOCUS MAY 2008 13