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Newly-bred Henchmonsters and Utility Beasts

1. Distillery beast: consumes mass quantities of fruits & grains, excretes brandy, liquor
2. Restraintopus: land cephalopod trained to act as living manacles
3. Giant shipping/receiving mantis
4. Pyramid-building apes: huge, incredibly strong and unnaturally agreeable
5. Aggressively territorial honey bees w/strong sleep-inducing sting venom
6. Butterfly w/20ft. wingspan: adheres to host for single glorious flight then dies
7. Siege giant: even more dim-witted than usual, employs thick curling horns on head for living battering ram effect
8. Hydra sphinx: repositories of knowledge w/1d12 heads, each the master of single discipline/area of expertise
9. Messenger stirges: can only digest blood-based nutritive formula, fly patterns from one feeding station to the next
w/messages stapled to their rubbery appendages
10. Wound-sucking leeches: anesthetizes, disinfects, extracts poisons if applied expeditiously
11. Lap-beast: living balls of fur and teeth, snuggly, lovable and ferociously protective of loved one
12. Major domo, reanimated: flesh golem-like but fine-tuned to exemplify quality of service, impeccable taste, quiet
dignity, the fuedal spirit