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A Poem For My Idol

By:Suthea Fany
I'm not good at writing
On how to express my feeling
But I try to do my best
For you are so special above the rest

You are as bright as a star in heaven

The sweetest fantasy that could ever happen
Each time I know you better make me realize
That you are the right for me to idolize

You always cheer me up like an angel

Whenever I feel like living in a hell
Whenever you came to my dream at night
You make me believe that tomorrow is gonna be all right
Lucky me to know you in my life
To be able to support you in many ways
Waiting for you to notice me in your life
And I will keep on praying for always
I dedicate this poem to a man
Who will always be my inspiration till the end
Written sincerely from a fan
Who always hope to be one of your friend