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C Patents & Technologies Oo. Inc. 10875 Kerspwood Drive Suite 2 - Houston, 895-9852 - Fax -(713) 69 38 77043--USA, 616 - Internet: www & e-malk driltec® The LE-RAP™ packaging system is a reusable pipe packaging system which integrates lifting eyes designed to handle pipe packages of up to 6 metric tonne within an ambient temperature of -10°C (14°F) The LE-RAP™ packaging system Is composed of rugged galvanized steel structures called frames. The frames contain high density polyethylene segments reinforced with galvanized rectangular steel tubing. Like all RAP" systems, each package requires four frames. In the case of the LE-RAP™ packaging system, the center frames have lifting eyes Each joint of pipe is placed in its own matching diameter recess. This feature reduces the risk of corrosion and impact damage. After assembly, the package is secured by bolts linking the bottom member of the structure to the ends of the solid bars which extend through the top segments of each frame. The package is secured by applying a make-up torque of 70 ft-lb (95 Nm) to the bolts using a properly calibrated torque wrench, not by estimation. The package is designed to be lifted with nooks attached to the lifting eves, but can also be lifted by forklift or slings. The LE-RAP™ packaging system is available for tubular sizes ranging from 23/8" through 95/8". Certification for initial offshore use is available on request, A "ease The pupose of the LIRAP* yjseins i 4 paride Tite capability 10 the RAP systeo sad secure the pipe in packages tor easter secured handling, nasspert and 0% between the pipe mill and the end destination Lifting eve 30 mm di (aie) LE-RAP™ Pipe Packaging System Lifting eve flush with top of package DNV Recommended "8" torque 79 Ab (eon) Same segments as RAP™ Systern Handling instructions sand idemifcation plate LE-RAP™ CENTER FRAME Elastomer separaior x matching pipe OD 1 -Descripeion of the LE-RAP™ System The LE-RAP” pipe packaging system consists of “U szultaired sie! frames with High Density Polyethstene reinforced by encapsulated galvanized sestangular ste! uting. he see! rams are designee! according to OPECON cde of patie for ‘safe hunuling working loads oF © mette tonne at arenhoighs (anus 11 agrees Celsius, estes Each lili irame is ncvidially Wal ested atthe fhetory price to dtivery The Seuments are demtica! with the RAP system segmeas. They are designed 10 prevent cowtact hetweer the indivial joints of pipe dnd cher metalic ubjests. The segments contin a specified aumber ‘oF monde recesses which mac the pipe diameter wy be paekaged Spacing uf che re known couplings Th ssses I desane (o seecmietate the we ofall 2 plane eeen the layers weld in ple ise the seh hanes by halts (One ket of fur tame is requir for optimum stability Of he pipe package. (See assembly nststctions for frame spain +The iw frames fied wih iti exes ae located on either ide of the center of the packages with iting +The 10 flames losin at etiner exo the yes chug tn Faehage are no fed with iting eyes, yk slams ane att he te em ais in i te package, [Soe bari rntrctinns foe minivan Keng of lings) 2- Safety « Aller assembly, she package rests on sepuraiay attached t te botiom of the stselstnitures. These separaiors have pipe cevesses facing downwards amd when packages ate stacked, the separated irs interlock with the pipe of Ue lower package for opt Stability. When billing LE-RAB* system packages, 8 very imp to use Slings ofthe reconnmendeu minimum lets 0 keep the aera fire pple to the pc The minima hen te wo gente trames, ss within design values Ir of caoh sing is nqual to the detance hetwoer 3 Application The LI-KAP~ system fy ave fof all APL Tube and Cas rough 9 SiR" is recommended foe packs pipe destined fa vasa tans sist and offre use Wis als recommended for packaglog eomixisn sonsiive pipe such ay Chrome alloy materal and extemally coated pipe 4 Operation - ‘Dhe maxinnan safe working kd ofthe LE-RAP™ system i 6 Should heasy wall pipe induce s package weight in oueess a 6 metre tonne, pipe spaces i the 1p layer shoul he lit erty. Custom ae systems eam be man heavier packs The LE KAP” system features iting eyes fr hook witachment, Dut like RCONO.RAP~, RAP", packages ea a Fok tri to acopmomnedate Packages can be stacked! as high a5 i pasticable in accontance with local safety considerations, vce packages of LE-RAP™ can ft sie by side ona Stand truck bed Reclamation und rec LERAP* sogmontsand galvanized fans am be eused rang Plastic and sted reinforeerneut can be Sepa the end of the life eyels of the segments, ‘Contact your Keal Drier oftie for information on worldwide

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