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U-14 ENSA Traveling Teams Ages 13-14 NEBRASKA CITY YOUTH SOCCER CLUB FOR OFFICE USE ONLY PD, Check # U. M/F. Fall season 2015 REGISTRATION FORM DEADLINE: July 10, 2015 PLEASE READ THE REVERSE SIDE OF THIS FORM PRIOR TO COMPLETION. CHILD'S NAMB; MALE / FEMALE: AGE on July 31, 2015: BIRTHDATE: __/__ /___ MAILING ADDRESS = — PARENTS’ NAMB (PRIN PHONE # MAIL: MOTHER'S BIRTH DATE /— |. Month Date Year (required for state association identification) ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ASSISTING? Coach. Manager. Iam interested in assisting the soccer club in a non-coaching capacity WAIVER: I grant permission for my child to participate in the NCYSC. I release from liability and health responsibility any coaches, directors, and those affiliated as sponsors. jan Signature Date Parent/Guai RETURN: FEE $70 ___ Late Fee $10 if after July 10 Please make checks payable to: NC YOUTH SOCCER CLUB BIRTH CERTIFICATE (if not previously submitted) SIGNED FORM TO: Thurman's Bike and Sport; Brown’s Shoes; or mail to Sena Hayes, 720 3% Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410. NOTE: We CaN Not Process YOUR REGISTRATION UNTIL ALL REQUIRED ITEMS SUBMITTED, FOR REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 873-8848 NEBRASKA CITY YOUTH SOCCER CLUB on Facebook at NC Youth Soccer The N °C encourages fun and good sportsmanship. Using these fundamentals, all players are ‘The NCYSC is a non-profit volunteer organization. We are a member of the Nebraska State Soccer Association (an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation) and all players are registered with the NSSA. U-14: League deadline for submitting teams is July 10 for the fall season. Therefore we have to have players registered to determine how many teams we will have in the fall The fall season is scheduled to begin August 22nd. Half of the games will be played in Nebraska City and the other half will require travel to surrounding communities. TO REGISTER: 1) Complete the registration form on the opposite side. This form is for U-14 teams only (players ages 12 & 13). Please complete a separate form for each player. 2) Attach a copy of the player’s birth certificate if this is the first time registering with NCYSC. 3) Enclose reg. fee payable to NC Youth Soccer Club. Add $10 late fee if after registration deadline. (Discount available for 3" child or for financial need - call 873-8848), 4) Sign and date permission/waiver statement. 5) Retum form, fee, and birth certificate if required to Thurman's Bike and Sport; Brown’s Shoes; or mail to Sena Hayes, 720 3" Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410. FOR REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 873-8848. Playing up: The NCYSC generally discourages playing above the players age level but recognizes there are particular circumstances when “playing up” may be appropriate. Players within one year of the next division (age 11) may be allowed to “play up” upon the written request of their parent/guardian explaining their individual circumstance. PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENT: Team jerseys are available at Thurman’s Bike and Sport. Shinguards covered with socks are also required. CONTACT NCYSC: Inquiries and comments regarding the NCYSC may be directed to Steve Baltensperger, club president, 873-4521 or neysesoccer@,