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4 RICHARD RODGERS OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN 2%° 3 4 q q a a qa » ELeerausel qa A Musical P. larg q — ' PIANO CONDUCTOR ; Edited by Richard A Haggerty i 1 d Property of Rodgers and Faramerstein E.urary, New York, NY. 18. 19. 20, 2B. 24. 25. 6 2. 28. 29 ~ a B. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS ACT I Page PROLOGUE (Tex Caxousaz, Warrz). . 3 CHANGE OF SCENE... ceesees 19 OPENING ACT I-SCENE Te. 20000000000) 2» “MISTER SNOW” (Joum axp Cana Sequence), 2 SCENF. BILLY ano JULIE (“Ir I Loven You’ 3 OPENING ACT I—SCENE If...... 3 “JUNE IS BUSTIN’ OUT ALL OVER". 3 ENCORE (“Jone Borrmy’ Our Aut Ova)... GIRL'S DANCE ("Juwa ws Burry’ Our Anz Ovex"). 66 JULIE'S ENTRANCE. : x “MISTER SNOW" REPRISE... 7” CARRIE ap MR. SNOW SEQUENCE Si ‘Wann ran Canzozan ans Asian") 3 ‘BLOW HIGH, BLOW LOW”... 87 HORNPIPE, % SOLILOQUY.. 2.2... FINALE ACT 1 ENTR'ACT....... ACT I OPENING ACT II “A REAL NICE CLAMBAKE’ GERANIUMS IN THE WINDER” (avo “SrowmcuTmaas Cer Ir Ow Sows"). 1 331 31 VHAT'S THE USE OF WOND'RIN 148 CHANGE OF SCENE. . 153 “YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE” 154 INCIDENTAL (Enreance or Haaventy Farmnp)...... 157 “THE HIGHEST JUDGE OF ALL” 159 EXIT OF BILI-Y ‘AND HEAVENLY FRIEND. 162 BALLET. 163 MY LITTLE GIRL"—(Rapais). 181 CARRIE’S INCIDENTAL 182 PORCH SCENE... 183 GRADUATION SCENE (Frisacs Uxrimo).. 188 Prologue (The Carousel Waltz) Richard Rodgers a ee a | et ot 7 f ? r ? ow e —_— pare BR ARP RRR RRR i i tl tl oe ————| a ca og of | 40 I Hace, soxpre =x So a = —_— Meuo moxso es sh Sts. Basn. 2 sss fF tnt BRPAR RRP RR eek ee eee i Un poco lento, ben cantabile ——|2F Fisk (fae | ben sont aan | BREAR RR RRR Rk eee sy FoF (eT FO Vins.- Bells. waa t we, : zee z Ses — 2a |€ $3 eee 3 § al =] Vins- Bells paws 3, I-—~.. = ey y ak. Bea aS eS eee eee ee ee nn Stgs.-wiul - Hp. 16 325] oy 4 a al z¢ = ee ei | Sigs. way, ee i va 8 | et 18 Wag wes ae, coon, Pit, mosso tere. ces. - tar 3 sar 3 = ati ie gp 7 Wie ens es (sres~cts-HuS)PSSS — (sr65-c15-Hws) ‘ft AP ee el ao 5 a Q a _ S Hi 1) 3 a = a aR & be 23 = ener * Opening Act I Scene I No. 3 VLNS, + Aalegry sire Be: Ser, Cora Sette sete as Piano)) veg, [7 toresse cells fate Ea, 2 t ke (Beusnes) ew ermre! £42 the = pets = = TINS, eaeeae Soares Repeat amid Ars, Mutton entory Seen ee Mister Saow (Julie and Carrie Sequence) “Keep your money, Pil pay” . | Billy cacti after Mra Mussin, Carrie taps Julie's shoulder, Lyrics by Music by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd Richard Rodgers Moderato Carrie: (peated Julie: Gpeate) Carrie: Voice Jal- ie, Jul-ie Doyou Like him? T dun - no, 08. Solow) Did you 08. So1g— like it when he talked to you to- day? Whoa be pur you oa the ca- rou-eel, that 1 yr — Carrietsiner) Did you like that? ‘You're a 22 i juser one, Jul-ie Jor-dan! You are qui-et-er and deep-er thax a well, And you Og -ceder. aa t le EE | ‘ Se - ft == == $ SSS Se) SSS SSS imostpo-cul-iarl—-Bv-'ry morn-in youre awake a-head of = So : SS SS SSS SSS = YT e ¥ ani ar oF z ze 5 == ¥ z 7 a Atweys set-tis’ by the win-der, —-I_—‘like towatchtheriv-er meet the oe eee ee ee en ee ee ee ee ee 23 Allegro moderato Garvie: Y gase absent-mind - ed at the roof, wesv-i! at the loom, | 2 ats Be arte ne haif the time yer shuttle gets twist-ed in the threads ‘Til y’ cant toll the = 2 Julie: Carrie: 2 [Ee], , Moderato queer one, Julie Jor-dan! —-Youwout ev-er tell a bod-y what you think. Slowly [58] Sarrie: Hun? Jolie: Spina. Carria:Uh-uh. Spink, Julie, Y’ spell it with an*v! GarrieeTaxts ocly when theres mre thanoe S76. bofove was ‘cause you dids’t have a feller of yer ows, ile: tm gla yo got i, Now y’ got one, I ken tell y’ ahout mine. fe = ‘Whats his mame? = SSS i t oa ¥ ao a pie —— ——— ARF AR RRS RRR (i Moderta om grasin ferries Genes And an up- stand-in! man SS of ber ring from the Ta = S— = = ? 1 £ === oa, Ze es fined asa girl could i a * = 26 -. re +— = = SSS S55 Ss SSS SSS wish, But he, spends so muck time in his round- bot-tomedboar, That cant seem to lose the emeli of — fishl qo Has, Ny fust time be kissed’ me, the whiff of his clo'ee Knocked me — at ete mo : flat on the floor of the room, But now that I love him, my —_— SS = : [es el, aay. \ eo? , nt zx p vo é NOT y leaned SSS SSS 2 most 4 hed 4 feller you went walk is) with? You! Whered you ] — I = = L sulie. = walk? Nowhere special 1 oS = ses. eae % Julie; (rote Billy (oima) Julie: poten) Billy: (ects) ‘woods? No! On the beach? No! Didyou love him? Nonever loved Youre a 10 ane, I told you that. funny kid, ——_—~ iF i Bolte aosteaato Ny, Wat to go into town «Julie Billy: ule: wy character Yow ia and dance maybe? Or_. Ne, Uhovto be keesfal! Sf what? Tm never goin te marry. oimgr) girlwho dont mar-ry Hes got to be muctiinore per- tick-ler! ELLE bos ‘ —— ‘ ood ess a Ee = wee . a ‘ial TF a > BR AR RP RP RP Ree eke ee ee eee eae S 37 Julie: Billy: Silly: Soppose Twas to egy to you that [4 marry you? You? Thal scared > Lento —— ao ™~ —— S705. pp legato neene. t. —— Io y¢ Julie: ‘you, dont it? Youre thinka’ what the oxp said. No, I dest pay any mind to what he said. — — Billy: ‘Julia: Yea, T would i I loved you, it woulda make 0 But you wouldat marry anyone like me, would you? difference what you did, sot even if I died fer it 7 F Billy: do you know what youd doif Julia: Billy: ‘yeu loved me? Or how youd feelor anythin’? I dusao sow how I know. mabe Julie: Jest o SS ——— ab-sent- mind- ed at the | SRP FRPP PRR See 32 = = SSS shat tle ‘ . PFE. Cepents) Tilleopgts) Jai N Ee 1? Bat youdoatl No I.doat.. (eings) CLE. ris.-ecnes (Set!) Broadly bai rat a 40 If I Loved You Moderato’ espressivo . = wot Time and 4-gain Twould ras. (ss 726) ag oe mace, FER 2 ee er ee ee | aL AetARS. | 2 f Long - in’. to tall you, but _a - raid and aby, 7 Soon leave me you! 1 .° Off youwouk! ga inthe mist of day, Ys.7064) —————— , = Hees-8u. ye [7 = 1 JS pe orth a4 FLS=005.-EM. re oe (They elt im atienee, he thusdies her for 4 moment, res, (They alm tome fer. hen turns mooy) ae Arpt down to their Joat Biliy picks one up and smells &2) Tulle: 1 can smell them, can you? = | — | RL SS A Frew. The blossom, FEA(SO es wind brings | AP AFR RAR AR Rn 1 ey hit- tin! the sand. creep-is’ up fon the beach , : i be as Billy: (opeats ad Hd) Aint much wind tonight. Hardly any. 43 + Viowa Billy. eines) like a thief, be heads are bet - ter than F ateal-in’ the land to ee en ee ee ee | | as Meno mosso Billy: (eats) I dont need you or anyone to help me. I got it Figgered out for myself, We aint important, What fet.t. eee 4044. #Fke rn we? A couple of specks of nothin’, Look sp there. Billy: (einge) a. Theres a us fe ASIN Billy: Youre afuncy kid. Dos't ever remember meetia' « girl like yor. Lento Billy: You! Are youtrying Julie: Not Billy: Then whats putt it toxget me to marry you? into my head? “|Pii mosso ven; Jompre legato ¢ pp sre ¥ waar De eo ee ee ee ee | az ‘You're differest all right. Dont kaow what it is, You look mp at me with that little kid-face tlke — 1ike you a -2 al ee. ad Sy = trusted me. — I wonder what 1d be like, Julie: Waat? Billy: Nothin’ [ know what itd be like = i L 1 A (Fs SS = . = Se = (ue.) a . = Aa et ¥ a Allegretto moderato tz Billy (pease ad 1,124 be swful. 1 can jast se myself Billy rings) ¥ Kind-a screw - ay and sempre legate | assy, DM 0 as Td throw a-way ary eweat-er Julia: (geeard Billy: pease But you'dewt! Kot T dort And dress up like P_Billy:loinged i ST6S. ‘Moderato espressivo \ (Pe lempo = 1 It 1 loved you, Time und a-gain Iwouldtry to say z AP.CLS. TEP] TF i assu. PB =, prec (aRusHes) ‘Words woulda come in aness-y way WW). 0NS + in! to tell you, bat. penonsy i ~ yas a BEEN, = Pree. Canuines) Ve "RP PA SM mL. BL Billy: Capeass) . Tm nova feller to marry anybody — even ifa girl was foolish enough to wast me to, I woulda’, Julie. Billy: Dost worry about it, Billy Who's vrorried? Peri morn spot Blip L 1 a q Julie: Youre right about there bein’ no wind. The blossoms are jest. comin’ dowa by themselves. a ; ud caddie at l= TED en Pele Wel FTE JJest their time to, I reckon Heal = HS (Phe music rises cttat. 3 3 FFLS.-0, eeesoud ELS” sad nd ath ad TUF seatty. Bitty leans down ond Haves her rently) | > PX OD ewe) n Curtasn Opening Act I Scene II Ategre (sre. hiss) o oy Piano) Terri gf sen => af avvessvee Repeat wniil Girls enter, as AP PPP PR Ree, eee ll June is bustin’ out all over i and « auisanse with yor'yelllt} and screamin’ and carryia' on, ay % jgugBrightly GirlaGpent) Voice Give i to ‘em good, Car- rie, give it to ‘em gooai Piano 2 py Carieiune Get a-way you no ac-count noth- its With yer ait = ty Srog pear. Da? a fees prat- tle If y* packed all yer brains in a — but-ter- fly's head They x? we DY Dy ariatons = SSS Se ——= We: Wem 2 ee ( ee eset _{sres. = = = = =: = += E Pree 7 + Ly —~ F GsSu. 7 = crs give it to ‘em Good! 5. - i 4? —— ah = SSS SSS é St — Lowey you rout as bout rif—vat With yer pels ia fa or < = — i ee a — ra an nS + z t+ We Som Pee / be? ad 5H oer : ute: — bares 2 ——— gs z — as - = * = = = fy! packed all yer brains in a poi iy-wog's head He'd Giris:teema The pol-ly-wog @ nev-er be @ | DIrrnMnntnnnns. 2a ooo oe 56 Alrlspeas) Ast man: (eines) That Yara ‘om, dan ‘emt = Now jest a min- ate, sres. 7 “4 ———— la- dies, You got on - ly asked per - FSC EEE ng id read-y fer the done ep! i went acd done our i outs! [37] Meno mosso ALL mon: S765 ( pizz.) > part! wf Basses: Look at them clamel All girls: You'll ee ee ee vins.(reee.) 57 wae Brightly get vit- tee #FLS:CLARS. soon: er we sail, The sooner we start ms (BESN. ST6S.-HNS, — “ bay! o («n0.645,) TEs x. II 2e £ 726.1. ———— | ¢ regz. mates: te ral ope = uv "ONS e. hojs! Here's some doughnuts and coffee. Fall to! = , kh ¢ - 3 2 N as =: « a £ & $.., | _ ae a 2 = s_¢ #1, ¢# = = == = (Overlapping sposches) Doughnuts, hooray! Thaty our Nettie! Yer heart iu the right place Nettie. Nettie: Lemme in there! Here now, dort jump at it like you was a lotta Quit yer shovigt animals ia a menagty! ie 24 4 Cee ee £2 Girls: Overtapping apesches) Nettie: after as just teint They've been diggis! clams since five this mornis' I see ‘em myself ftcher doin’ that fer? down on the beach —— ace TCL CLT = = as 5 = = tf nee | s (ss 7 =F SS = SS = = SF = Girls ~ After the way they bees pesterin! and annoyia! you! ,£e2ee2 © a 2 = t =——$ — | ee ee ee ee ied het eid edd sant sll June is bustin’ out all over (Wait Jor end of dialogue) Tris years jest like ovty other Moderato. [7] neti. tatermiy) = —— = ———SSS= = March went out ikea = on, a: a F cease = of Sst. ceLL0 Saco BASS -TRES. Tusa Vans fee : . 33 SSS —————— | weip- pid up te warter im tbe bey Ereygrcossaeesceeaed Flt = OT Fi eS T Seon T ceLLo THF Sela \ : ’ 2 4 2 24 wiepped a- side And a - long come pretty ude May! ae LS eb? ppt = = z = SS Nt st 3 ey i Bet f= = = z f = rusoo/i D +e a 0a soo May was full of prom-is- es But che did-nt keep ‘em quick e-nough’ fer .. eee Secs. tT ied id 4 = cd = = t t ee ™ 2 i ‘ Eee * > = = ss = Faaa~ e. He / i? i 2 Girls Y ken feel it in yerbeart, Y' ken see it in the zround. ¥" ken fifo = 2 +P ICe. MN 1 +08. ccaes. Vere. ‘ eee i | hear it in the trees,¥" ken smell it in the breeze, Look a-round, look a-round, look 8 Leet 2 FTPs T He | (wh eu) srs = + tf noon 8 8 nmionmnmnninn7”an Aus, TP 6 Refrain (Brégitly) - Nettie: June ~ is Chorus: June is Carrie: June is STS (vi04, a: Petia [0 ead-ow and the Bill Buds ‘ve bust- inf out- a bush-es And the Girl Love hae found my broth-er Jan- ior MarAnd my With her Lit - tle tail a-swish-it = Bv-ry : cma a f_iF ust- in’ out all bust-in’ out all ‘bustin’ ont all ae Nettie: The feel - ia’ in git - Ga Nettie: To la - dies the men are pay- is’ court, Lots-a Nettie: The sheep are - at sleep. is) an- 7 — Vy yy young Vie~ gin = ia Creep ‘ship are Kept at rams that chase the Ses 4 Veit 4 a5mn. l= HS. wow. wee, t + i ‘ali the morn-in’ glor-ies on the fencel____ Be - cause its comfort they ken on-ly get in port! 2Ctorum: Be - cause ite Fens see score! 3.ChorusOr s-count-a its 14 1 ge. a atom 1a June, Junel =< =~ Jest Juse, Sune! Jost June, June! Sent > vt FP Tt POE z r T yeas BsEw. | rrermnntnnm nmi. } S765~ ww. r { i 1 | » Slowly, Nettie Fresh and a- live and = gsy and young, June is = aleve ~ song } ‘une makes the bay Jook bright and ‘new, —Saila gleam~- is’ white on coca i BeASS. vet = ly FaBE. ‘sun - Hit blue, 6s Encore (June is bustin’ out all over) wiwl= FPG, No.8 : 78S. Moderato cbrighily) Voice =f = a Piano {yur + = = prime. aa 08. inact CooL i, Mattie: feb = netted “Zaha 3 7 Oo + ver ‘The beach - es are wo | srs, “Trrrir? it? a Di py sres. Se + i _ from Pen - mob-ecot to An - Torts Bu mim tus - ty and the girls aint ev -en put- ti’ up & ToT Fo om om oo rPraenmnnnnn ms, tulad BEASS. Zs + thors a 2eftviepn —— == = = —S “ Be-caute ith Jane Jase, Jane, | StS Said > ? 550 r (rorr) eS 7 oe re . Girls’ Dance (June is bustin’ out all over) No.8 Molto grazioso ¢ leggiero S7@S. (Schottiach tempo) = —<~ eS a ‘. 2 oe (Phe girls dance with abandon ond comoey to the mudionce the sentiment atsectated with the menth'af PRES CARE 7 5 66420 (P72) |e | . ess) +38, one) gegen (QS deass h cesco(Pr22.) Ts are ae ririrnannt 1 1 1 OT 4. vea- CELLO. ww 7 : FL>08, aad sres. a BSH 7an.t #0 + sres{raeen) Fis (ee!) ——. ! | (eet? pe pty ey a Fatt ot i #e 68 08. S00 — img Ters, Pgass-B55N: Hobs ces. aaaibe *TUaAR ARP PPP. oe om | : ————— . (assy af Eat Ss pisos =e t ey oat Ey ah : . 1 it ea SS SS aa Sut 1) sae i 2 von. (rem) Coda oy i ] i i FS + BASS. ae 70 Julie’s Entrance No. 40 Cue, After “June dance” Salts enter. Andante Yeni g = Piano 7 C6 P aera lors r FF * “Mr. Snow” Reprise Carrie, Girls, Mr. Snow) No.ii Cue; Girl: *1 can hardly wait for the wedding”. Carvie:‘Me neither” Julia; What « day hal be for you! Allegretto A _ Birks: Voice Beces, When you walk down the aisle AU the heads will turn, What a a Piano 2 2 And youll try to smile, Bat your 4 DY | Sead (ores) i a = a " And your eyes-"U get so dim, You ken hard De ] E 4d BUEN. ] = Se Sy SSS a3 SS=z = | see! ‘With jour or-ange blossoms quiveria' in your hand. ‘You will veins (2122) ‘ 7 oy eit * 1 +) ad — d NEA TPTS. = stot — : SSS o = = I 7 stumble to the epot Where the par- son is, Then your fin-gerwill beringed with & ANS IETS ral sgold-on band,And youl! know the feltors yours, rR ‘Moderato Carrie: + VEWS, Sirls: Wat a day, what ada! — (Fis) Girls: — = egwere “be bassin! wh the tm of bees, The binds U make a rack-e ia the oe = os co fas. Garris: + YENS. i$ ? church yard trees, 3é¥-Wiles T mare ry Mis as 2f => AEE Pi Pig OR eT TT. oa 73 both of uswilllook a lit-tle desam-y-eyed A-driv- in’ to a cottage by the 0 - cean-side, | a sie |b oe 4 egy B5SK ELS ~ EHEBSSN. {Smow enters) - Girls: You and Mis-ter Snow ean Bie bet SiN. tet = ¥ on aD ns, o car- ry me'cross the threshold, Aad Ill be as meek as a lamb, Thea he @s-an) ee ee ee ee oa set me cn my fect And TU say.kind-a sweet “Well Mis-tor Snow here I Fi(sol0) a dry asm, AL, Srrvisiepaten) — Girlave Mister Sage! __Biistes Snow! Stowseings) - FTES. Mz. Snow: as, TPT PE a 7 35H. Tees Tn! ids ner soghelt ‘knows SCT evirything I be as right as mers. Ee BTS: 2 Btn tang % + + Tf wet | Ble, ——~| Te —— Ere a7 ge FRPP PPP. en ss ee Carrie and Mr. Snow Sequence , (When the children are asleep) No. 12 4 ovr Mr. Snow: A man's got to m Garris: Your plans are tun plans for his life and then he's got to stick to ‘em. at fine, aint they, Enoch? ya) Moderato . 2k) ye Saws Ait mecodis sda fe Saowtenee Voice Fas. eeus 2 he, on = Pian0)| yes-vea."Y J own & Lit-tle house,and 1 sail a Lit-tle bost,And the fish I ketch I es net. pea. Bese. a 1 eh, 1 And i a man-ner of epeak-in’ I'm do- is’ ver-y "well, (0e.), 76 @ Jove a lit- tle gil and she's in love with me. And soon shell be, my BELLS. He, ok eo Se br eles SS And in a mar-ner of speakin’ T shouldioe sat-is- ‘Wott, aint you? If I told you my plans,and the things I in- tend R ‘d Sras. oe ee Fe. 3000 4 sump ey OT 71 Se SSS SS SSS make = sough | mon- ey ont- a ene lit - te boat, Tu put 3 ees re —— a 7 ante = 71 Seip meme’ SKA | 1 SS re q rail oc 1 1 q 1 1 1 738 recs, 7 rt } e ) ee fleet of "tit tle boats! Then a great, dig : ree. eat la eed ‘ wad 1 79 Diatogee Carrie ie Snow. ‘Who's gois' teat all that herring? "They aist gois' tobe herriag! Goin’ to put them in cans and call ‘em sardines. Goia! Stemi st sul softly =P Nt Qt er PF to build « Uitte sardine cannery then a big one then the biggest one in the coustry. Carri, Pun goin t* get wich om sardines. | mean we're goin’ tget rich you and merand alfStas, es. * ae te Sontmmene)” ee Fi mee ———s SS Soe 80 o [soon be nraci’ mocks fer eight ite foot. Are you build- ix’ up to ans | wearers. ae as pos 2 WMD 1, [ral Feet? yy. BRASS. = fe, He EUS 208. doar lit - te house’ get big - ger! Rr ft hh PF oo ooo ee aL Diaiogue ie Snow: Carre, ken yimagine how it be whea all th kids aze upstairs i bed, and you and me sit lone nthe flight? twas: Moderatoistow/y) g— we} ) : , “ern 2 +FE5- BEUS. Garris: Mebbe, We. Me in my armetaic=you on ny knee meh? Gus) eee No ay Soeaeeeaaaaasetas NN sh passed. 5 5 | ne. Moderato con moto eI fp ot Sm © Wen the chikdren area - sleopiwell ait Fis.) — Fis $763. "When the chitdren are a - sleep and lights are rTrnmnrn nm eh 7 oe fon wohov had and be glad that it all came troo! eve. ae. ae a f —— aon, ve IT 83 Moderato Carrie: ra ‘Whes chil-drea are a-wake, A-romp-in thru the rooms ant ven, run-in’ on the stairs Thea in #08. - HHS. —<$— EMS. But once they close their eyes, And ea L—————_. | = oa eo ? SSS SS SES Thee int manner of epoak-ts eee cece is, f =a kaa o Saas = === = = oe = Carrie: ‘When the chikdren are a - sleepWell ait dream, The things that (08.) ini awe Dreams that woot be in -ter-rupt-ed — rie “TE Ta F === “ ee ee] vad al 2 & 2S a SSS ‘Whes the chitdren are a - aloep Ard lights aro iw 1 ———e en LE 4 a a 2? gdh gD bye 12 pel Tidy pre SSS == love you the way I tows you to-day © You par-don my vay - ing: ters. et ———* = 2 = f mtd asad “I told you so!” ‘Wheathe children are a-sleep Tildream with ! he 86 YY Dore = == 2S SSS SSS — Well think what fun we hev had And be glad that it all came an e 708. eae SSS ee true, Youll till hear me say sat the pos nit 2 tempo = = < best dream I know is: When che children are a-sleep Iiidream with you! best dream I know ic you! aN = ae oes: aes Ty le Ye i + HNS. ae 8550, i ririrnmunrimmntn 1 1. 87 Blow High, Blow Low No. 13 . Lively Men: (otf etage) Voice 7 a = ——— © oS SS ww, Blow igh, Blow tow!" A-whal- in’ we will “go! ence Piano {| (nye, = > 7 Well go a-whal- in’ a- sail - in’ a - way. well g0,(Blow me 2 Se eve ee high and low!) For man-y and man-y a longiong day, Stas. i long day! 2 g gv * my shipmates I wants talk PED (cory softly under dialogue) Blow high, Slow lowl_. A-whal - ic’ we gol z = = 7 to 72s. Got an idea for you and me to make money. Billy: How muck? Jigger: Morea you ever saw in yer whal = in) as anil = in’ away, A = way well go, (Blowmehigh and RRR eR Reema life, Man: Hey Jigger.come back beret Tigger: Come on Billy. ——— z tae eee eS eS lowl For man-y andman-y a long, long day, AoA Tren n nA Tm ( EE 89 ae hard to wa der-staad,_Whee youre fe a a lookin! for fun Theyelap youin - rete oats, FR Ss Vv TT eT t SSS SS SSS is gay and fel-lar cas flip A so. == == whal- id’ we will go, verte Se aaa-¥ and man-y a Yens.~ 08 C65, pe tong, long = e BERES, rE a PRR RFP mee a Wee 5 SSS Or to climb a-loft and zy 92 = + M ee MiboBenmma Fy mere mieg ee Boy y dy Soe oy be has - nt learned to talk, ——_ Aad her <= it-We be-hind Ie an Ee sa se ¥ind-a in-clisedto be wet! ‘igh, 7 Blow Mens FS 0B. oN mo a se eS ee 5 whal- i) wo wil -gol | Well = go as what - "is — OT Blow me high _——, e ' : ee gs — So oe dmany a long, tong day, 24.7 C6 For, mau-y_ andman-y_ big vocal climes) ong, z we hr tt TT TT OT OT moe Ot eto i Hornpipe = 3 = = 7 = +FLS, | enn me Eg i ig nt = = = = 20 ELS~8- CLS. L dance, but are ignored and smutbed by the men. rers, v7 pee 5 re en ee ee The women scave thet handkerchiefs and rogweite wt [5] WA the mien, SuT withdraw timidly. Both groupe i588 eis. fof the sage. == =.= Sa ==) ? 7 en] , . IE {228 FTF) Ast fisherman: 2nd fisherman: EET thar she blows!” “Hist yer mud ‘ook! rd fisher men: Spread your sails and get under weigh!” = iS = ¥ Sth fisherman: “Release your davits and jump! |Wood block x Sy Several men: A girl: Kedge! Lufft Scai™'Go it Hi A girl: “Keep aflont! optional repeat tetitewe RRrAnRn nnn nth TA PA A Ao om 753 Sre5, Dance danced tween’ Hannah end sastor [p legeiern | ‘taal dahl PACES. é|oaie nla! it kdl kil ia | ——__ Zoe) sres. aste os a Pnrirnmrnnnnitininn nna ss mo F +r, aso < ote z a x¥L0, i : et 401 3 SSS at ea a a] r ae [Bea] rors, sxveo = > > > 3H S > i soz 5763.-x7L0. $4505 sss Si t Tega 785| Bia os p ceteee 19 bars rest, strictly in time dance continues im silence) ee ee me: t PT65.- Win. en leave, Thing rum back t0 the wa, 403 ey The women left deterted wave fortornly, = a dim molto ~*~ al Fe ti ael peels es el ete oo Hannch continues dancing [367] Hor sattor ruturas and carries her off, PFLS. Yes Vea TOTS ph 1 1 Sika = poe Ty 1 For Feit repeat Jirst 12 bare from Page 10! until diaiogue ~ as Crna, 108 Cur; Billy: (Hiake Bre. Atrdtim) Get the hol eukof here! (Fume toottare and comes down stage) Soliloquy No. 15 Voice Piano } a ————ra—s—=—=S ro HA C£tL8 (Pra) + 7 = Sass (pra) - pte SSSA ss tose wooder what bell think of mel I guowsheltcall me “Theold mac!” I grees hell . > == A PRP tthe tte = = Se = jek Evciy other fel-lere tether, Wel, cami r +5785, > v—— | om =z —— soos tocdaatisitarcoat te be Thespit-an' im-ago_ Of his Dad But hell have ? fF CF Fa Pe Pe ee i | Saal 2 = Pit: moaso pS == = ——==| o 7, arenes eee ea eee aaa os —= — — erin, His moth. er can teach him The way to be- have, But abo i 1 ] 1 1 1 q 1 i ] i 1 q j ] Allegro ¢ Ft.t.- 855M. SS ¥ My bey, Bill! (I will see stgs} ecco of es (antag ent eas 7 U Y ounces a ae y Bairas-2ssw. ae => _ My boy, cee ees en Tero. tree : reas. SS y teeeto- ee ee ee ee | rrirmnmnntnny wm kh. 107 z poco altars. cor potbellied, bag- gy eyed nega ari! bul-ty "bom him a - ——, a - |S marcato © pocolaltang. 108 ~ a I dodtgive adam what he - SSS SS SES —S 77a PT Pp ee Bu -ViaT a tompa a Gaus | ————} doog—— As long as he doos what he me ai 2 ers. -Hws, TIM LADY —— = = SSS SSS ae work on 4 rail With a hameer, a-bammer-is’ spikes scan 7 Tbr Or peddle pack on his y 2 7 i _—~—_—" YP Fe Se oe 109 | o3.-ets, 1 Or “work up anddown Tbs atreetsof a town With a 7 val, Or may - be bark for a Teas. 10 Sine might be 4 champof the heavy - y-weights, Or a fel- ler giuc,—— Or Pres-i-dent of the U - nit - ed States That-'d be al - right, S165 ~ELS2E65. a) mW — Te 7 paw. the.) tomes) yee es 7? sat unless he wanted to be. Not Bint €65.-08 BM. rers. = y V 7 | seslenz) rr nn Wm TMT oh RO oe oe 7 Ir ae Poco pitt mosso flab- by-faced, pot-bel-lied, bag- gy-oyed bas-tard ee = 2 3 ‘s dangh-ter, A akin-ny lipped 750 ‘And Imdamoed if hell mar-ry his vir-gin with blood like ———————— PRP nm om. oe Sres{ei22.) . 7 1? | 4 neg ORM givehim a peck And call it a kiss, And look in his eyesthrcugh a lorgnct Say, 76g, 8: & S755. Moderato (stowert z = can seo him when hes sev-en- teen or 90. oan tell him— Wait a min-utel- Could it be? What the S65. ia Pe Seco} ayaa, eas Joe 4A. = Viewm Seco (penta uttorty heart. troten by the thoupat) Bu eBall OP om eee 1 i 1 Bal(r. sue 5 alee) fan with d som, But you got -to be a fa-ther To lwea. ees eval 4 ¥ 20 neva 4 s u Pn ¥ ¥ She might- ct be so bad at anes TF ¥ . z peat and pe-tite Lit- te rs. Fes. +. can just hear my ene fa) “yd 2-7 tet toear cre toe SS SS SS #: == = = tin- type of er moth-ert What 116 Broader (with warmth) “My lit- te: gic, i 25. i ea eases F3 | vens-ve fa Ahh fs b fal =F, — Fie Ts \ = = SSS we. = - z ad 3 7 Fa 2 708. Gres) o ‘My lit-tle girl Is half again asbrightAs girls RrraAanmnnnnni AIO na An ns we wT ees. way ee PF TP ia] Ed 2 coa-(sr65) a Geta mn-gry ev - ‘ry night and she cameshoms to ‘anes. +-—. an. Poco piivmosso CSpaton) My litle gist, my litle git ecco; eas, ARR fore abe ee! T gt tomate certain the Wort be ‘up in alums fore she come oe ene eas P * Witee— ise 418 hey with growing expresion ‘s65.) “Igt 0} bunie ito of Shok got to be shel-tered Aad srs.pRy ys WulsS765-Hms. Fad ee come 3 re ¥ Quast grandiose a nev-er Kaew how io gt is fed and dremed In thobectthaimen-ey can bay! on sras(reen) > oF ca WesTee = ea) by NL 7 a = v TIA, ' Trrrmrnnrnnn nk. wm mon hina Finale Act I No. 16 - Cue: Nettie enters Nettie: Hey, you rousiabouts! Time to get goin"! Come and help us carry everythia’ on the boats. 1st Man: All right,Nettie,we're comiat Moderato oi Piano i rinse, PEP CEO-BASS = = = (Grae )8 2nd Man: Don't need to hev a fit abot it. Nettie: Hey, Billy! What's this Jul:s eays about you aot goin'to the clambake? Bill Come bore—quick! Mattie: Tu tall Zezbefoomes on) BIL: Jiggeri I changed my mind! You toow— Sots you comin. She be eked Theat goin’ to the clasbake mad Pink. (he exes) oH. ——————___ res Or? #CCARS. 2p Tl do everythin’ like you said. Gotta gut money en account of the baby— see? 120 Jigger: a . ‘Sure she baby! Did you got a knife? Billy: Knife? Jigger: { only gat a pocket knit fight well need real 3 Fie, Billy: But ¥ alot got— Jigger: Go inside and take the kitchen knife. Billy: Some Julle:(ontorsag) hody aight sow mo— Jigger: Take itso they dont see you! = comin’ to the clamisake? Billy: I think 0, Yos— Julia: We'll have © basrel ef fan, (1! show Il over the island. Kaow every inch of it, Boon gois’ to picaicr there fo a eee eee ees salen aya teeta BATS oe cold at nights, Fog comer up— ain't that what you said? Billy: Y-yes. I better go and got it—theshaw!. ‘Julia: Now that was real thoughtful, Billy! Billy: Til go and get it! Nettie: C'mon all! aes . Area. ry i ee Daennnnnnn m4 Brightly Chorus, 1 ers aro bust in’ from their ty high y, Is the =o ae 422 o oe 70 Ts-T85. po) £18 June, > Shorusez) ELS, CLARS. ra Fis 065. (hey start 9 enti) oP Oo mmm eee 12 Entr’act \ TriIannnnn a nh 8 ooo A ATF} a ee SE z A af = = = i lie 7 tyre ig nd ie of |i gt 2 ot Pe = = | f SSL ¥ | = > 4 : wv t t T = ) ob ak a pitti at eee ere ; 7 Ss ans t - | _ a a = f == I ,; s toe = ' aaa ts (ers) 5 Fite ae he SAE Tg BRE Se See eS ‘o — ay ES + bg iF Ft pw FF E erg batt “Bes, Fie oer" HARE, nae mee ‘ee Ss 7 TW4R, 126 SNe ae Andante con moto 2 wayl ETE 2 gee a [57] $85 (60 See”) reo oe ie Rranan nA nh nom. momo oto om ome 128 Wend.» BRASS, Allegro vews- De5. wa cetco~ans, ‘Bx-TBR ses. areas EUS -08. See ere sres. nace, = Prrnnnnn nn ono om oo [Y evmay 48H. Moderato P{fato) ete 26.(60c0) Por 2 na EE oan 2 Im) fw. 2 ris ment nat eines etek n = o — And we all hed a TENOR 1, 11 And we all hed a real oe = fore Aad well i i ee] Dninmrnmmnmmnnnnn . : . aa -Geraniums in the winder (and “Stonecutters cut iton stone”) No.20 Que: Mr. Snow: Leave me to my shattered dreams, They are all I have left, memories of what dida: happen, Molto moderato (siowiy) Garris starts to whimper Voice = aa Piano road and smphasteatly) an -i-ems in the winder, S785, beet breakfast in the kit-chen In the tim-{d pink of dawn, And = ce, 2 ee rr sae — 2 — — you to blow me kiss-es When I head-ed fer eesrees. ae re : rete we wz might hev been a bap- py pair of lov-eraMight-ct her we? '¢#S+—— eee 2 com-in'home at twi-light It Ws ELE vealed eg Trrernnnn nn ms. oR eo » igger: Snow: Gpoken) (eings) ba- by, What? To might her ‘$ had 2 i === “ett PIC? tree Dy fail! A girl whos in lovewith a 9 vir - tm-ous man, eon, T hope youre a bum like your fa - ther "ras Cause a bares a ¥ t 2 Fk x tf 7 aa Al cesge, 08, Jpeg Stone cot-tern cot ton = 2x (4 70r5 + BX) mp ceo. "xvas. WA! ‘on. RRA nA nh Tm. = Garris newts) Mr.Snow: (epeate) Nice walk! + T8S.-WHS. ‘Tigger: (going lower) Snow’ chorusitower) Tigger chorusdewer) 146 ster diaiogwe) Cue: Carrie: And he was a different person, wn. Meno mosso (raiser sfou) Bt.Girlieesiy) 2b I ner-er sce it PHI tes hw ceue as +FLS, Girl whos in love with_ = Girl: “Heres Arminy, Slowly Pit mosso shel tell x i wu he Me « 24 ie jt eid da yet to fail, a ' To Gratorng an-y man doomed to weep and wall C57 5765: ne 7) z > = Poses -Bd. oo, Theclock just ticks your life a - way, Theres £ r ¢. mim tyis Te cook - in’ andscrub-bin' and sew- in’ all day, And fi 2 F ae ey i ee] man who's bad or good! aur Allegretto Sd Aug + All girls: ros-ecs.- a5n, i rT Stone cut-ters cut it on stone, wsras, Allegretto ipl: (rpthewtonity opeten) Tell it to her good, Jul-ie, ww 3 tell ber Jae Shi 2 your best 78. af was." No. 24 Voice Piano What’s the use of wond’rin’ Assai moderato if you tke the way hewears his bat? good or if hele bad, On! whai's SSS Ss Or oi i i Rrertnm nn hm ho mu. om ow 149 Com-mon sense may tell you, That the —. a nows the time to break and ran 5 OEE z iy a En? : “way. But whale the use of wondrin’ if the ond - in'will be sad? Hes your