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Joanne Duncan

July 11 2015
Randall- Yard
Assessment Technology
Instructors and students need quality technology and support to enhance students
learning. When teacher utilize software to help them support assessment in the
classroom. Technology can facilitate student learning students will be able to participates
in the classroom in two or more ways, It can help to monitor students learning progress
and be informed of their instructional decision making using technology can facilitate the
communication of information about student and their learning with other students and
families,(Salend, 2009).
Teacher can use their assessment to know what level their students are on and
base on their assessment they can create a lesson to meet the needs of each student.
Teacher can promote and encourage students learning development by assess student
learning creatively through technology by using education software game using software
programs and eb sites teachers can create or have students access novel and motivating
classroom assessment across the curriculum that are presents end via video interactive
whiteboards, presentation software or collaborative game format. {Salend, 2009}
Instructors can use other methods to support assessment in the classroom by using
formative and summative assessment. Teacher should assure that assessment practices are
not only meaningful for learning by they are also fair formative assessment is any task
that provides feedback to students or their learning achievements during the learning

process,(Glazer, 2014). Using technology with formative assessment. It brings up

opportunities to intergrade activities that encourage students to think critically and to
practice lifelong skills, such as presentation communication, analytical and problem
solving skills, as well as to practice teamwork. The exposure to such lifelong skills could
also help students who are not performing well on traditional assessment tasks to
demonstrate their knowledge in alternative ways, (Cemy, 2005 National center for fair
and open testing 1999). Summative assessment are given to determine what students
might know and do not know. For example a written test, that is given at the end of the
term close-ended question, such as multiple- choice test. Assessment has a critical
impact on student life both in providing appropriate feedback for enhancing learning and
in providing a grade in which can determine the career and academic opportunities of a
student. Teachers should be concern about the impact and should adjust their teaching
and grading by using formative assessment for enhancing feedback and learning and by
using formative assessment for comparison purposes, (Glazer, 2014).
When technology is being used to access students learning can be beneficial
technology provides teachers with examples to create as fun activities that can enhance
children learning. It helps students to think critical, students are motivated and are eager
to learn, and with stay focus on what they are learning. Some of the setback for using
application software to help enhance and assess in student learning process, every
students learn differently. Some may no be use to technology; many students may have
limited technology skills and may not have access to technology at home. Students who
are not use to technology might have difficult completing a task, and students might soley

rely on web base resources and ignoring other resources to gather their information like
the library.
Instructors shouldnt rely on educational software to help with students
development. Computer can give students short cut, students also need to use other form
of material to find resources rather depending on technology for all of their resources.
Not all students learn well with technology some students might perfect to learn the
traditional way.
When using technology teachers should always make sure that they encourage
and motivate students in their learning process, and abide by the ISTE Standard. This is
important when teacher abide by the ISTE Standards they can develop technology
software activities that can enhance student learning and also creating an environment
where student can be involve in their own learning and individual curiosity.
Teachers now do not how to depend on their own when it comes to creating a
lesson. Today most teacher use technology to create their lesson using website and other
educational software application they intergrade what they accrue from these technology
into their classroom to enhance students learning.

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