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Health and Medicine

In today's world the 21st century has blown obesity, heart diseases, cancer, and all
other known diseases in an epidemic proportion. People tend to eat more than they could chew
their own food. So many restaurants, fast food places are all over the world, every corner of
every street food stalls are located. It's becoming so out of control that small food stall look so
unclean so unhygienic to beautiful 5 star restaurants are there to diner in for the day. Although
many are trying to make a living in this high food for demand society; many over looked the
harmful substances, the unclean environment, and the harsh material they cook on just for money
and never see the health problems they incur inside the body of their valued customers. The
world has risen from a regular diner eating table as in Romans times to gluttonous eating. But,
where's their health problems, there's also medicine involved.
The Middle Eastern part of the world, the Romans the Egyptians were healthy
people living on earth, they didnt slander around sitting on their butts watching TV, playing
video games they didnt even heard or think of that as yet. What kept their interest is building,
building huge pyramid with just their bare hands and feet, caring up big blocks of stones with
just their bodies. Explorers can't even begin to comprehend the knowledge and skills they
possess in building state of the art architecture that stand up to this date. They were always busy,
always seeking new ways of building and improving. Today in this industrialize world it's
different with all these technology it's becoming something of a UN interaction world. People
hardly talked about their life what had they went through today. After a day's work they just sit in
front of the TV of electronics and forget to talk to their families or friends.
Without a doubt, the questions raised by social problems are among the major
concerns of many today. Health problems has risen dramatically from 1948 to just 5% a year and
in the expansion of only 65 years to the present day 2013, obesity has rise from 5% to almost
70% worldwide. We live in this era of technology. Wherefore technologies have brought us,
television, games, iPods, laptops, and all electronic devices with information at our finger tips.
Also allow us to sit down on our butts in front of those devices for hours and hours and hours
without any movement of our body only our fingers, allowing us to become a couch potato. This
in terms, have both its benefits and problems. Many may wonder how we can sit down in front of
devices without any movement whatsoever and benefit from it. Well to some it may concern that

they're able to use those devices to gain knowledge by watching educating lesions, read books
online, train with luminosity etc All these are beneficial to implicate the neuron transmitter to
the brain and engage performances within the network of the trillions of cells that lies in the
brain to commemorate with each other in harmony ; and with knowledge the user could
transform his/her life ahead. However, there's a draw back from sitting down so long and a
motionless body. When engaging in none recreational activities that God created our body for,
we're putting ourselves on the wrong path of a healthy body. A body that stays in motion tend to
be in motion, while a body at rest tends to stay at rest. This is very true when it comes to
technology and devices we're usually in contact with. The problem that arises when using
electronic devices for so long is the motionless body the body tends to stay in. Staring at the
device for long periods of time and just a few inches away from your eyes could cause eye
damage. The light that is emitted by the devices emits enough ultraviolet radiation to damage the
cornea. This condition is almost always temporary and many may turn to the used of eye glasses
or contact lenses. Furthermore, another complication of sitting for so long could cause the body
of depriving it from oxygen. This is always the case of people that are obese or over weight.
They usually have a low percentage of oxygen in their body and thus require their organs to work
harder than normal. It's because we are made for our hearts to exert itself to bring huge amount
of oxygen inside our body and function properly.
However, technology has little to do with obesity the major problem is what we
eat. We are what we eat. Take for example 2 persons and experiment them for 1 week; "A" who
eats a healthy diet which contains the entire food groups and the other "B" eats whatever it crave
or wants and also added a little activity sport which's to do. They sit and play video games, or on
electronics for many hours of the day and do practically the same thing the other person is doing,
only "B" were more active than "A". No exercises "A" did no walking, jus finger tips moving
and sleep. But, the only differences are the way they eat. After a week in the closing of the
experiment of the two participants they weight each other, guess who added the most weight,
"B". It's obvious "B" added the most weight because he/she chooses to eat whatever it pleased,
even though he/she was staying active. On the other hand "A" tends to not only lose a little bit of
weight but, also feel more active and energize after the experiment. So how is it even possible
that both we're under almost the same treatment of activities of playing games and sit almost
whole day on their butt and the other hand "A" still tends to lose weight and feel energize

without no form of exercise?. How is it even possible? What's the difference, they practically did
everything and the same together, Is there any miracle weight lost pills "A" drank? The answer is
Many believe that once we exercise and stay active we are living a healthy life.
Partially TRUE, the TRUTH is both what we eat and exercise are what keep us healthy. When
eating unhealthy food such as high calorie, high sugar, and fatty food with little of nutritional
value; we notice after certain minutes or about an hour we feel hungry again. So we eat again
Not knowing that we are not feeding our body right. Why this is so that we feel hungry right
after we finished ate. It's because the food we eat has to supply our organs, muscles, tissues,
cells, with nutrition that it can sustain itself throughout the day. So the reason that we feel hungry
just after we eat those junk food is because their little value that the organs need and in demand
for more to function properly. The brain is the Power-House for all human life and coordination
for all the movement we do, and there something inside our brain that called the hypothalamus.
This peanut shape like organ is very crucial for our survival it communicates with cells in other
parts of and the brain and coordinate with its signal, and releases and uptake of chemicals that
helps regulate how much food we eat and also triggers the brain to switch on the desire to eat
again. It's what happens when people tend to eat and eat the bodies not feed and it wants more.
On the other hand, a healthy person tends to eat less because of all the nutritional value fruits,
veggies, fats, meat have in them to keep the body full an focus. These healthy foods are much
harder to digest and because of the fibres, because of the Phytochemicals, because of the
phytonutrients, prebiotics these are the hidden materials God made these foods for, our body
won't talk to us saying " hey, eat food that have more Phytochemicals such as beans, grains, red
wine etc.." no the body wont tells us that but, it will give us hints that we need to take in healthy
food, we feel sick, headaches, nausea, flu etc This brings us to the other topic MEDINCE.
Medicine is without a doubt plays and important yet sometimes helpful and
unhelpful role in life today. But, without medicine the pharmaceutical products couldn't be sold,
and hospitals, doctors, nurses wouldnt be so filthy rich, and job wouldnt be made. The reason
stated above, that medicines are sometimes unhelpful is because; we interfere with our bodies
natural response that we are feeling bad, unpleasant and quickly take pills medicine instead. Not
knowing that its the food that we ate could probably just save our pockets from spending on

unnecessary pills. Medicine is also help just these past years it bloom into popularity and
uncontrolled proportioned after World War 1. A brief history in the D-Day June 6th 1944,
Normandy beach, it was a bloody fight they soldier fought; many shoulders were killed in action
and wounded in combat and hospitals were pact where they even had to place patience on the
floor while they were bleeding to dead. But, many were treated and fear the worst to come
Wound were covered sowed back together, legs, and arms, were nowhere to be found from
soldier's body but, able to stop the bleeding. After hospitals doctors and nurses fought their own
battles patients seems to be ok but, after some week's soldiers start dying in their beds; just kept
on dying out. Nurses and Doctors were shocked they thought they had saved their lives but, not
knowing they were killing them out. After the war has subsided, the health department decided to
investigate what was the cause of their death. They studied the body and saw infections in them.
That the nurses and doctors weren't sterilizing they're equipment and caused infection in the
wound and it killed the soldiers. It was the sterilizing of equipment that had slipped they mind
and cause soldiers to lose their life.
The researched show that sterilizing their equipment diminished infectious
diseases and saved more life than taking it away. Presently, before over the counter drugs are
subscribe by a doctors, health inspectors inspect every surroundings in the factories pills are
made and tools in order to prevent diseases. Medicine saves people's lives, and especially in
today's infested disease world we need them day to day to help not only build our immune
system but, also protect it before pathogens invade our body.
The world is very complexed along side with our bodies, after many years of
study human kind have not even come near the full understanding of our Amazing body. We
lived in a very diverse world that shapes who we are, where we are from, who we want to
become we just have to follow our dreams, stay healthy and never give up.