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Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing:

Application During Red Cedar Writing Project

Habits of Mind
Curiosity- the desire to know more about the world
Curiosity was present throughout many of our whole and small group
conversations. I always want to know what other teachers are doing in
their classroom and how I can adopt their successes. I also think
curiosity is embodied in the many bookmarked websites and books listed in
a document marked for future reading. I have learned so much through the
RCWP, but my desire for more knowledge is a constant.
Openness- the willingness to consider new ways of being and thinking in
the world
This was directly shown with the vast array of writing genres attempted. I
was open to trying new writing pieces that have often felt unattainable.
Poetry being a prime example. Poetry has been a scary genre. Now, after
being open and willing to give this genre a try it almost flows at certain
times. I have a new appreciation for poetry, all stemming from the
Engagement- a sense of investment and involvement in learning
I have been highly engaged since the start of Red Cedar Writing Project.
This could have been seen through the discussion participation, writing
pieces drafted, and completed portfolio. I have invested my body by being
physically present, my brain by being cognitively present, my heart
through emotional investment, and fingers by typing or handwriting for
endless hours to reach the ultimate learning experience.

Creativity- the ability to use novel approaches for generating,

investing, and representing ideas
Creativity can be seen in the log reports. For the first log report, I did a
remix to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and
The Worst Hair in 120 Linton
. For
the second log report, I use the main story from
Rainbow Fish
to create
Hashtag Cat
. Using my most creative side, I used humor and inspirational
characters (RCWP members) to entertain the RCWP members.
Persistence- the ability to sustain interest in and attention to shortand long-term projects
This portfolio is an example of persistence. I remember creating this
Weebly shell the first week. I had an idea of where this project was headed,
but it has evolved into so much more. Although at times I was uncertain of
its completion, I feel confident in the contents represented. It took
definite persistence to stay motivated.
Responsibility- the ability to take ownership of ones actions and
understand the consequences of those actions of oneself and others
I think responsibility was shown in my preparedness for the two sacred
writing lessons and my teaching demonstrations. As I prepared, I spent
time researching lesson ideas, going to school to gather materials,
preparing the materials, and planning engaging lessons. I had a
responsibility to my RCWP friends and myself to be prepared and ready to
teach on my assigned dates.
Flexibility- the ability to adapt to situations, expectations, or demands
As an elementary teacher, flexibility is second nature. Things are always
changing, adaptation is essential to survival. I was most flexible when
making group decisions such as the invitation of a researcher, which
books to read first, or simply the quote for the back of the shirt. My
flexibility allowed members of the RCWP with stronger feelings to step
forward knowing that whatever decision was made ultimately, I would be
flexible enough to adapt.

Metacognition- the ability to reflect on ones own thinking as well as on

the individual and cultural processes used to structure knowledge
Throughout the Red Cedar Writing Project, I was constantly reflecting on
how I wanted to apply everything we had learned to my classroom in the
future. Reflection is clearly seen in the leader section of my portfolio
where I list all of potential future possibilities of furthering my
involvement with Red Cedar and the National Writing Project. I have also
spent a lot of time reflecting on the notion of activist learners in my
classroom. What might that look like? I have an idea in mind for a new
water filtration station in our school to reduce the recycling and waste
caused from plastic water bottles!
Fostering the Habits of Mind
Rhetorical Knowledge- the ability to analyze and act on understanding of
audiences, purposes, contexts in creating and comprehending texts
Evidence of this can be seen in my reflections on this portfolio where I
analyze the audience and purpose of each text.
Critical Thinking- the ability to analyze a situation or text and make
thoughtful decisions based on the analysis; through writing, reading, and
This was highlighted during the reading group discussions, especially
the Activist Learner. We spent a great amount of time discussing how to
make this applicable to our young learners. From this came the concept of
Hometown Michigan, a website with videos created by third grade students
displaying their hometowns for other third graders to learn more about
their homes.
Writing Processes- multiple strategies to approach and undertake writing
and research
This can be seen in the number of ideas I have worked through before
deciding on a writing piece to take through multiple drafts. For example,
I played around with a few different ideas when creating my This I Believe

piece. In the first draft, there are a number of sections with different
things I believe before deciding on taking love to the next draft.
Knowledge of conventions- the formal and informal guidelines that define
what is considered to be correct and appropriate, or incorrect and
inappropriate, in a piece of writing
As demonstrated by my sacred writing time lesson, AAAWWUBBIS, I believe
conventions hold a place in the writing process. I also tried a variety of
sentence structures. Although it doesnt necessarily follow the
traditional sentence structure, these one word sentences can be very
powerful in my writing pieces.
Abilities to compose in multiple environments- from using traditional
pen and paper to electronic technologies
As far as different approaches, Ive used Prezi, Audacity, Google Drive,
Microsoft Word, YouTube, and my writers notebook. However, I have hope in
the future to continue using different technological platforms for